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Hi there,

I'm looking at getting a cheap hybrid to do some low-end investigation into making paragliding videos. As a result, I'd like to get hold of a hybrid with the following features:

* Decent 640x480 video performance. Low light not a huge issue - video stream quality more of a concern
* Image stabilisation
* Reasonable battery performance and re-charging options
* An A/V In recording facility that will work with the screen closed or reversed.

The two cameras which look like good possibilities which I can easily get hold of on ebay here in the UK are the Aiptek DV6800 (aka MPVR) and the Digilife DDV-V1 (aka DDV-810).

Does anyone have any opinions on the suitability of either of these? In particular, I get the impression that the DDV-V1 may have over-sensitivity problems in strong light and I've seen a worrying comment (also on the DDV-V1) which implied that A/V in recording may shut off after a time if the screen is closed. Presumably this would only occur after a few minutes when the camera has the screen closed but is NOT actually recording... I notice other comments (in sgspirit's 810 review) that suggest that the auto shut-off can be configured.

Finally... does the V1 really have no facility to monitor remaining space on the flash card when recording, or has this been fixed in latest firmware?

Any thoughts or recommendations from owners of either of these cams would be greatly appreciated!



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I can only Comment on the Aiptek dv6800 model, and add to the list the Ispan ddv-920

Aiptek also came out with a 3x opt as well

1 aitek has a constant on, 1,3,5 min timer and the screen can be closed in a reverse fashion, if closed as shutting down the camcorder it does just that.

you'll need to open the camcorder up and remove its magnet that controls the on/oo auto feature.

this probably will hold true to all camcorders

when you use up sd/mmc on a card the filling the space in ful, aiptek will say full, but if the battery is weak and you exhaust the batt you have like 3 secs to shut , or stop the record or curruption on the card.

1 1/2 hour record on a full battery , the older the less time. so I say look for a 2aa system, that will give way more power or modd as a aa system

aiptek has a locking tft screen , basicaly a clip that snaps shut . I do not know about the digilife , but the Ispan will be loosely and no locks.

cmos on the aiptek wil show BLACK spotting if pointed to the sun

ccd may show rainbow like star treks transformer?

if you want a example I be very happy to point to the sun when it comes out if it does we are having foul weather here.

as a regular light or flash light does not duplicate the spotting.

hope this helped out.
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