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Ispan ddv-920 reviewclick me Now open

review completed

Ispan DDV 920 11 megapixal

Ispan released this camera in or aroundAug 2005

ddv750 3 mega pixal 2aa system a start of the cameras beginning

other companies are digilife ddv m1, v1 1000 you'll find the the earliest to the latest model by researching.


We'll talk about description, homepage information , over view body style, steps in video, stills, voice, mp3 dvd/vcr playback, and many other features.

Price to date

retails (not in the Northern region) 125-200.00 usc. shipping can range from 1030.00 usc or higher.Auction, and over seas Purchase now. soon to be found in online stores.

Description: can be found Ispan ddv-920 reviewclick meat my home page or at http://www.ispan.com.tw/products.asp

This Hybrid has so many features that you'll never imagine a camera can do. If you are serious photo shoot person. and cannot afford a Home movie camcorder . stop here and check out what a PC CAMCORDER is capable of. rememer to keep in mind this is not a sales promotion Just an average joe review. you may be convinced that i sold you this hybrid and will thank me for this. but there will also be others as well, that may take this the wrong way and be dissappointed in the purchase as well. all hybrids do not take night video, or Low light situationsperfect, that said lets get into Our review
As i am writing my review All are welcome to Comment 75% completed.

Day one. My winnig bid won the Auction, recieved my camera pkg

well packed. and very happy

Chapter one. manual and battery.

First things first read the 14 page owners manual, review Online manual as well a good 45 plus pages.. and start your Battery charge when the Info tells you the correct way of doing it.

1A .Above red ledwill flash on/off see vid for demo, when solid red battery is complete See 5 sec vid of battery charging http://youtube.com/watch?v=WtbiHabZgMI

battery charge time: 2 hours on the clock fast charge, very fast solid red light confirms a charge. camera usb port plug in back red light will be lit, back green for pc camera.

1B Understanding the controls of the camera. Hit the center button of the nav (enter button) directs you to the settings of movie, vid , voice ,mp3 and setings. depending on your choice in movies you must enter each feature one at a time and repeat for other options as needed, repeat when you shut off and turn back on camera or redirect back to orginal settings.

1C Understanding the tft screen Icons. (1) camera and pic are just an example of many items noted for (3) the 98 and 14:26:08 are the remaining pics and recording left in the camera, counts down to the last remaning shot or video. (2) star system 1 for low 2 for standard 3 for high (4) sd external card, no internal shown when a sd card is not present (5) your machr, portrait landscape setting if present (6) WB white balance used (7) battery life has increment settings (8) flash on/of /auto (9) self timer 10 sec (10) digital zoom in measurements (11) date shown These are the Icons shown of the camera

1D camera setting quality and format the camera uses jpeg for stil,avi for video and codecs ofxvid is needed for pc viewing win media 9

1E using the voice recording. when you use the voice recording remember, to get out of it you must hit the rec/playback button located under the zoom

1F machro. The camera has two machro modes to allow you to take close up shots. In machro 20cm is20.00000 Centimeters = 7.87402 Inches while portrait is at 70-140 cm70.00000 Centimeters = 27.55906 Inches 140.00000 Centimeters = 55.11811 Inches do not forget to set back to landscape after you decide what is best needed for your shots

1G here is a list of all the options listed for recording modes of Movie stils etc

1H Operating therecording modes. when you want to take a shot on the fly all you need to do is hit picture or camcorder button, if you need to set up the shot then follow instructions below.

1I default settings. As you take note the camera is set up nicely video is mportant to be set at high, and stills at regular always means it is always on one time means you can change the settings only once and goes directly to default

1J movie, still mode sub settings in the above section 1H this was talked about. In order to set a shot for aparticuler feature center click the nav button choose movie , still, etc scroll to res, Wb, etc and enter click on feature and enter you are set for you Onetime shot. see samples below

caption screen willl be smaller when used.

1K Picture mode has the same features so lets skip and go to the Two in one mode In order to make a two in one set up camera in the designated screen snap your pic, and you'll see the person on the left and then highlighted, snap the pic on righ, and finished, only in still mode no video mode yet.

1L photo frame Pic mode only. there are 10 frames including the no frame. here you'll chose the function and snap your shot, once made there is no going back on the photo, you may edit on a default pic in a software program.

1M flash. 8 feet distancefor the maximum effect.to use the flash use the up/down left/right buton go to the right use one of the three settings. ( no red eye reduction) theflash will not work when battery becomes low. see pic below

1N Night mode. Night Mode is only for still footage Only no movie night mode To avoida blury image please use a tripod will blur due to shutter speed and low light function.see pic below

1O self timer Use the up/down/left/right button click left and enter you have 10 sec's only no 5 sec or 30 sec. the red led of the battery charger lite in the flash will blink, and the flash willbe faster just beforea snap, will be heard.

1P Multi snap recording (in picture mode only) 5 bursts can be snaped with a time limit of a second or two.

1Q Back light Option ( picture mode only) when the sun or bright light is behind your subject you can snap a picture with this feature ( not a tft screen adjustment)

1R Date printing. a date stamp and time may be placed in the photo. may or may not function in video (movie) mode Pic mode mostly

1S voice mode to use this feature press up on the nav button or center buton only and go right , voice pen wil be displayed. Voice recording only no voice on picture feature

1T EP settings. you may brighten the picture or darken the picture by adjusting the setting. may be seen right away on the screen as you adjust 7 settings ) is neutral, -1to be used to darken+1 to brighten l this feature can be used on BOTH VIDEO and STILLS

1U Effects settings You have 4 settings Normal,Blk/wht classic, and negitive Once you apply this effect on the picture or video, it cannot be undone, best to allow a 3rd party software to do this, unless you tend to keep the footage and use it.

1V settings menu. to enable or disable each function you 'll have to repeat each step. Hit enter of the nav buton (center) scroll to sound , choose on/off , enter , and repeat. Sound turn sound on or off, startup screen allows you to personaly set up the camera of any, ANY picture , no video. time set cn go up to 2036 , format sd card., tv systen 50 htz overseas 60 htz north america language 11 settings. If you chose a different language, you may want to take note of how to get back there to set back to default. follow screens instructions for other features.

1W Playback modes press below zoom for playback and scroll down and enter for movie, still, voice, mp3 see pics below. hitting the record or still button gets you to viw the pic or vid. hitting the centere nav will get you to the deletion option keys. once in the movie or still on the screen you then can fast foward or rewind by using the left or right nav buttons Note. on playback camera rememberswhere you lfet off in movie still, mp4 not the number or picture just mode.

1X Playback monitor or Icons (1.) your mode in movie, still, voice mp3 etc.( some modes may not be available) (2) resolution in stars (3) lock icon also shown in same area repeat icon, slide show icon, mp3 repeat icon.(4) movie, stil etc number of shots. (5) magnificatin icon, allows you to zoom in on the shot in order to enable magnification after choosing picture ( NO MAGNIFICATION IN MOVIE MODE) scroll left or right, then use the zoom in and then left or right as well as up or down on the nav button.

1Y options on playback deletetrash can one or all, next icon is thumbnail 1one pic or Nine showing, Lock key ( shown in 1X) repeat one, rept all ( two seperate functions movie, still mp3 , etc.. and exit (door)

1Z Picture palyback mode ( 1Y displayed movies) Pic has an slide show icon no repeated one or all feature. see above 1Y for same results.

1A1 Voice playback after following the above 1W instructions left right changes the files, camcorder record plays voice up down decides to repeat or delete voice. you'll see a trash screen of one or all for deletion

1A2 Playing a mp3. Choose the playback below the zoom and scroll down to music hit camcorder to play , scrol to menu will dispay tracks., allow repeat one, repeat all raise lower volume mp3 will play sound in Stereo. a tv or earphone will display when you plug ina headset. Wil lask you stereo or mono your choice.

1A3 viewing movies on the pc, is really self explainitory plug camera in, file opens click on file sub file and click on pic or clip,mp3 or wav if codecs are not loaded or updated, you need to do so.

1A4 Recording av input sources In 1A2 tv headphone pic will display when stero jack is plugged in, choose stereo on top or mono below, (pics below) camera will go into a live movie hit record (camcorder) when ready all movieswill be in mpeg4 divx codes. you have again thechoice of the three star system to record your movie

Now that we have thoroughly gone through all the cameras detils in full , lets get right into the software.

2A Converter software follow the guide lines in thesoftware and help sections basic click ad drag issues to get things working.

some more pics on the software how to use it. find the file add it, save the type of file, and convert real easy to do.

task report window pops out , and you're ready to add the file, but before you do so , you must rename to the proper sequence CLIP0001 if any CLIP0001 is in there it will be over writen a reminder rename to CLIP0200 so when your going to record no files il be touched.

Now connec camera back up and drag into proper file locations. finished yourconversions, any, ANY type of file if it is a monitor ofa pc, to the latest movie on a dvd, or even from another hybrid camera.

2B Burning a dvd from Ulead 8.9

Insert bundle software follow instructions. getting a movie onto a dvd with Ulead 8.0 select share options create a disk, create disk anda pop up opens, follw the advice given clicking the appropriate boxs, add , edit etc, click output. nd the dvd starts to burn.

2C transferring data. is as simple as hooking up the camera. a main folder is opened on the subfolder will be dcim mp3 dcim has two sub folders movie, pics open your folders up andclick and drag .

2D Pc camera when thepc camera is in working order a green lightwill appear.

2E Photo exspress is a software that orginizes everything here is a sample shot.

there are some extra benifets using photo exspress and ulead 8.0 caption photo caption and more Please read thedetails in the help of the software Playing around wilhelp you learn a newsoftware or two.

Here are the specs the camera films in avi, snaps jpeg, voice wav, mp3 music xvid codecs

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++
As we have gone in great detail of the camera lets now get some shots and vids up
I headed out on the weekend to my favorite spot in my local Area, by the bay by car, and by bike. I have taken some video samples as well as Pictures if I have set them to various conditions.lets look at a few vids. It wil be difficult to display a vid up , and the only way to view here is to click the link or visit my site which is located on top. they may be streamed (compressed)to fit the sites needs.

1. Video I am out on a peir, and panning to one side all will be the same shot light condition is sunny to overcasted with clouds and rain forecasted, windy. Two still Pictures also taken on the same day Click to enlarge standard to high res. Understanding no matter how i show my vid and still there will always be some Minipulations.

Low Res 15 secs http://media.putfile.com/isp-1

med res 15 secs http://media.putfile.com/-med-res

High res 5 secs http://media.putfile.com/hig-hres-ispan

Sharpness two clicks up http://media.putfile.com/sharpness-2-clicks

Zooming http://media.putfile.com/zoom43

while in Zooming Mode the video showed on display rays or bursts of light, when at home I loaded up the video. my sd card allowed me to pull the pics of but stopped me from downloading all my video due to this file, you will take note the file works fine but shos the camera cannot handle sun reflection at all see vidhow was I able to grab the defective vid, Aiptek MPVR av input that's how.

bad video http://media.putfile.com/light-reflection-ispan

While still learning My Ispan ddv 920 My setting vid 2 star, in the lens was on portrait 8within a short distance to film.I am having difficulties in knowing why I get these bad shots here is a sunny day the Sun behind me at 9 am working on my car I thought I better take some video. see sample below. you'll take not of the spray can its is like a star trek movie " beam me up scotty' ( prism effect)I could have fooled around with thesettings but if the camera turns on al should be automatic. I believe the camera is more ofa manual setting camera a real down side in video of Pure sunlight not just one shot but two, three videos wil have to keep testing when thesun pops out again it changed real quick to overcast showers.

Bsides the video having a prism effect, aswel las recording vid the camera snaps andshuts off , may have been an accidentto hitting the on/off but no no sound of going off it was not a battery its ful , it was not the on/off, it was not pressed, it might be a sd card or camera flaw, A data is being used. 512 sd.............................


Today a clear ski and wind still in the air. Picture samples

regular shot standard or high these shots are awesome and if indeed you just need a close up of the object and not care about its pixals it'll do. Software editing can clean it up its raw footage we're after for now.

1 regular shot all auto

2 standard shot with 4.0 zoom

3. standard shot with 8.0 max zom

Software enhancement . this is edited from a software program I have not spent much time working on it but can be made better.

Bad shots in stills

I am again outside taking some stils alon with my vid, and I have my setting 3 star. on Portrait ( i may be just a tab too close by looking at the pic maybe machro instead of portrait?). a bright sunny day 9 am sun behind me I get blur not a good shot at all. I am within the correct distance, and held still till the slide moved in the shot. see sample below its a hard choice when you really gotto go through manual settings maybe the camera is not an Auto turn on and shoot ,more of a manual camera.......

As we shown some samples of how the DDV 920 can handle with daylight video, and daylight Pictures, what I learned about taking these shots I have some suggestions and complaints.

As i am heading into an overcast to rain day in a heartbeat no luck at all for filming or snapping but hey, do not have to wait 24 hours or days for different scenerios

53"x40" at 3 stars thats a heck of a pic. here is theshot without further due you may notice I cannot get a 2 meg pic up that big for you to view

so one must ask does anyone have a flesh tone shot here it is. as i can magnify in I can really get into detail. the colors are there and all the settings are left alone. I guess too much sun must use the backlight but only in still shots. take note its spring ime wheres the leaves. soon Lol. hope this passes theportrait and flesh tone test. I did not set the camera onto portrait landscape shot only.

keep a steady hand always hold the camera close to the body and position yourself against n solid object. when you need a pefect shot, never rush the shot if in video or still. when video again same scenerio, and never pan to fast. a slow pan will be eye catchig when playing back your shots. have an external memory card that is at a decent speed, and large capacity. always carry a spare card as well as a spare battery. you may never know when something needs to be filmed.

camera takes an excellent shot in stills just the right amout of zoom and no more will lead to the best 5 megapixal and higher shots. I love the added feature of the slide after the still is taken, the hour glass could have been a camera instead, Do not move until the slide finishs. the tft screen is of one setting constant ON, no lcd turning off feature very, very dissappointing, as the screen does not consume alot of battery drain due to poor viewing in direct lighting. low light is grreat but a higher contrast could have been offered.

As I have taken video shots I have not tested out the vid/aud synch in the camera a very important topic on the Aiptek, as I must find subject for that. As I have turned the camera to myself I shot a 30 second clip saying some lines, I see it is keeping to my speed. I play back in the amera al looks good, I go ahead andplay it on the pc , Perfection no issues of vid/aud synch here . Also I listen to a smooth crisp sound from the camera its is really awesome, in the above video, 3 high res shot, that boat horn also sounded loud it was on my citizens right side. Now what i really need to test out is if this camera can record in stereo it show the input to record stereo, it shows some other features in stereo, but that may be pushing it, so I shall imagine its in stereo till proven.

As i get near to my end of the review. we'll look at a side by side comparision to the Aiptek MPVr. I own not just the mpvr but a few more I can say the Ispan and Aiptekare pmp hybrids and we'll keep it in thesame ball park, a Non pmp camera may not be a challenge or can it.

Aiptek (mpvr), Ispan (ddv 920)(920) we'll use these abbr:

Picture One This is the mpvr and 920 with a remote both have remote controls but its the Ispan remote, not compatable to the mpvr . when viewing the camera side by side, the mpvr is smaller,sleek silver look.has the Embedded label correctly stamped when the screen open ( no removable sticker when Purchased) rounded edges strap on side and machro switch as well with a Joystick in the rear

920 has remote shown duel color a black smoke not flat nor glossy strap underneath, a 45 rounded edge look a removable sticker machro lens is in the lens housing rahter then switch. it is larger then the mpvr and is wider and taller by some.

Picture Two. Battery case ,tripod

mpvr thetripod is located on the front lower section as a battery door is needed to be removed easy access for changing battery and sd card, the sd /mmc card can be left inside camere while in the out position and possablr taping of one on the inner cover as a spare ( lose the cover, lose the spare) easy access to pin ofcamera battery are for a better connection the cover can be left offwhile the battery is in and the camera stil can function the sd card can bechanged out while camera is in the on position

920 as the tripod is located towards the rearrather the front no positive output if front or rear is better. the batteryompartment isa slide in canot see battery connections and less chances iffalling out, thesd card can be removed entirely to close the cover but cannot leave card in the out position andclose the cover. while the door is open the camera will not function there is a safety metal strip inside the cover lid the sd card cannot bechanged out while the camera is in the on position. the cover has a nice bump to slide open and close

Picture three

mpvr has a neat joystick combine to zoom and navigate . very easy to operate but may break if miss treated.buttons are largecamcorder record onleft marked red dot, still rec on right silver emblem center button lights red/gree andas flash flickers to ready. a lil grip of bumps to direct fingers to correct button, menu / set button side by side with your covered ports by a door. 5 buttons to press and no guessing where they are. when memorized.

920. a nice set up well designed still omn the roght in a circle with a camera emblem, camcorder on theright with its emblem no dofference at all and small and equil in positions the zoom is nice easy to use and playback right under thumb placemnt is just right the ports do not have protection at all the red/ green hasseperate lighting and the nav is a simple lay out no joystick to worry bout perfect.
pic on side shows both lit up with its function and the port plugged in on both they different sized usb connections the mpvr sub mini and 920 mini.

Pic four Flash and or led timer/ charger/sensors/mirror.

mpvr has an extra large flash , very powerful at thathas a big remote sensor for wider angles. but does not mean it can work best if wider. by the strap themeatal mirror fish may or may not help in self portraits but thetft screen does. just gives an eligant look to the camera, lens is just aboutt he same size with more metal nice slim body

920 red self/battery indicator shown smaller flash mid size powerful and has a different type of prism magnification of the plastic.taking flash with big hands very ,very hard to cover the flash on this model a perfectdesign thefew extra mm helped out in the hand grip. remote sensor hidden well in the smoked centercover still noticable but a protective sticker is still on and mpeg4 is embedded on it fits the design of the camera. the lens is bigger has more plastic as a cover and small plastic clear lens on it a deeper looking sensor. wel fittedto thecamera.

Pic five Mic/top view

mpvr has a round mic andsquared to the top of the camera while thinking any sound on the side will not be picked up just a lil slimmer by the looks.

920 mic is on top androunded jut to the sides very well placed and by the looks of it , the only way to tell if it is a seperate mic is to do some tests. stereo like look. duel toned in color

bottom pics screen shots

mpvr has 3 control features and a black framing nicely designed extra wide arm forswival.

920 uses the full cover very large screen nicely done no extra buttons

Pic sixflash

mpvr left a biggerflash by far

920 flash is smaller.

Comparing the two cameras It may take some time to get used to my 920, but As time will tell, the mpvr really stands out against the new comer and has some benifets the 920 has or does not have.

mpvr: slimmer case bigger flash less controls, just a little smaller camera, a different type of design. a little extra protection and more metal look to it.

920 wider but taller body controls well placed, moe color, and a better gripping camera looking more professional in its way.

Both cameras has its unique advantages, nad disadvantages. I have tested out the 920, and have ran into some problems, as I knowwhat I am doing wrong I can correct it down the line. Taking one day is notenough to learn a camera , nor its software, it may take weeks. I am sure members wil run into troubl but never admit to it. and as never even noticing they have trouble , and ask for further help in using the camera. The Mpvr has its unique advantage anddisadvantages as well. it taken me two weeks to get the kinks out, and to notice a month or two later troubles. for example the vid/aud synch issues. Contacting Aiptek was not hard at all, but FOr me to Contact Ispan totaly Impossable it can be done If worked hard Both companies seem to be using almost the same inner componants, software and or firmwares. Which one is better its all prefrrence

a ccd lens or a cmos lens or should I say SENSORS these camcorders DO NOT HAVE LENS.

This concludes my review. as no further testing is needed. wewill have new members coming and going. and hope they take the time toread the review and comment on what they think, questions trouble shoots you name it. thank you, What I like or dislike below will be updated as Time is needed. Post away....

what I like about the camera at this time.

The WB (white balance) and EV (exsposure) all can be set to use in vid and still while recording. not many hybrids allow that, I also like thefeature of snapping a stil and seing it slide to the side. the camera iswide enouh o have agood grip andfinger placement while shooting. the camer has a 3 position lens making it a breeze to choose what distant you need at a twist. The strap is out of the way and big enough to fit a large hand. Mic placement in the rear top. as I get used to my new hybrid there will be more , and more likings. camera screen stays shut while pc loading orplug in

What i do not like about the camera at this time

.opening up the screen it is very loose, free in play not tight or snug. the outer rim of the machro modes is also not snug or firm, the markings should be the opposite to see where you're in even though while on the screen it tells you.. The camcorder sound of recording missleading. the turn on time to the pc, camera stays shut but takes a whopping 45 secs to turn up(slow) led stays on while recharging should have had a different area for the lite. not in flash, it shares the self timer. camera taking video shuts off in thestart, shows prism in Pure daylightwith proper filming light on object may have casued prisms. I do not like that the tft screen has no side locking tabs and can damage the screen if playe d , or moved by mistake.

Just some additional shots and vid if good or bad

the Pic is at 4 am in the morning I believe Aiptek failed the shot lol will try to remember to try it with Aiptek, no settings just Auto.

Aiptek Mpvr at 4 a ma nd afternoon very close to the same on the Pc in person.

holding hte camera down I quickly pulled it up and yes it fails to grabcolor. must allow camera to adjust even on video which I cannot proove due to crashing the camera.

Colorful shot and again it has white glare from the sun just felt like cropping

this is the max 11 megapixal resized down to up to 2 meg. wh i cannot show you the full view 55x44 inchs and the free site does not allow 2 plus meg its a sure winner on that shot.

Now for the 4 am night vid you are able to see the surroundings I did not test out on people so that is the Ultimate test.


the clip below will show what happens when light gets involved in a low lit situation do you see the transporter beams on the right side due to the light not normal and cannot live with that.


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1. Wide body make a good hold to snap pic/vid

2.sound on vid is powerfully crisp as well as the vid

3 zoom is great up to 5-6x only

4. battery goes low it beeps faster and faster a good feature
4. cd pdf file has a wel suited owners manual that blows the quick refrence one away.
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1. camera in sunlight fails to take excellentvideo, leaves streaks of like arainbow or Prism effects

Stills may not be best taken with the machro/portrait must be within the limits of the settings distance or you'll blur your shots.
2. no tft screen light adjustment

3. inner case behind screen soften plastic

4Vid record sound is a camera snap can be some better that fits a recording sound

5. zoom button and record button is picked up loud when filmed.

6 the camera will not allow low battery recording.

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saved fo future use

how to check the firmware go to play / record in playback hold the playback button do not let go and hold the zoom in the up position it will take a good minuteto get the firmware solid. you'll see two different types

digilife and d6a- digilife

My firmware will read as follows.

the camera will say

d6a- digilife 60216P


702- 05212l-b03

that's just one

1 when loading software remember to save the serial Numbers for future use.

2. when loading cd read the pdf file of the Owners manual super informative

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the 920 has issues on a Adata sd card for me. as I am walking thedog. I am filmingdog is on leash walking himself, leash in mouth (lol) thte camera is on , I record in camcorder i all of a sudden get a frozen screen,"did I take a pic (still)" no i did not. I shut down the camera and restart, all works fine. I get home and load up, the file that gotcurrupted , will not allow me to open anything pas that

I have 8 files and 3 are shown in thumbnails, then after that all 5 are of win play button. now I must delete the 1st unshown thumbnail, and all is good.

Now i will be working with a San disk card. 512 sd average speed. If I get the same Problems then the camera got flaws.

Update: the sandisk is loaded turning camera on same issues it will just turn off without notice. while recording deffently watching the time and record flash camera shuts off, camera blacks out.

Now what I really d onot like is a fully charged battery and 30 minutes or less I got 12 vids in and only 3 have taken, 3 pix and withing a 15 minute time span 2 minute clip 15 sec clip 30 sec clip 1 minute clip DEAD BATTERY not a good sign. battery was on full charge and charged during use. spare battery is off charge and its holding 18 minutes in a outdated battery is what I believe I have is it Ispan I believe The supplie is olding out on thebattery that's orginal. but cannot judge the book by its cover.
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For those of you who own or have experience with the DDV-920, how has your experience been with large capacity memory cards? The specifications state a max size compatibility with 1GB cards, but I have read here that 4GB cards work.

I have a Transcend 4GB card that worked in a DDV-5120, but when I place this card into my DDV-920, the camera won't turn on. The red light comes on (signifying that the camera is initializing), but then turns off. I have to then remove the card in order for the camera to function properly. Anyone have similar experience?

If I can't get this to work, I'll obviously have to get a smaller card.
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The DDV-920 and DDV-1000 are older models than theDDV-950 and DDV-5120A models, so I would not expect 4GB support (specs for 920/1000 say 1GB maximum).

I have a 2GB card foranotherdevice - will try that in the 920 and let you know. I don't havea 4GB to try. BTW, is the 4GB card SD or SDHC?
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I appologise for Putfile 90 day expiration on pictures i have deleted the oversized photos.........

lost info will not replace as I need to dig deep for them.

512 sd cardswere the size 5 years ago, as the hybrids became more popular larger cards were available at a high price

3 1 gig cards for 45.00 usc will be your best option over a 1) 4 gig card

in the casio thread a tech talks about the sd cards that only toshiba abd panasonic are theworking cards, while casio states nothing in its mauna; aboutthis. causing carderrors, and making the camera defective. i may have readwrong, but

But2 gig should be your best bet

battery life and large cards do not mix and match in the hybrids yet.

1 1/2 hour of record time and a spare with a 2 gig card priceless..
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It's a regular SD card, not SDHC.. specifically the Transcend TS4GSD150.
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