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I have a helmet cam which i intend to use when trail riding my dirtbike. I was looking into the Aiptek mpvr, but got a little worried about the whole "low light" situation. Do you guys think that trail riding in tree's is what you guys consider "low light." Just want to clarify if i will have any problems and possibly get some recommendations if the aiptek you do not feel is for me. Thanks in advance.
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Low light outdoors would mean in woods at dusk, or in very bad/dim weather in very dense woods. Normal daylight in woods should be fine, especially for video. These cameras work fine indoors at office lighting levels, and some of them work ok in considerably dimmer light.

My experience has been that the Digilife DDV-920 works best in dim light.
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asnkflgWelcome aboard, we always give a warm welcome.

First. it is not just one hybrid we'll referre you to We'll direct you to a few.

I like to say the Ispan ddv-920 is an awesome hybrid, with a ccd lens, making it a better camera, in it s ways it is an imported model, without a warranty for the USA, or North America, that Includes Canada, and Mexico.

The Ispan I have a video displayed at the bottom, and if it works for you, it should be of a boat on a dock and the Light for the day isbright, while filmed it dark. my Codecs are not working so I may have to see what the outcome of your response is?

Below Are the Aipteks Videos. You may choose from what situation you think may fit your needs.

going all out at night , filming at the earliest hours of Mourning, passingthrough in Pure daylight a tunnel,and being entertained by two gurls:G, or driving through atunnel on a winding road. even riding a bike ,

camera is always in my hand never mounted , working on a tripod mount.

The cameras will adjust to light. the MPVR 6 meghybrid has a brighter sensor, the MPVR+, and PVR a darker sensor,this also holds true for the Ispan ddv-920 darker. the IS-dv model is darker as well.

what that means in thecar behind the steering wheel pointing out on Pure sunlighted day the oudoor shot becomes darker, on an overcasted day it brightens up. that is what I got out of mytestings.

I show videos for all so they may decide for themselves? If anyone has thetwo mentioned camera Please post.? if not then it is goingto a decision you have to make .

The bulletcam if the hybrid is plugged into the MPVR or Ispan, the bullet has icons on display then you'll get those icons. it is great to have an external lens if you are able to get one with optical you bypass the aipteks lenses and have a better video.

1 nigh time going through a tunnel


2 sunrise on a roof top


3 daytime going thorugh a tunneland light at other end as well



4. driving in/out of daylight


5, on a trail with that shade


6. on that trail with shade


Ispan 920 if this is a boat panning two the left it is pure daylight codecs for me need to be reloaded

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here isone more topic showingthe MPVR+ or Zoom-dv6 notice how dark it is filming different sensor
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