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Welcome to the Mustek adventure DV3 review

We'll talk about the camera , in detail, the description, and how it proforms in action. we'll bring you some live footage as well as recorded video and Pictures see what mustek did to improve apon this one as they left out some stuff in its older models. sit back and enjoy the review.

Section one

How the camera looks in detail

1 Front and side View see below Pic 1. Left pic Here you take Note how Mustek p displays its info , the lens mpeg4 digital video F2.8 F=8.5mm on the rim of a Square glass or plastic covered sensor. protected in deeprubber. below the lens is a Blue L.e.d. indicator lamp with the record/still/webcam you'll be noticed you're recording, does not reflect to the camera at all. below is the mic, your hands will not get in the way at all.

Right pic we see softer led indicator which is your on/off light with a metal mirrored tft screen door h**** deep inside the rubber cover What is really noticable is the Yellow on black Mustard color sticks out like its name " the Adventure DV" 3 is for 3 megapixals which is not shown.

2. open side and tft rear view. pic 2 left side, you'll notice all your internal controls soft touchkeypad. main controlsforcamera setting is upper left whileupper center will turn on a tic , tac toe, andshut off your tft while recording some camcorders do not do this. function to switch from your camcorder/still/mp3/voice etc. reco/play to watch your videothe camera and a volume control for its external speaker Right pic shows the 1.5 " tft screen there is enough room for a 1.6-1.8 under the rear coveers are your mini usb and battery /sd capartment., again well protected by deep rubber. dropping this badboy is out of the question. anything dropped the rightway will break 15 foot drop on an unpotected camera and a rc flip saved mine till a simple drop i was heart broken.

3. front top over view. right pic mostly, these are your simple controls most used closest to the lower screen is your slide on/off keep it soft it'll last forever. center are your in/out zoom. hardely ever used (digital zoom not recommended) rear circle is your shutter on/off button once on/ once off repeat foreach snap vid recording. As you notice on the left side the straps sticking out like bars

yes these are for a hand strap, and Head strap. the camera cannot be remote controlled but you press start and you strap it on , off you go biking, ski diving you name it hands free. its a rugged handy camcorder.

4.Side views talked about the head strap and handstrap this camcorder is rugged and can go anywhere but underwater i am sure you place this in a case it can be waterproofed. sleek style with a logo pressed on like plastic steal not just one side but both real flashy like to be seen and not missed this is it the one for you. will catch attention.

Conclusion of the detail

You need something that will fit your needs stick out like a sore thumb take abuse, I am sure the Mustek Adventure DV 3 will be just that. but remember its not a high end or top dollar camcorder , that said it can be tossed like trash , and take a licking but still be treated like it was gold. it has great detail, shows good respect. andlooks like it will last a long time. I should know I own at least 3 models of these and yes model as well 3 of the same. I love this little one and always carry with me, this does the trick in my book for detail gets attention

Section 2

what the camera/camcorder can do, or not can do.

As we say read the owners manual the booklet comes with a quick guide to get you out and about in a matter of a few minutes. you'll need to sit down , learn a few basics and try to keep to the simple stuff. and that's all you need to know. the hybrid or camcoder has effects which is simple to get to , but never used due to software in a pc that does it just the same.So if you film and said can I edit it off , no can do once on its permed in there. hitting display and going through the settings will take a little time. get to konow the squares. as you look at the time frame the longer the vid or still the lower quality etc.

You have a few features that are great voice on a picture so if you snap somethingat a store and its a look alike take its pic then hit record again and say this camera looks like the Mustek but its adiovox. it'll say that andcan email to someone too on a pc thouigh. the image can be rotated not a movie in playback. sowhen using theslide show you have the correct pics in order not all rotated around. what is neat you realy do not need a pc for doing anythingwith the Musteks it has a picbridge that allows you to select a picture and print out w/o a pc, Ply the video back on a tv or save to a vcr or dvd burner or set top through a usb port. even use this as a webcam. that said lets move along .......

section 3.

video and stills. the video and stills One must know resolution and jpeg size to determine if this isthe one. the video resolution is [email protected], [email protected] and 320x240 @30fps bitrate and audio will determine which player you use .

For stills 2304x1728 (hardware Enhanced) 4.1 megalpixals

1600x1200 2 megaxals, and 640x480 1.0 megs

lets review some video as we get started.

Live footage

Live footage talking about the camcorder Click me

Here i talk about the camcorder I make the mistake of saying 3 meg'swhile i am stuck on it it is a 2 meg only . we talk a lil about features and its style what the camcorder can do and all that.

1. video footage

backyard view click me

here you see a slow pann ofa 70 year old tree I keep to it as its about a god view of anything . 16 secs

driving with foul weather click me

full downlad link for personal viewing http://www.bestsharing.com/files/ms0...G0028.ASF.html

2.stills shots

Pic 1 night time you'll take note this is a Picture that if light is on a object or subject , it'll take as there is just a street lamp not enough for any type of Picture at all. I have modified it to display what can just about be read Cros road , Yes a rail road crossing I was about 10-15 feet away.

Pic 2. below are two more Pictures, they are about the same time taken the left a few minutes sooner, and the right a little closer at a different angle. the line is of a electrical cable, and all bent when I came a little closer and at a different angle I got a better Picture, it's all in taking time. the weather is way overcast and rain is in the air now when you see Pic 3 these pictures were again pic 2 left,right and Pic 3 withing 1 minute of each other.

pic 3 as I mentioned how a different approach is needed the weather is real foul and ready to rain no sun just greey overcast skies. Here is ashot that is resized to6 inchs rather being 32.0000x 34.000 @ a high resolution. you can at least se it is a nice and bright shot no adjustments added.

Pic 4. 6 inch shot of Montclaires firehouse you may take note of the roof its green textured tiles and brick work a truck and fire truck awaiting a call. the Picture is smooth and may need sharpness but again all in foul weather.

Pic 5 This is the Varrazanno Bridge Some may have seen this in the other review of the Ispan, as well as the Aiptek real colorful again just another internet Picture to show , very helpful at that

Video, and stills No matter how you take them, or where you take them , on any given day, having the Mustek Adventure DV3 with me is a great expierience takes the bumps when I drive snaps a excellent shot to post ofwhere I have podded to. and helps me locate, describe, and share my fun with others.

my over all view of the vid , and stills it'sa excellent little camera/camcorder takes a soft Picture and does a good job recording in a hard situation I believe no matter what type of Video I place up, or piture as well, it'll do just fine, it's best as An outdoor Pc camcorder, and may need to kept away for low *********s , best of all, 3 hours non stop video, and thousands o stills on a 512 sd card. priceless.

Section 4 other features of the adventure

We do not get into great detail of the mp3, and webcam features, nor the voice. these sections of the camera are very simple to operate

Voice recorder is a WMA or wav format by selecting the voice rec. you hit the shutter and talk or sit back and allow the talker to go on. then when finished hit record again. you may record just about anything you desire

MP3 you will open the lcd or tft cover and go to mp3 and hit play to listen to your tracks you have repeat and play as well as ffw and rew. I can tell you 2aa batteries will go along way with a turned off screen while other hybrids are LI-ON, with a constant on screen 1.hr. 30 minutes max.

Webcam is at a lower frame rate at 10-20fps at 320x240 most models are around 10 fps. as its great to have this if you travel and need to keep in tuch anything is just good.

Playback slide show excellent feature to show your pictures it'll even rotate correctly as the older models never did that, they will play a short movie clip which is fine.

As I near my end of the review my Conclusion of

the Model: The Mustek Adveture DV3 its a 2 meg cmos sensor interpolated to 4 .1 megapixals takes a very good shot in Pictures and a excellent video in outdoor filming, no one can ask for anything more. It can be strapped to your Helmet or velcro down with the included head , and hand straps. easy to operate, simple understand the controls, using the Corect rechargables this camera will Film pass a 1 meg card at full resolution that is over 3 hours on a fresh set of AA's. Do not be afraid to drop, but i recommend be careful no matter what type of electronics, you want this to last a long time.

All in all I do recommend research, and decide what type of hybrid is for me? is it the Mustek adventure DV3. the aiptek MPVr. or a home professional camcorder. that said Please feel free to post your omments thanks again .....................Mod FISHY

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I like the video review although it needs a few more details on the specs such as maxmimum resolution ie 320x240 or 640x480 and fps.

The second video is not available. Is it a recent or an old model since I cannot see it listed on mustek's website with their current lineup.
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Is an old model but still available on the internet and at Mustek Direct
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the resolution for the Mustek adventure is 30 fps and have 3 settings:

they use a system that is simple to understand when you get used to it

16 squares 4 squares fourrows

all 16 squares 4 rows 4 squares across with the timer at 1:40 plus minutes is the highest resolution @30fps

9 squares 3 squares three rows that's every other row. with the timer is 1:45 minutes that med [email protected] 30fps

every other square 3 on top two on the second and repeated with the timer at 2 hr 54 min plus is the lowest resolution @30fps

sounds a lillte confusing does it? why not just use 1 2 3 too simple

the newer models now use 1 star two star 3 star no numbers stars only

I do not have any problems at all I keep it on at high all the time, if needed I look at the timer rather the squares

the rees olution andspecs are located as Oldhacer placed a link up, the camera Has been around and still a great catch.

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