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jordanwilson Jan 13, 2006 2:55 PM

I read through a couple of the other topics, but I couldn't find the answer to my question.

First, my computer (or any other computer for that matter) won't recognize my camera when i plug it into the usb. I've tried every possible way (plugging the camera in first, then powering on; powering on then plugging in, etc.)
About one in every 10 times, it will say "unrecognizeable device" I figure it's a driver problem. I've installed, uninstalled, and re-installed the driver from the cd 20-something times in an effort to get this to work -- to no avail. I even tried downloading the driver from the aiptek website hoping that will work.
I know it's not a problem with my usb or computer, because my aiptek 4500 is still recognized when i plug it in.

Second, I cannot get a picture when i plug my aiptek into a tv/vcr using the cords. I've also tried every possible way (obviously including the way the manuel suggests), but i have been unable to get the picture or record anything. I'm sure it doesn't help I can't figure the whole AV thing out on any tvs. is that the problem, with the tv? or has someoen else had a similar problem.

Thanks in advance for any help.

fishycomics Jan 13, 2006 3:21 PM

1st let me make you feel welcomed. Welcome aboard and today is Frida the 13th. (lol)

serious suggestions, and I wil ltry my best to help out and hope you understand what I am saying.....................lets look at the 1st problem

1 driver ecognition, I am not a pc wiz. but have had that problem with my mustek,

A. we need to know whato.s. you are runnng according to Aiptek windows 95 would not work, and the pkg states win 2000 and higher win 9a may fail, and se (second edition as well. I understand that was no help at all.

B. usb min must be plugged into the camera, and a battery must be in as well, then can be removed later, this may be one problem.

C. load sftwr, plug camera on recognises W/o sd, and sd inserted. you may have and already tried other ways

D. look at my computer/control panal/ add hardware. find the driver for that usb port, se if you are not loaded out filled up.

final test you may want to do. is go to a friends pc,(they'll love you or hate you) and test on anotehr one. and test the camera mini usb cable with the tv input will explain how to do that;

E turn camera on hit record film something. snap a still. Now go to the tv . plug the usb mini port into the camera, the rca yellow white to the right aud Into an IN of the tv video if you use vid 1 turn tv to vid 1 turn camera on and hit the center button on the screen if you see the two frames on yourtv the Mini Usb port cable is working If not that means the cable is defective , and the camera MAY be defective. if no pic reverse the yellow to aud and white to vid, b/c they do make mistakes on cables(lol) say you cannot get a picture on the tv. I may have repeated this in 1E

A. you need to make a test vid and still, then go to your tv and find the correct INPUT jacks to the display of the Tv I understand you should know how to do that Just like a vcr correct???????

Yellow is vid white is Mono audio, sometimes Aiptek makes defective cables and you must try yellow as audio, andwhite as video Plug the usb cable into the camera behind the cover thesecond one that looks like a usb port. the other end to the vcd/tv/etc turn on camera and you should hear the sound start up andsee the camera on the tube?

you do not se it the cable is defective but lets see if its the camera. will mention in 3.

3. you also mentioned you do not know how to get a television source into the camera (av in)

A get the stereo din plug , looks like the ear bud plug. Plug it into the Lowest one to the bottom of the camera behind the cover(back) the one that stick out , the higher is the earphone socket.

find a rca OUTPU from your VCR yellow to VId out and white to Aud out. turn on vcr vcr must be on. turn tv on to a channal and turn on camera the camera will make the start up sound then go directly to that channal displayed from the tv/vcr to camera

need a demo read the aiptek review i written there should be a demo vid there, go down to the middle and you'll see it

I hope they answered some of your delema.

1. you can see th camera working? see the vid or still played back on the camera? but not on the tv pc ? then I can say 1. the cable is defective, and the usb port is disconnected in the camera and you need to call Aiptek get some technical help, or return where purchased for a new one. last resort is return for exchange try again. we sometimes get bad one and it hurtz sorry for your weekend troubles.

jordanwilson Jan 13, 2006 3:51 PM

ok thanks for the help.

I am running windows xp pro on my toshiba laptop. i have a battery in and the sd card in also, but nothing comes up. i tried the add hardware thing in the control panel (w/ the disk in the drive, of course) and it didn't work.
as far as the tv aspect, i think it might just be my current setup w/ the dvd player, tv, and vcr. maybe i'll be able to figure that one out on a different setup. right now, the tv just has a cable out and it goes to the vcr and the vcr goes to the dvd player. the dvd player is connected to the tv.
but i'm still stumped about the usb aspect especially. i don't understand why it won't rec the camera with the driver installed properly and everything in working order? hm.....

fishycomics Jan 13, 2006 4:06 PM

???but i'm still stumped about the usb aspect especially. i don't understand why it won't rec the camera with the driver installed properly and everything in working order? hm.....

you mention the above refrence as why the camera will not work on your pc???? Yes.

does the camera work at all? does it record and you see it playback? yes no

do you understand about taking the vid out to the camera av in? yes no?

If you do not test the camera with playback to the tv input vid/aud you will not know if the camera is working? the usb/rca cables are one and that will tell you if the cable is defective, and /or the camera

xp will recognise without software

jordanwilson Jan 13, 2006 5:21 PM

Yes the camera words and records and plays back.
Yes I understand the vid out to camera av in, I just haven't found a TV setup that is easy enough for me to try it out on. (or current enough)

For some reason, XP won't recognize the driver installed?

fishycomics Jan 13, 2006 5:32 PM

alright I understand now a tv set up to record into the camera may be so esy. and if you need to split the cables due to your configuration get some Y adaptors they'll work fine.

as for xp pro you got me stumpped.

it plays into the tv then the camer works may have to reboot the pc and when in start up turn camera on,

1 possable the usb port is used by the 4500 and it is not allowing access to the mpvr? and cofliting

2. if you have the 4500 and you can re install without troubles try removing it and give that a shot, plese do not do somethingthat will cause you to lose anything,

3. Do you know how to re install drivers, in my computer add hardware. i forget and if you can find that section maybe it'll fix it

4. maybe you need to restore to an earlier date if you have issues? again

Only suggestions and they will or will not work?

Excel22 Jan 17, 2006 10:06 PM

Well don't worry jordan your not alone . I too am having the same exact problem with my mpvr. I get the same error message. I think it has to do with our computers. I took my camera to a friends house the other day and plugged it in without even loading any drivers and his computer found it right away. I don't have any issues with the tv like you do so I can't help you there. Did you come up with a fix yet?

Cresho Jan 17, 2006 10:13 PM

you should try and jump into safe mode.

In safe mode, it will list all drivers and look for anything under usb that sounds familiar to the aiptek(webcam, mass storage device usb, etc. Sorry i don't own one but this is how i repair the bad drivers off many pc's. after you find something that doesnt seem right, uninstall and reboot. I suggest making a backup of your operating system incase you accidently delete something else.

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