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Sneezy Dec 3, 2006 5:44 PM

Does a 4MB SD card work? My 150XPQI 4GB does not.I've tried 3! in my Sanyo HD1A digital camera.

Old HACer Dec 3, 2006 10:28 PM

Sneezy, you may have better luck getting an answer in Steve's Sanyo Forum .

fishycomics Dec 4, 2006 7:12 AM

Sorry there may be no owners of this model here?

1. if the instruction manual states up to 4 gigs then , I would believe a 4 gig will work?

2. if it states upt to 2 gig then 2 gig will work, and the possbility of a highersd card will work, but may or may not show the memory or numbers

3. Curruption may happen if it is notsupported

4. if you have a 4 gig card and saying it is not working

format fat32 in the pc or format non fa32 and then format in the camera,

5. try contacting the support team ofSanyo. we're here for comments opinions andsharing,. we're a descusion board not a place that we have these in our hands for free, wish we did.

I think the adminstrators reviews of all their cameras are just that opinions and not onwnership.

If ownership than you know your next step to am\nswer ?

sorry we did not have the best answer foryou.

lastly in the hybrids a 512 sd card was the only size of the highest sd card at the time to work, then they produced a 1,2,4,8 gigcard they do work, butwere not available for testing at the time. so it may or may not...........

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