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kmadill Apr 3, 2007 2:09 PM

Does anyone have any experience with using external camera lenses with their movie digicams? I have a Digilife DDV-7000 and would like to attach a wide angle lense (such as this one:;prod_id=MMWS).

Has anyone done this with their digicam? The lense is the correct size, but there is no threading on the camera nor a magnetic surface to mount the lense to?

Any suggestions? Are there other digicams that support external lenses?


fishycomics Apr 3, 2007 2:26 PM

yes there is it is the Mustek dv5500?

if you are going to attemp a wide angle? I believe you must be on the lens within a mm or so not 1/4 to 3/8 " away? I have used a telescope and a pair of Binaculars? but if it had threads yes we would bea step above the others?

sgspirit Apr 3, 2007 11:39 PM

Except perhaps for the Mustek DV5500 (which was a piece of crap) none of the hybrids are set up to accept optional lenses. But there are a couple of ways around it.

One is to hold a telescope/binocular/monocular against the lens. It works, but it's pretty crude.

If you have a hybrid with a video-in port, you can use a spycam. The DDV-7000 unfortunately does not have video-in.

Spycams can be bought in a range of quality levels, starting at about $10 on eBay and going up to $150 at your local video surveillance/security store. Color and sound capability are typical. You can buy a variety of lenses for them, including wide-angle. The lenses themselves can be screwed in or out of the spycam body for a very wide range of focus distances, right down to 1cm. There may possibly also be zoom lenses available, since I can see there'd be surveillance applications for doing that.

Depending on your camera, you may not be able to take stills using the spycam. And if you can, they will be in low resolution. A huge advantage of the spycam is that you can position the lens any way you want, even mount it on a pole, while viewing the image on the camera's screen in your hand.

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