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watch this videoclick me

I was thumbing through aol video and this caught my attention.

it is the newest sanyo hybrid hd tv mode

even though they made it as a excellent short vid whatrealy was said

the camera is a great outdoors camera , and camcorder

and its indoor and nightshot is bad

all that money and theNew York times gotthem good....
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I don't think that there is anything wrong with indoor shots at night with the Sanyos. I have the Sanyo C40, and the new ones are supposed to be even a little better in low light. This seems perfectly good to me. Yeah, there is no Infra Red mode for shooting in total darkness, if that is what you are saying.

These cameras are just fine if you ask me under regular room lighting at night, in a situation where my old Aiptek would be almost totally black.

Here is an original sample under room lights (about 7mb, you will need Quicktime installed to play it since the camera produces .mp4 files).


There are more movie and still samples in this album.

And if anyone wants a particular shot they can request it. This is from the $199 Sanyo C40.

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The indoor shots don't look any worse than a lot of other cameras, especially since a flash doesn't reach that far anyway. The problem with a quick video review such as this, is that it gives the impression that only the reviewed Sanyo suffers from this problem whereas the reality is that most cameras do. Of course, at the moment, it's overpriced which gives it a bad price/ability ratio but it's the first of it's type on the market so they are getting in on the ground floor and charging accordingly. Once these cameras get under $400, I predict they will become much more popular. I have seen some footage (during normal daylight of course) that was stunning. While a similarly priced miniDV would be much better value, it's easy to forget that just a few years back, this kind of device would have been unthinkable!
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