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I was one of the first to try out the IS-DV2 and I can tell you the effect of the LED illumation is pathetic. The LED's themselves are bright enough, but it seems that the CMOS sensor isn sensitive enough. It only registers the brightest center part of the LED illumination so is pretty useless really.
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the Leds will light upa dark area for sure, if you're camping a perfect 1 1/2 hour battery timr for the IS-DV2

Everyone thinks the Nightmode of aiptek is garbage, they're wrong?

why I am dissagreeing

NightMode does not work when NO LIGHT , midnight,evening,dawn hourstimes

NIghtMode works when the room has Light present and is at a low state, A tripod is a Muste and no pann what so ever.

The Leds will assist in that situation, but once you're going to too dark all will fail?

AIptek Ispan digilife and All othercompanies Must Look into a infrared sensor it is a led or two that will change Color to black and white, and that I can live with If I need to film in total darkness.

Survivor Man, uses a camcorder but they hardely show it and he click on it to night Mode from time to time.

now I wonder if anyone want to be the first to try that mod out to see if they can get it working

I have a video of the MPVR and a Infrared wireless and it gives the same scenerio arounded shot.
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Fishycomics, I have received reply from Ranger.

Below is the reply and the prices are in RM(Ringgit Malaysia). I have used Yahoo!Finance to convert to USD for your reference.

Thank you very much for your e-mail

and great to know that you are interested

in our Digital Imaging products. Yes,

you are right, DV980 is using 3M sensor

while DV880 is using 5M sensor. 5M sensor

should have a better performance if we are

just talking about "Still Picture". However,

for digital video, the major performance

factor is actually the video size and the

frame rate. Both DV880 and DV980 can

support up to VGA size at 30 frame per

second. For DV980, it is one of the only

model equipped with 3X Optical Zoom.

So you can even zoom in when you

are taking live video.

Here comes the retail price of these

three model for your reference.
RANGER DV 680 RM529 (USD145)
RANGER DV 880 RM729 (USD200)
RANGER DV 980 RM929 (USD255)

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If you want to see and know more about the ranger[/align]
[align=left]dv , you can go to sim lim square (singapore) .[/align]
[align=left] You can find all sorts of electronics there. They[/align]
[align=left]will tell you the details and which model/brand[/align]
[align=left]is good or bad. If you do not know how[/align]
[align=left]to go there just log on to http://www.streetdirectory.com[/align]
[align=left]and search for sim lim square . [/align]
[align=left]You can find a lot of gadgets and gizmos with a range of [/align]
[align=left]various brand,sizes,price and styles

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I appologise for the site

and tpic

Please do not post email addys

for some reason this topic

went widescreen

thanks for the info very helpful:|
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