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fishycomics Jan 1, 2007 6:29 PM

I have tried a few techniques, and never realy gotten into looking for a professional tripod for my Bike. I have Purchased a portable tripod for 20.00usc that is an excellent travel size, and even Purchased a second one when my first one has weakend in the leg. I still have it. I even have one for my camcorder the Sunpak 5800D.

I also have the mini tripods from my hybrids. I have made one as an extended handel to hold the camera, and the other as a webcam base, or placing on a picknic bench , etc.

demo of a bike tripod click me with the use of the Mini tripod

Below are the peices I have to work with, and will aquire 2 more extentions, at the store if needed ( one for my car , winter,other will be a replacement top). I am in need of Part 1, andPart 2.

Snow scraper can be located at a auto store.

I believePart 1, and part 2 may be found in a marina, or a home depot , or lowes. If anyone knows of a place or idea throw it my way.


The snow shovel, bottom handel will need to me taken off, and the extention may be either left alone or removed, so I may make my adjustable turn. the second shovel will be an extention and the handel wil need again to be removed, and the tripod glued or fixed on. My concern is attaching the main base to the bikes Lower frame, or seat and that will be a hard task.

looking at a snow thrower, they place the pipes side by side and tension, that is my last resort.

bicycle tripod called the boomstick 360

boomstick vid 1

Full video ofa boomstick click me

Part 1

part 2

Part 3

full spectrum

fishycomics Jan 2, 2007 8:20 AM

Extention pole adaptor perfect for my elbow part all I need now is to locate a base

Pic 1. it is the most hardest peice for me to find at My Local stores, my last resort is a marina. I looked at the Flag polesection, tha paint section, and do notwantto Purchase online ifi do not have the correct demensions.

Pic 2 is a base I can use from a flag pole holder, or even go to thePlumbing section and get a few peices of piping, andclamps, and a coupler. not going to bother with that route. I shall take 2 2x3's and decide if it is worth sculpting out the dieameter of the bikes frame, and thesnow shovel. with two to four bolts, and wing nuts i got my base. Problem would be the clearance if I need to swing the arm.

I will go ahead andPurchase the two samesnow shovels i found 9.00 a peice, and 2 I do not want as they done away with the screw head, placed staple in it

If i fail I only threw 20.00 away, and have at least a snow shovel or three

Pic 1

may do for the base


fishycomics Jan 2, 2007 2:01 PM

day one.

Purchased my two extension poles, taken the handels off, by sodering Iron.

I now am deciding my next step?

fishycomics Jan 3, 2007 9:05 AM

day two

After looking at my bikes,I take off the locking device, and use its cradle, as a support along the body frame.

I place some tape around the botom and attacha conduet clamp andtripod head, I get what is in the pic below my temporary bike tripod.

What is goods far, and will need an additional support is a start. I can detach the pole and use it as a MonoPod.

locating the parts I want isnearly Impossable with the help of homeDepot, I show my Picture to theCustomer service deptarment and get :?.

The Part I am after, one of the parts can be Purchased in a Window cleaning outfit, and5.00 online and 7.00 shipping. may be my way to get one peice.

When I can locate,, and or make my base , then I shal continue. for now

1. I have a working device, andjust needsomesupport, if i have to do some low end or behind filming , it will be one handed

2. a 2x4 cut in half and carved out will be a great base , have to get it off the drawing board and on the wood.

3 angle joints are my main issues to fit thepainter or extension poles.

100 days to go, and 60 plus degre weatherisjust 72 hours away, in dead of winter.

fishycomics Jan 3, 2007 2:32 PM

day two latter part of the day.

I have found my part and decided to invest more into my product Another 18.00 into the store bought items. May now need to go online and order my angle joint adaptor, and possably tidy up some loose ends.

Pic 1

a rubber ,and clamp, if I use these clamps then it is a perminent placement, may utilize them, could have saved purchasing andused an old peice of rubberaround the house. I made my choice to pick it up at the moment.

Pic 2

using the pic 1 clamps I can makea perminetnt holder if needed with the pvc pipemodification is needed. 23 cents thrown away if not.

Pic 3

These are excellent key clamps. that I would have preferred to have a real fat one band ,rater than 2, but how would I get my adaptor attached on a fat clamp, will utilize the clamps

Pic 4

using a flag pole adjustable adaptor, I will modify pic 1 with pic 4 and figure out , the best possable way to have m tripod pole adapted.

This leaves me to my online order of the adjustable swival adapter. I can mount everything and have completed my bike tripod under 50.00, andcan possably even cut it down to 35.00, all in al, I am happy I am not spending 200.00 usc, I am sure i could hve researched harder for a better looking device. but will not come u with what cannot be found so esily.

fishycomics Jan 3, 2007 7:06 PM

after day two

I need to order one peice , just awaiting an email if it will fit? chances are I will order.

I made a video, and will try out my tes, only after I figure out the base part i will need to carve out a 2x4, or other type of base I will again visit a local store see what my options are as a back plate fora flag pole is, and I think c clamps of a emt or conduet,, with wing nuts. My just return my 7.00 of clamps. video will be poste later

fishycomics Jan 3, 2007 7:47 PM Please rate thank you

video on what i made so far


<embed width="430" height="389" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src=""></embed>

fishycomics Jan 4, 2007 10:45 AM

day 3

Decided theclamp action was agreat idea, but left me wondering how am I going to gt pressure to hold the back on.

So I decided to go the wood base back frame way.

takin a peice of wood as a base with two additional peices with rubber I drilled my holes and got my V shaped design as a back base. Now I will need to substitute out the nails for Wing nuts and bolts giving me exactly what I need

I now have my tripod with an extension. and awaiting on my email, if no reply I shall order that part, and have my angle tripod finished.

The test is placing it on the road after all done

Here is the Full video on making the Tripod with option 1 wood mount, option 2 clamp updated

fishycomics Jan 4, 2007 3:17 PM

latter in the day

all parts bought final out come under 20.00 for my monpod/bikepod., after correcting parts.

My road test is not complete but temporarly completed, and it works just as planned. Even though I had 2nd thoughts of adding additional support, and bouncing. The bikepod must move up and down, when you hit a rough spot the bike goes up, the pod goes down, the bike goes down the pod goes up, thus eliminating movement. makes sense.

Even though I pixalated the video. I'll place aa full test at a later time, stay tuned. for now Enjoy youtubes bike testing video, and Please rate. phoobucket will be placed below.

fishycomics Jan 5, 2007 11:26 AM

tripod or monopod

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