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Corp Kill Joy . Congrads on your new Purchase and the site. When you do have the oppertunity all wil be looking foward to a sample vid, and have fun with the camera, Yes the low light is pain but that is one sacrafice we all have to live with, I find my economy hybrids take great night shot when light is present on the subject , when no light is near it is no good, for example the summer fireworks priceless, and a vid of the cruises show at night priceless all due to light on the subject. good luck and enjoy.
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Corporal_Killjoy wrote:
acebro1 wrote:
Hello there! I'm also in a dilema on choosing a good hybrid camera,here in the philippines,the digilife 7000 is available as well as the wondercam(a.k.a funtwist d-clip 310),the question is,performance wise(i mean video,pictures and battery life),which is much better?
Hello there. I just bought a Digilife ddv 7000 last week. Aside from the chrome paintjob and the near total-darkness videos I get during low light, I find it very handy. I wasgoing to go for Funtwist since it had a more sturdy-looking casing, but I just had to have the 7000's remote control feature.Also, the user-friendly interface of the 7000 is exactly the same as the Genius dv610's, the dv cam I was supposed to buy (but it ran out of stock).

Well, the 7000 is good enough for me. My next buy would probably be a Samsung mini-dv, but that will have to come much later asthe price is 5x as much
Welcome to the forum, Corporal Killjoy,

On the Genius website, it makes no mention of a remote control or image stabilization for their DV610, and the pictures are of the DDV-660, not the 7000. So I suspect you got lucky with the Genius being out of stock, and got a better camera. The 660 lacks image stabilization and the remote.

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Thanks for the info,but i'm still wondering on picture quality,better video on dark areas,music playback and recording.Here,the wondercam is cheaper than the digilife,basing on the specs,Its a close tie,I just would want to know from actual users/owners of the wondercam if its worth it.thank you.
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