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blegate Dec 23, 2006 1:25 PM

I'm currently own a Sanyo C40 but I keep on thinking I could get another hybrid @ a lower cost/more functionality. I've scanned and scanned this site, ebay, and google trying my best to find samples and ratings of different hybrids; I'm coming up with inconsistent information.

In researching these hybrids I'm finding that many are repackaged under different names, etc. which just leads to more headaches for me. My main objective is to get a hybrid capable of shooting video in low-light that looks reasonably good. In addition I need to be able to convert the footage to DVD for sharing. This last point is critical to me. So far I've found only the Sanyo Xacti models capable of being converted to DVD with minimal loss. I've played with video from a Creative 428 which also appears to work well when converted but I don't have enough samples to really test the conversion. Apitek conversions have consistenly turned out bad. I have tried numerious times to convert ASF to AVI to Mpeg (i.e. DVD compliant) and with each converion it gets worse. I've tried Samsungs models as well but those look terrible. (BTW, I use VideoStudio 9 & 10 to convert video. I have a lengthy step by step process I go through which minimizes loss.)

Would the moderators consider setting up a separate page for camera reviews like Steve does? I think a rating system (5 star) would be a benefit to all covering different categories. I know reviews exist & samples in these threads but it is challenging to get to the info- some sample links are now dead. Perhaps a template could be created where users submit reviews? I'm sure others would contribute their findings.

I do feel these hybrid cameras are the wave of the future, especially when it comes to video capture. If there is anyway I can be of assistance, please let me know.
Thanks for keeping this site going.


fishycomics Dec 23, 2006 1:49 PM;forum_id=92

Brian, Excellent advice, and I agree 110%

will need to re look over dead samples

Mod, only place I am allowed is to edit in here sorry? maybePm to the adminstrator see what can happen? the worse that happ's is no?

Aiptek is not the hybrid for dvd qualit playback. you cannot go any higher up the scale, you already have a sanyo c series no better

mustek may be a model to look at.

need some samples to place up, check back soon I'll try to make a short vid and bestshare as a vob for dvd?

Update 65 meg on a 3 min vid sorry I even cut it down to 1 min. again 500 meg not good

blegate Dec 23, 2006 5:24 PM

Thanks I have looked at site- good info.

What I think would be ideal if a user could fill out a simple review covering some of the basics of the camera. For example,a user would select from a drop down box the camera they are reviewing. If it's new then they could select something like "New model- not reviewed". From there could ask some meaningful questions that would rate the camera features & functions. Examples your could rate stills or video (1 through 5 - 5 being best). When the review is submitted, someone like a you "fishycomics" could look at the review to ensure it's not full of non-sense, etc. Once approved it could added to the overall stats for the camera giving users an average rating for the unit. Now I'm a marketing guy so I dig this stuff; not sure if others agree or not.

I know this is a lot of work to set up but I see it adding value to the site long-term.

Anyways just a thought. Thanks again,

fishycomics Dec 23, 2006 5:37 PM

something like this?

I fell way behind

blegate Dec 23, 2006 9:36 PM

Well something more on the line where forum members would rate the devices themselves for others to review. As mentioned above, users would click on a drop down box for the camera they are rating, etc. Suggested questions:

Rating 1 through 5 (5 being best)
1) Rate overall satisfaction with still images taken during daylight
2) Same as #1 but taken during nighttime
3) Rate overall satisfaction with Video capture taken during daylight hours
4) Same as #4 but during nighttime (or low-light)
5) Rate overall satisfaction with build quality of unit
6) General comments about the camera: (free text 255 character limit)
7) Would you buy this unit again (Y/N) Supporting comments..
#8 Links to uTube video samples or other hosted links
Allowing forum members to attach videos or pictures to your site will eat up disk space. Only con to this is that sample media could expire so again you'd have dead links to deal with. Perhaps you could host the sample files but limit video footage to 3meg a sample. This would get you by for while until CCD increase in size.

Overall I see this as an online form a person would fill out. When someone looks up the camera they would be presented with a short overview of the model and an average of all the ratings from the surveys. If the user wants to dig deeper they can review the individual responses and make there own determination.

On the flip side if you want to review all of the camera you could but it may be an expensive endeavor unless you get cooperation from the product vendors.

Anyways that's all I was thinking. I for one believe more the reviews of users not reviews from CNET or PC Mag. that's just me...

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