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darkfoxx Dec 22, 2006 9:33 PM

I am getting a Aiptek DV5100 M for christmas.This is the model with the mp3 player and SD Card slot and it is a 6.0Megapixel unlike the other one with no mp3 and uses the CF Card.

I want to know the diff between the 2 and is it any good for a 1st time video camera/digi.

CLIFFNOTE: I am looking for a full detailed review with maybe some pics and samples.

I am new here i am pleased to meet you all.

Scott C Dec 22, 2006 11:33 PM


I didn't know the DV5100M came in other models that used an SD card. Aiptek's site lists both the DV5100M and F models as using CF cards, no Mp3 player and only 5mp. Can you post a link to the model your talking about.

If you go here you will see a listing of Aiptek camcorders from Amazon.

Fishycomics is the resident hybrid pro. If theres a DV5100M that plays Mp3s and uses SD cards he'll know.

As for these cameras being any good. It depends on what your wanting to get from it performance wise. DVD quality video is out and low light video and still shots are pretty much a no go. If the camera supports VGA video (640x480) @ 30fps then you'll get decent video in good lighting conditions. Not stellar, but good enough to show friends and family. Similar to VHS tape quality. I've been happy with my IS-DV2 as far as video quality goes, but I wouldn't want to use it for special events. Everyday quick shots, you bet. I have seen non-web compressed video clips of more expensive cameras like the Sanyo Xacti series and I like what I see from that product.

The still shots I've taken aren't as detailed as the ones from my Canon A75 (3.2mp) but then again the Canon has a different focusing system. 4x6 prints come out ok but I can see the difference on paper between the two.

I'm enjoying my IS-DV2 for what it is. A cheap digital video camcorder that I can take anywhere and is ready to go in an instant.

fishycomics Dec 23, 2006 7:53 AM

older model, been out on the market for years, revamped, and a new name on one called the DV2. pro's and cons. no swival screen 1.5 inch screen etc.

What I do not get is when the reviewer exspressed his thoughts, and did not mention the see through finder, thismeans that the lcd screen can be in the off position for extra battery life?

He also mentions, His door or lid falls off, wonder if that is the battery, or tft screen always ajar?

Welcome to the site? darkFoxx, ScottC has excellentadvice, and till one can comment on where you're looking and the info you've researched. I canot realy comment. but point out this review to all.

No there is no sample, or reviews of this hybrid yet. Sorry? readbelow?

maybe you'll be th1st to give it a shot for us?;detailid=227 Excellent Aiptek Compact MPEG-4 "ASF" Pocket CamcorderJuly 27, 2006
116 out of 121 found this review helpful

I purchased this Aiptek DV5100M camcorder, and this is my Best Choice of the many other models of Aiptek small compact camcorders that I have tested. For its small compact size, it takes very good videos (but of course, it's resolution of 640 x 480, 10 FPS can be choppy with fast movements, and is not as good as regular larger standard more expensive camcorders). I like this camcorder because 1) the Video and Audio are in exact synchronization (i.e., I video record live dancing performances, and the video movements match with the audio music); and 2) this is easy to use, and small enough to easily put in my jacket zip-up pocket for any time videos. This camcorder's microphone sensitivity is very good and records audio well (and does not have any constant loud audio hiss like some other models). This camcorder works very well with my 2-GB SanDisk Ultra II CompactFlash card (and also with my 2-GB Kingston Elite Pro CompactFlash card), and has successfully recorded a test daylight outdoor single video ASF file for a length of 3 hours, 46 minutes at its highest quality video setting of "TV-HQ" (640x480, 10 frames per sec). I like this camcorder's recording in its MPEG-4 "ASF" compressed format, and it uses less bytes per second than the "AVI" format of other models. For tripod use, since the tripod plastic socket is more deeper recessed than standard, I replaced my Slik tripod's short standard metal tripod screw with a longer nylon screw. (Incidently, I also own and can still use my other older Aiptek camcorder models: Aiptek DV-II, Aiptek DV3100, and Aiptek Fidelity 3100. I have tested and returned for being unsatisfactory, the Aiptek models "DV5100F with Flash", and "Aiptek IS-DV2".)
12-17-06 Update: I am still using and enjoying this camcorder to take videos of dancing practices and performances. I have two of these camcorders: I use one, and I keep one as a spare emergency backup. The main problem is that the plastic tripod socket may crack if NOT using the original Aiptek supplied stock tripod (Aiptek has a good one year guarantee.) I recommend using only the Aiptek special original longer screw tripod provided in the Aiptek original box because this specially designed Aiptek tripod will not crack the thin plastic tripod socket. Using any other brand metal screw (especially standard metal screws, which are shorter and does not fit this camcorder) tripod will crack the weak thin plastic socket. Or, I recommend making a modified longer soft nylon screw tripod as described above, which I still use and can pan and tilt. After closing the battery lid, I always put a clear piece of tape (double over the edge for easier removal) sticking on the lid and the case to lock the lid in place, and to prevent losing the lid. I am glad this does NOT have built in lithium rechargeable batteries. I use and prefer 2500 milli amp hour (MAH) NiMH batteries which last longer than my previous 1800 MAH NiMH batteries; I have many NiMH spare batteries and replace when needed. If recording hour long videos, I can close the LCD Screen Lid, and it will continue recording, and the LCD backlight will turn off to conserve battery. I only buy and use lifetime guarantee 2 GB CompactFlash cards (such SanDisk Ultra II, and Kingston Elite Pro) which will record 3 1/2 hours at highest video setting. After taking videos, I eject the CompactFlash and carefully insert it in my computer slot for faster USB 2.0 transfer, instead of using the supplied USB (1.1) transfer cable. I do not use the "digital zoom" because it is "grainy". Over all, for my needs, this is a still a great camcorder, which I can keep in a plastic zip bag in my jacket zip up pocket, and use to capture impromptu videos

darkfoxx Dec 23, 2006 8:36 AM

The camera was just released in walgreens about 4 weeks ago. It is identical at the 5100M but it has flash ,IS,MP3, the video and still icture quality has been improved to a 6MP.When i get the camera Monday morning i will start recording and upload the info to this site. All i am looking for is a everyday video/still digi camera.This looks like it might be it.

EDIT: I found and only 1 like it on the internet yesterday after 3 hours of searching.Here is the link...oddly enough it is a ebay link.

Scott C Dec 23, 2006 9:44 AM

Well look at that, an older model of a 5100M is actually renamed IS-DV2. Man how does one keep track. I knew Fishy would know.

If the 5100M your getting for christmas is the same as the IS-DV2 model then check out Fishy's review of the IS-DV2 here. Lots of good info. It's actually what made me buy mine. That and the really cheap price.

I like the IS-DV2. Even with its faults. The Mp3 features are non existent to say the least. No random play, no EQ, no settings period. But with decent quality headphones the sound is pretty good. As Fishy mentioned another drawback is a non rotating screen. Also I found the screen hard to see in bright light but I'm working on a little attachment to try and help that. All I need now is a sunny day. Damn rain. One big plus is that on 2 AA rechargable batteries you'll get around 3 hours of use with the LCD screen on.

Like you mentioned, if all your looking for is a "quick cam" as I like to call it, then you'll enjoy your christmas gift. Have fun.

fishycomics Dec 23, 2006 1:39 PM

Aiptek hope you're reading. they're playingwith us. best thing to do, andscottC may back me up, I no longer own this.

read the model number below it should say dzo- what does it say?

and then we'll know if it is a identical one. hoping that is a missprint?

look the Sun is out now LOL:G

fishycomics Dec 23, 2006 4:13 PM

DZO-V3t if that iswhat is on the hybrid , you're in for a suprize?

darkfoxx Dec 23, 2006 4:23 PM

When i get the camera on christmas day(gift from my finace) i will give ya a report that nite. The report will have pics along with videos and will be in full detail.

So i guess this is actually the IS-DV model but is named DV5100M but has everything this review post has;forum_id=92

Thanks for the info.

Scott C Dec 23, 2006 5:14 PM

For reference the sticker on the bottom of my IS-DV2 reads as follows:

Aiptek DZO-V3T
Batteries 2x1.5v /AA
Max. Power Consumption 330mA via USB port
S/N: BLN60025965 Made in China

Also on the lower part of the Aiptek Logo on the LCD side of the camera (in small writing) is IS-DV2.

You have to wonder what Aiptek is doing. You mentioned Darkfoxx that Walgreens just started stocking this "new" DV5100. Has Aiptek something in mind for a new IS-DV2 model ?

I know that there is an identical model (body wise) to the IS-DV2 on Aipteks site that is called the VS-DV (Mini DV T11) and it uses a 5mp CMOS and can record video at [email protected] and I think it can display the lyrics of Mp3s. Another similar styled model is the PocketDV T300 which has a 2.4" TFT LCD which swivals (nice). It's also a 5mp CMOS and can do 720x480 video.

You can see those models here.

fishycomics Dec 23, 2006 5:23 PM

ScottC you're on the ball it is out on the site in again not woth my purchase until that swival screen bcomes a USA model.

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