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Summary: To convert a movie file, such as a downloaded movie from the internet, a TV show, or some type of movie clip that can be transfered into the camera, and then played back with the camera.


[*]3GP Converter
[/*][*]VirtualDub or some sort of software to create an AVI file.
[/*][*]A video file that can be converted to an AVI file
[/*][*]XVID codec installed
[/*][*]Windows MPEG-4 Codec (Use the one on the CDROM that came with the camera) [/*][*]Windows Media Encoder (This is optional, but you should install this)

You probably have a movie file that you want to upload into your camera. It is very likely that it is a file that the camera cannot play. This tutorial requires that you use a file, or create a file, within the following requirements:

[/*][*]File must be AVI (*.avi) format [/*][*]Video Compression can be 'None' or uncompressed, XVID, or Microsoft Mpeg-4 Video Codec V1 [/*][*]Audio compression can be PCM, IMA PCM or Microsoft ADPCM [/*][*]Size can be 320x240 or 640x480 [/*][*]Audio can be (44.100kHz, 4bit, mono), (22.050kHz, 4bit, mono), (11.025kHz, 4bit, mono) or (8.000kHz, 4bit, mono) [/*][*]Frame rate up to 30fps

Recommended Source File configuration:
Microsoft Mpeg-4 Video Codec V1
Microsoft ADPCM
44.100kHz, 4bit, mono

There are many software programs that can achieve the requirements listed above, such as VirtualDuB, Adobe Premiere, Ulead Media Studio, and many more. PLEASE NOTE:In most cases, VirtualDub cannot create an AVI file and compress the audio at the same time. The audio must be pre-compiled. Download the
Hybrid-Camera-Manual (PDF) for details.

Now that you have an AVI file that 3GP can work with, you need to download
Transcoding_Aiptek_IS_DV.ini and Unzip it to the 3GP sub-folder called "default_setting".

C:... ...3GP_Converter031default_setting

3GP is actually a Front-End program that runs a program called ffmpeg.exe (which is included).

Now you need to run the 3GP SETUP.EXE program. A window will popup with a list of various profiles. Choose your camera from the list and click the APPLY button. If a window pops uo, just click the Yes button. Now another window appears. There will be one or more settings to choose from, for your camera. Choose the quality that you want, then click the Select button. It is important that you click this, because your output file needs a place to be stored. Finally, locate your AVI file (Right-Click the Windows START button and choose explore), then Drag-n-Drop the file into the white box in 3GP. Processing begins immediately.

3GP will create an ASF file compatible to work with your camera, in the folder that you had designated with the Select button.

The Final ASF file created
with 3GP will not play in
Windows, however, it will
work fine in the camera.

Some cameras require an exact filename format. For example, CLIP0001.ASF Check your camera and camera manual for more information. The file also must reside in an exact location in the camera's "hard drive", in folders or sub-folders with the correct names.

Upload the file to the camera. Start watching the video!

-That's All. Good Luck!
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