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How to load a MP3 with your own tags click me

you'll be amazed how simple it is.

As some of know how to graba MP3 song and load it in our hybrids, some do not know how to make one, and create names to one at all. here i'll make a video soon to be available on a how to and all will appriciate it darely.

Everything you need is at your finger tips:

Please go to this site calledAudacity Download, save to file, and open, allow software to be created, and follow instructions. Once on your machine. you'll need to go to the next site called Lame save lame, and open up file , grab the lame .dll file and place in the file desired, for me it will be my music.There are number of links out there, and choices to make. these are the two you'll need to get started. Please proceed to the next step

Audacity is loaded, and lame.dll is placed in my music we'reready to go


Before you can get started, you'll need to have the following items, and devices to get started .

A a mic in on your pc, sterio jack to Male to male jack, a portable tape deck, cd player or other source or device. Plug one end into your player, the other to your pc, and away we go.

This may or may not work for some, but it is the best way to convert old cassettes over with ease, or any type of Music, video etc?


Step one.

Open audacity up. do a test run, and play your music, and hit record, get the volume correctly situated before attempting a song . Once we have it in order we'll start our session. I will use either a personal cassette or other type of music, song, or casting to Audacity .

ON top you'll hit record once , allow to play , and pause , or stop your song. Once you completed your song orsongs continue to step two

Step Two.

once you completed a song or songs, you'll open up file, and go to export. Export mp3, the song will be saved save it to my music. or your desired location. Sounds easy so far?

Step three.

MP3 Id tag opens up, asking you to name a few thing if wanted followthrough by typing in the blanks. title , artest, and album I fill out. I then add track no. and year, I type in MPVR testing song copy, in track I add fishyc 2006

I also choose more capatable on top over flexable. and then I save project.

Remember where the project goes to hitbrowse to change loacation.

Once finish and completed this task you'll repeat as neccessary to make one or thouands ofsongs.

Step four

very self explainatory. Open MPVR to mp3, i no mp3 file is made you'll want to turn on the camera go to mp3 allow to acknoledge and then open files up, add songs in there.

and what do you see If it all sounds too good to be true. try downloading my sample andadding itto your mp3 player ? you'll see it is a MP3 file and hasan Id tag Look for a video soon

mpvr testing song copy click me

this is how you make a mp3 song, and add to your MPVR the easy way

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Thanks fishycomics for the info!
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There is an easier way to do this. All you have to do is right click the .mp3 file and go summary and change the title to the name of the song.
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