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rgvcam Aug 29, 2006 5:50 PM

I was viewing some video clips of a friends DXG hybrid the other day and it evoked in me the feeling I used to have when playing around with Super 8 film. No I am not *that* old :lol: This was the late 80's. Due to it being silent only, I only played with it for a brief period of time mainly because owning a video camera then required a mortgage! In fact if I strip out the audio from the files, I can basically relive that moment:-)

The MPEG4 compression tends to give it a bit of a softer feel than the better quality camcorders such as miniDV and my Super 8 cine camera also wasn't that much larger than my Aiptek either. Of course Super 8 is much higher quality and can be projected to a decent size.

With digital you also lose that "wait and see" period you had to go through, when you sent the film cartridge off to be processed. It was so exciting opening the envelope containing the newly processed reel that had just been delivered by post!

Having said that, I wouldn't go back to the predigital era now as I am all for INSTANT GRATIFICATION LOL!

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