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Ok, I was considering getting a PVR but being this is much cheaper and I get a camera out of it also I think I might get an M1 or V1 which ever is better, or is it just change in color?

Anyway, Im concerned about when recording from another source, like you were saying a spycam connected to it as I too have an interest in attaching a cam to my helmet and getting so radical videos as I skate down hill 50 mph..

Now on their website they claim the following:

[align=center]Movie Resolution[/align]
640*480 (1.8Mbps), 640*480 (1Mbps), 320*240 (500Kbps)

but does this also apply to video when recording from AV in, or another source? If it does than Im sold as anything over 1.5 M bps is DVD quality..!

Also, heads up to this lil cam as it is dirt cheap comes with audio and is far superior lens (Sony Super HAD CCD)


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The 7 11 wrote:
[...]If it does than Im sold as anything over 1.5 M bps is DVD quality..![...]
MPEG-4 video at 1.5Mbps encoded from a high quality video source by good software on a PCcan produce DVD quality, but generally you won't get DVD quality level from a hybrid camera, for many reasons (lens, sensor, image processor, real-time encoding). MPEG-4 encoding is processor intensive, and to get the best quality results a video streamneeds to beanalysed, motion estimation applied, etc..A real-time image processor, like the ones in hybrid cameras, might not have thetime to properly analysethe live videoand can cut corners, like not apply any motion estimation, and deliverlower qualityresults than you would otherwise expect.As I keep saying, specs on paperis one thing, actual performanceis another. Check out sample videos from userswith these cameras to know what to expect.
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Welcome to the forum, The 7 11,

In addition to Caelum's advice....

Basically, I don't know what the hybrids with video-in do to input from the av-in port. I have recorded on my V1 from both a cheap spycam and a tv. The spycam input appeared to be limited by the spycam's limited performance. The tv input looked spectacular - far far better than what the camera's own lens and sensor gives me.

The spycam you provided a link to costs $150-$200 at the store where I bought my $40 spycam. I wish I had this link before I bought mine, because I would have much preferred the Sony CCD sensor, without spending more than my hybrid cost me. I suspect the ccd spycam has a better lens and sensor than the V1/M1 come with. But I've been unable to find megapixel specs for the spycams. I think you'd be quite happy with the results.

The microphone on my spycam is super sensitive, so you'll need to fasten some foam over it for dynamic outdoors uses such as you intend. The 92degree lens is wide angle, which should be perfect for your intended use.

Power supply may be an issue. My spycam came with cabling to attach a 9V battery. The ad for this ccd spycam isn't clear on how you power it for portable use.

You should check out the topic where we've discussed the spycams. There's also a link to a cheap helmet cam made for skateboarding. If you don't mind spending more money, the best choice would be the Samsung Miniket Sport, which has a remote lens head, and higher performance than the Digilife cameras.

Of the V1/M1 choice, I'd get the M1. I've come to regard its OmniVision chipset as being better than the V1's Zoran chipset. I also understand the M1 is smaller, so it should feel more solid than the overly flimsy feeling of the V1. And the M1 has a 5Mp sensor, compared to 3Mp on the V1.

Keep us posted on what you end up getting!
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