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I've been playing with my DDV-1000 and recently decided to use my Xilisoft MP$ converter to convert some Family Guy clips of mine to MP4. Unfortunately nothing that I am doing seems to be right. The video just freezes on the DDV-1000's screen. Help me anyone, Help me!:-?
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this is arcsoftware if you have a converter to do this then you should try t olearn the software and try variousways like finding the bit rates

bit rates as I am learning are info 0 and 1 the more inof the higher the vid bit rate. so possable lowering will help fps if your hybrid can only record 15 fps the 40 fps wil not wok

1 find out what your hybrid plays a and the sound etc then try t oimitate that info

trial and error

please be paitient while others get the answer for you. its the weekend and most members pop on during the working hours Lol

moderators never sleep or do they?
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hi m8 i have the ddv-7000 it only seems to put on wat it re-cords having trouble my self its a nightmare if u sus it out before me plzzzz let me know .......sory i was no help 2 you
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I ordered a DDV-1000. Nobody had an aiptek in my area. My DDV-1000 should arrive tomorrow and ill post something up within a few days after- no later than a week for creating video files playable on the ddv-1000 using free software. I can't make anything at the moment for you guys since i dont have the device with me until Monday ups arrival. payed almost 250 for it.

Im very expirienced in producing videos playable on multimedia devices as well and i just managed to get full length movies off videos vhs or dvd playable on the video ipod for a relative of mine. Not hard at all.

some expirience-
I also make software package installer for sharprom linux based devices such as the c1000, c3100, and the c3000, sl-5500, sl-5000, sl-6000
I also run a website for video file conversions for zaurus and now adding the ddv-1000 just for your information.

I also run a theme site for my pda and users like myself

and i also belong to this forum-this is where i usually post for people who share my device as well.

I usually play videos on my zaurus, can carry up to 30 videos on a 6gb microdrive drive and a few audios if i dont fill it up that much.

so why i chose ddv-1000? Because it is so versitile and i can record vhs to the device on the fly(im going to use this feature when i am away from home like lets say-a relative in another state) and records in stereo and also has a good [email protected] performance.

and a pic of my pc, zaurus, and beloved mustek dv4500 and soon to be a ddv-1000(picture taken with fujifilm finepix 3800)

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I've gotten as far as producing "movies" out of both .avi and .asf mpeg4 video clips from various hybrids. These movies include titles, fades, stills, and background music. They work fine when played back on the pc, and I suspect they'd be fine on dvd.

I can load them into my hybrid cameras and play them back. However, I get a few corrupted pixel boxes twinkling around randomly on the screen. I've spent many hours trying to resolve this, and nothing has cured them.

So that's my dead end at this point. I can't share these movies by playing them back n a tv or copying to vcr tape. Copied onto cd-rom and played on other pc's works fine. I suspect the movie making software just can't get something right that the hybrids expect of their video format.
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i posted instructions here

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