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My sister just bought the Aiptek IS-DV2 from Target for $99, brought it to ME to explain it to her (Yikes!). I muddled through the not-quite-dumb-enough user's manual, got all to work, except I cannot figure out how to download pictures into my PC. Todey, I used the disk that came in the package to upload the drivers, I think... Once I did sucessfully load photos yesterday, before I used the disk upload, I know, bass ackwards, all so new to me. Today, I cannot for the life of me can get it to download photos to the computer. And the viewscreen outside in our desert sunis almost black; I just aimed it at the middle of a very low-contrast object and hoped for the best. Please excuse me for my dumb-a-- remarks and questions. As I get older, I find the technology and those dang "manuals" are getting beyond me... Any help, commiseration and even guffaws would be appreciated...

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There's a media card companion app which is running in the startup group on my computer which detects when the camera is plugged in. That same software apparently allows me to use the cam as a removable drive. I don't need the software for anything else. To keep things simple I don't run the software -- instead I just pull the SD card and stuff it into the card reader on the computer and it's just as effective.

You may not have had the software running when you plugged the camera in.

I think I should take the thing back to see if I can get $20 since the rest of you paid less than I.
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once again alkaline will cause serious damage rea battery instuctions
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