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Ok I have an Aiptek PVR & a Digilife DDV-C330 branded as a Canon & I am only going to buy 1 more before I decide which one to keep & use. While I am fairly happy with both they do have deficiencies & I have narrowed down my last choices to:

Digilife DDV1000

or a


I do not see much diff in the specs except the ddv1000 is a CCD sensor & the SVP is a CMOS sensor.

I can get the SVP for $130 or the Digilife for $199 which does not bother me if the Digilife is better. I have seen reviews that bash both of them in diff areas so the research seems to be a toss up. SVP seems to have bad customer service while no news seems to be good news as far as Digilife they do seem to supply a lot of cameras to others to be rebranded which leads to the Canon that I have & am fairly happy with.

Damn I can go back & forth here typing all day but I think you get where I am at the moment in the decision making process.

I need input from you guys!!!

Thanks for being there, I have lurked & soaked up your knowledge for some time but I need help now.
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Or I could go a diff direction & get a Pentax Optio MX which looks interesting, I am looking for stills & video, mp3, games & stuff does not matter but the AV input would be nice.

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I see no sign the SVP HDDV-2400B has a video-in port, if this is important to you.

The SVP's screen controls can be handy, but I haven't felt any lack of controls on my Diglife DDV-920/1000. The SVP also has red-eye flash, lacking on the 1000.

In the ad I looked at for the SVP, there was no mention of image stabilization. I'm sure it would have it, but if it doesn't, I would choose the 1000. Other than that and the sensor type, I see little difference.

The Optio MX and MX4 are an interesting choice. They are smaller than I expected. They're not made any more, but there would be new ones on eBay. I haven't seen anything from Pentax to replace them. They save videos in .mov format, which is different from most of the hybrids.

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Yes I missed that I do not see anywhere that av in is a feature of the hddv-2400b so I guess that one is out. But the SVP HDDV-8800 does so now I guess that I am now deciding between that & the Digilife DDV-1000 both are ccd 5mp vs 6mp ccd sensors so I do not know yet, decision making help is welcomed.

I have made 1 decision though I will buy 2 more, which ever one wins the current decision struggle & I am looking at a Pentax Optio MX4 which I am going to get. The reviews are good enough & the camera is interesting enough & if I can get a camera that is a 3.2 mp ccd that sold a couple years ago for $400 now available for less than $100 with a pile of extras I think it is worth it just to have.

It seems that the SVP HDDV-8800 is the same as a Digilife DDV-6120A Which is a 6.1 ccd & records video @ 720x480 @ 30fps & would cost the same as a Digilife DDV-1000.

Maybe I will just flip a coin. Either way I will get a Pentax Optio MXor MX4.

I was a good boy last year & did not buy myself much so I deserve it right?:G
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I have the MX4, and use it for indoor stills with flash. It has a stronger (15 ft range) flash than the DDV-1000. Its bigest problem is speed. There is shutter lag in both stills and video, which is annoying. I use the camera for posed shots as apposed to impromptu shots because of speed. Video is OK, but not camcorder quality.

If you decide to pickup an extra battery, the Pentax L-17 is actually a NP-60 type with the label on the backside. Because of the design of battery compartment, a thicker, longer life NP-120 type battery may also be used.

If you haven't already done so, read Steve's Digicams reviews of the MX and the MX4.
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thanks Guys, seems al your questions are answered? and a decision is to be made?

todays times may want to waittill springtime ifand when newer models will hitthe market?

720x540 resolution is for up to date widescreens, and deciding an older model, may bring a better discount?

good luck with your choice .
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