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i'm new here and am so happy i found your forum. my son tried to help a friend out:-D and bought his digilife ddv-7000 mini camcorder... well.... nice gesture and compastionate as he may be :angry: thats all he recieved.

camera looks new even has the protective seal cover over name logo. well problem is i've been searching for weeks to find the components to this model and going to the digilife website gives no support only graphics of the oem products they make.

there are some for sale on ebay but we dont want the camera just the components the charger, usb cable, manual, remote and what ever else is suppose to make it work.

i did find the li-ion batter for sale but it was a uk shop.

can anyone please tell me where what and how to get these items? i would appreciate any and all help here. getting headache and eyestrain trying to find these, lol. :angry:

Thank you,
Southern Belle

Talk about moodswings lol


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Hope Sg reads this and answers it for us

1 ebay sells battarries. np-60 or 90? and they sell seperate or with a charger

2 sd card pull out place in a card reader?

bestbuy , circuit city has these baterries and may be clearanced if not you'll pay top dollar ebay 99 cent or even 1 cent 7.00-15.00

usb cable also at these stores just brin the camera and get the sales person to pop open the box if not iwould do it myself.

usb is for ac/dc charge and or webcam.

if you can live w/o a webcam and that port

get a card reader, get a seperate battery and charger.

digi life does not speak english at all, very little

best bet find a ebay seller ask them , keep looking some do sell these seperate sometimes.

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Did you look at the Digilife USA website?

They sell DDV-7000 accessories separately, but not at bargain prices. If you can't find the parts where FishyComics suggested at better prices, then try this website.
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Welcome Southern Belle!

This is a nice camera and it's worth getting the bits and pieces for it. I miss my DDV-720/7000. I wrote this before I saw OldHACer's post, which makes much of this redundant.

You can get the manual off www.ispan.com.tw
\Product Information\Digital Video Camcorder\DDV-720\Downloads. (Just cancel all the messages about installing a language pack.) The DDV-720 is the same camera. Download and print the manual. Also download and install the XviD driver on your computer.

The other software missing are photo organizing and editing programs, and a video editing program.

The battery is the NP-60. Very common, I suggest getting at least two from digibattery on eBay. You can also get a charger so you can charge the battery out of the camera.

The usb cable should be available at a good computer store. I believe the connection size is a bit uncommon. You can also use a card reader. With a battery charger and card reader, you don't need the usb cable.

The a/v cable might take some searching, but a store that supports computer games hardware should have something. You need mini-din 3-connector to white/yellow/red RCA.

The earphones will be a problem, since the amplifier is low power and requires special high resistance earbuds. I've never found any that will work besides the ones that come with the cameras.

You need a Secure Digital memory card for reasonable storage capacity.

And a case.

I don't know of a source for the remote control. The remote for the Aiptek MPVR may work, but it's not the same. Likely you wouldn't use it anyway.

A mini tripod is nice to have too.

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located some info on cables take a look
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