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Hello! I've spent many hours on this forum and across the internet, and only get more frustrated with this whole buying process. Fishy has been IMMENSELY helpful with this, but I need to know,

Are there any hybrids that can record loud audio (like a concert or loud party) without distorting or clipping the audio?

How about the best in low-light conditions?

And, how about the DXGs? I read a lot about the Mustek 4500 and Aiptek MVPR, but they both had bad reviews on the audio recording quality while in video mode. I don't know if anyone knows anything different with the DXGs.

So, again, to recap:
  1. Audio that WON'T clip or be distorted[/*]
  2. Halfway decent in low-light (higher ISO, I guess)[/*]
  3. Can be put on a tripod
I've narrowed it down to that. I don't even care if people are biased here- I want this camera so bad right now--I'll take any advice I can!

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THIS TOPIC QWAS AT PAGE 4 if you also go to the upload center and look at this vid or here is the link

http://www.youtube.com/?v=s8wLy6q58tA*coney island fireworks 17min mustek dv45400

1. http://www.youtube.com/?v=sBdphIjRQQQ* 14 min67 meg aiptek 5300
fireworks cannot be any louder or distorted. I made my dvd am happy over with the mustek period,

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To tell you the honest truth, the Aiptek sounds MUCH MUCH better than the Mustek!

The Mustek clearly clips the audio to make huge fireworks sound like little blips. Unacceptable. The Aiptek's audio is actually very soft- don't know if that's just a setting or what.

I gotta do more research...
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