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I'm looking for a digital recorder for an external source.
CurrentlyI use a RCA Lyra media recorder attached to a bullet camera. But it only records at [email protected] 30fps.

So the camera definately needs AV in. I want high res video so 640x480 @ 30fps is a minimum. And I'd like as much space as possible (2gig prefered).

So far it's sort of narrowed down too.

Aiptek MVPR
Digilife DDV-V1
Digilife DDV-1000

But I'm finding it awkard finding accurate information, because of the amount of clones, reproduced specs, and engrish translations. Not mentioning more that 1 name for the same camera from the same manufacturer.:?

The MVPR is the only one with 2gig support. And the DDV-1000 is a model up from the V1, correct?

Specifications don't always translate into better video quality. But so far the DDV-1000 seems to be spec'd as the best quality recorder.

Other features like MP3 player, camera etc.. aren't that important to my needs, so won't make much of a difference to my choice. And my budget is what ever really didn't want to spend more than £200 ($250-300).
And if they are avaible from a UK shop would be a great advantage for 'when' I break it.

Any advice, othermodel suggestionsor help would be greatly appreciated.
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you are in the exact same boat as i am. I seen the dog video

ddv-1000 (no swaying-of-video but shows blurring) when the dog moves around but settings could of been adjusted a tad better (not sure) but good enough for the cloudy day.

aiptek mpvr-(has very little video sway as far as i can tell but no blurring.) notice, when approaching the flower pot, the user of the aiptek managed to switch the units lense for close range and when he pulls out, he twisted the lense for a long range view. (clicking sound)Shows he knew how to demonstrate the video.

to me, both cameras are excellent. Picture quality is another thing. I seen alot of posts, some great, and some not so great. So far, this is the only ddv-1000 i seen and also both cameras really depends on the user. user and camera makes a picture(until the day comes when a camera can think for you).

i am leaning towards the aiptek since i have a store next to me which sells them and i can return it no problems and 100 dollars cheaper than online even compared to the ddv-1000. but the ddv-1000 does show quality. not sure yet as to my decission. hope the links i provided helps you.

also, you may consider using a 1gb or a 2gb sd or compact flash, i am not sure which media the aiptek uses or the ddv-1000. also, spare batteries and a charger. I am planning of using my aiptek or ddv-1000 for voice lecture and also, occasional picture shots and video when i am on the move. I am more of a tech junkie than anything especially when it comes to my zaurus c1000. Not sure how many pounds (uk) will come added as a total but for me (dollars) i do have the luxery since i have spare 1gb sd and cf cards laying around and as well as a 8gb cf card, and some cig chargers. I currently own a mustek dv4500 and its perfect for voice recording but it shows its age compared to the new technologies.
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Cresho. I believe you should ask me Mod Fishy can you do a test on voice record and see ho long it will record on a fully charged battery?

and that I am going to do right now. I will let the camera sit andsee how long it can play\

clock is at 9:52 for my timing

The tft screen can be closed and stays off while the interior on is lit blue, and the record circle stays solid green should it be red if in record mode YEP! but record is shown and 628 plus minutes hours i do not know i think that is something I have to look into

the Mpvr may be over 600 hours of record at low, lol

I'll check in on the camera at 4pm. Lol
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