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ConfusednUpset Jan 4, 2007 12:10 PM

ok well i got the DXG-305V the movie/mp3/and digital cam. well i tried shooting some pics and movies and the picture was soooooo dark i can't see anything so i changed the quality to normal and i changed the white balance to all the differen't ones like sunny,flourecent,cloudy,and the other one i forgot and automatic didn't do anything so any ideas how to fix this problem?

Thanks guys,

Confused n' Upset

fishycomics Jan 4, 2007 3:01 PM

A owner of the 305V at the best price one can get.

would like the 506V ?

1. here is a video of my place thesun is in the back, and I am about aarms length by the window. Using the software, and applying brightness, I fooled around with the gamma and contrast. just to show you, it is not your camera.

A Cmos or ccd, does not matter which one, it is a sensor fixed, and the hybrids only work with the best light possable OUTDOOR lighting.

If it was a professional camcorder, it would be somewhat dark, but vivid.

hope this helps out.

others with the same model please post? I bet you'll not get them, as they either passed on to better things.

Others who own a hybrid will post and explain their reasons.


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