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Chuck50 Jan 22, 2007 5:13 AM

Just bought a Digilife DDV1000 Camera and have installed 2gb PQI HiSpeed SD Card bought on Ebay A$30.

Camera formatted card Ok with the following maximum capacity results.

Pixs Movie

Lo Res 3602pixs Lo Res 9h 53m 29secs

StdRes 1424 pixs Std Res 4h 56m 44secs

Hi Res816 pixsHi Res2h 51m 47secs

2gb cards are the maximum you can use.:cool:

The 4gb SD and 8gb SD high capacity (SDHC) cards use different formatting of the card.

The Digilife manual only states a maximum of a 1gb SD card.

Hope this helps those who thought the maximum you could use was a 1gb SD card

I also found 1300mah NP60 batteries on Ebay.:cool:

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