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I doubt the new zoom will not have a webcam it mentions it as a webcam?

But if found the proper circuitry you'll hook up a avi conection

this is the way aiptek gets you going makes one camera and modding a higher upgrade of 3 levels and then pasing it on for discontinued...

mustek works just like that made a dv2000 , 3000, 3500

chages style 4000 fails and goes back to 4500 adds the extras and discontinued

then reproduces the 20200 with a new number 56028202 etc and then again history
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No, it doesn't mention a webcam...the opposite. It's listed as a 5 in 1 instead of a 7 in 1 device like previous models in the MPVR series.

I think the reason though is power...it can now charge the battery while connected to a USB port...but only when off.

Maybe it wasn't possible to power the webcam and charge the camera from the USB port with circuitry that works in an MPVR.

The options availabe when the USB port is conencted are Disk and Printer...nothing else.

This, and the lack of recording directly from any AV source seem like serious omissions just to include an optical zoom.

I'll stick with my 8megapixel DV8800, and zoom in on whatever I want after I take the picture, with a LancosZ filter...that's better than giving up the AV-in and webcam functions, in my opinion.

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