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Hello folks,

I new to this device and I've got to say that it's one heck of a machine.

I've done numerous things with it and don't want to part with it.The thing is, I'm having trouble with the camera. Per the device configuration I tried to record a show that was on cable.

I plugged in the audio and video plugs into the rear of the cable box while the device was on. the other end was plugged into the - AV IN - socket and I was able to see the show on the camera screen.

I used a 1GB SanDisk to record a two hour show (Per Dev. Config). I figured everything would be alright.

After unplugging the device I noticed the it stayed on the record function.

In a panic I turned it off and back on. It flashed to the camera and then to the black screen as if it was still connected to the cable box. I tried everything to holding down buttons and moving the joystick. Did I mess up the bios or something in my camera or something??? I have the program to use on my computer; drivers installed, but it doesn't show.

Is there anything that I can do to fix this?! I don't want to throw away a good piece of hardware. It helps me in my productivity. Please can anybody HELP ME!!!

Anthony Brown
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lets se

first let me welcome you to the Site a big welcome.

Now we'll see ifwe can help this is a complicated or easy task but before we begin we need to troubleshoot.

1 if a camera crashs and fails to show, didyou remove the sd card, then the battery and turn on the camera and see if it works finw with its internal memory? no, I bet?

that may fix the problem.

2. when you vided a show? did you test out a small clip first a 30 sec's worth and stopped the camera and playback?

3. you mentioned on playback to the Pc if you shut the camera off you currupted the file and cannot retrieve an open clip. that willshow a blank, or black clip in playback or pc folder?

What I suggest to have a recorded show is to hook into a vcr and its video output, if you have all the rcas filled Y adaptors can be used.

4. if all else fails and this is your last resort....

the camera does not function anymore you may want to reload its firmware

hope the trouble shoot helps out . let us know where you stand

we need some more info before we can start ...............thanks ModF ISHY

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