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Watching HGTV.COM. I caught the Supacam , and some other neat gifts.

It is a one Minute clip, CompGeek that's my KB?

329.00 and 129.00 profit, right off the bat.
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I am assuming this is the company:


This looks like a nice camera.

Interestingly, it says that the camera istself is designed in the UK. I bet most of these cameras use the same chipset as they all seem to have very similar specs to each other.

Again I am rather annoyed that they are deceptive as NOWHERE does it mention the TRUE sensor resolution. I had to open the manual to see it was as I suspected, a 5 megapixel camera. It doesn't even mention that the 11MP is interpolated which in my mind, is a deceptive practice.

Also it's a bit overpriced at the original $328 considering it's spec is not a lot different from the PVR/MPVR+.

How old is that video? I noticed he said it's one of the first cameras to run on a cellphone battery. The Sanyo Xacti's have been around for a while and of course the Aipteks as well, and they all use a cellphone type battery.

fishycomics, you just know that we're expecting sample video and photos :G

This will be interesting considering the highest quality mode is listed as only 1.8Mbps.

The battery door looks a better design from what I see in the manual. The Aiptek MPVR and similar models must rate as one of the worst battery cover designs in my opinion. Only one small tab holding a large heavy cover on. Also the tab is in the wrong direction meaning that retrieving it from a tight case nearly always leaves the battery behind!
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the gift show of 2006 of feb 2nd week.

the supacam or digilife has been around. thepanasonic d-snap as well 5 years

I watched hgv last night and got it all on video tht was the length they showed in full.
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