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Many of the latest hybrid cameras are using NP-60 batteries. Here are lists of other cameras that use the same battery, and a list of other names for the NP-60. Note that the NP-30 and equivalent will give only half the duration of the NP-60. You can get these batteries cheap on eBay, or expensive at your local retailer. I've seen prices range from $4cdn to $80cdn. My experience with a non-brand name make of these batteries is that I can't tell they're not brand name.

Casio QV-R3
Casio QV-R4
Fuji FinePix 50i
Fuji FinePix F401
Fuji FinePix F401Zoom
Fuji FinePix F410Zoom
Fuji FinePix F601
Fuji FinePix F601Zoom
Fuji FinePix M603
Gateway DC-T50
Hewlett Packard - HP PhotoSmart R607
Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart R507
Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart R607
Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart R607v
Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart R607xi
Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart R707
Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart R707v
Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart R707xi
Hewlett Packard PhotoSmart R717
Kodak DX6490
Kodak DX7440
Kodak DX7590
Kodak DX7630
Kodak LS420
Kodak LS443
Kodak LS633
Kodak LS743
Kodak LS753
Kodak Z730
Kodak Z7590
Kodak Z760
Olympus Camedia AZ-1
Olympus Camedia AZ-2 Zoom
Olympus Ferrari Digital Model 2004
Panasonic SV-AV10
Panasonic SV-AV10-A
Panasonic SV-AV10-R
Panasonic SV-AV10-S
Panasonic SV-AV100
Panasonic SV-AV20
Panasonic SV-AV25
Panasonic SV-AV30
Panasonic SV-AV35
Pentax Optio 330
Pentax Optio 330RS
Pentax Optio 430
Pentax Optio 430RS
RCA 151
Ricoh Caplio RR10
Samsung DigiMax U-CA 4
Samsung DigiMax U-CA 401
Samsung DigiMax U-CA 501
Samsung DigiMax U-CA 505
Toshiba PDR-5300
Toshiba PDR-T20
Toshiba PDR-T30

Compatible with these batteries:

Casio NP-30
DigiPower BP-NP60
Duracell DRF60
Duracell DRF60RES
Energizer ER-D210
Fuji NP-60
Hahnel HL-60
Hama 47218
Hewlett Packard - HP L1812A/B
Hewlett Packard Photosmart R07
Kodak 8499741
Kodak KLIC-5000
Lenmar DLF120
Lenmar DLF60
Maxell DC3790
Panasonic 024-910001-10
Panasonic CGA-S301
Panasonic CGA-S301A/1B
Panasonic CGA-S302A/1B
Panasonic DDNP-60
Panasonic LI-100
Panasonic NMG98
Panasonic NMP41
Panasonic SPJ2000
Panasonic VW-VBA10
Panasonic VW-VBA21
Pentax D-LI2
Polaroid PR-108DG
Rayovac RV-DC2600
Rayovac RVDC2600
Ricoh DB-40
Sakar BP-N60CL
Toshiba PDR-BT3
Uniross VB102187
Varta P39
Vivanco BP-09A3

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