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REgarding video resolution on the i6, try turning the "image stablization" off. This is not real optical image stablilization, it is done with software. The camera uses less than the full CCD for the image, then interpolates it up to full size while selecting a crop that stablilzes the image. This is how Sony used to to it too. Unfortunately, this technique reduces the resolution since the image is interpolated. Anyway, that is probably how the i6 does it and it is worth trying.
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Thanks for the excellent suggestion. I'll try that. Trouble is, I often take clips while in motion, whether walking, boating, driving etc, and the stability I get is worth the loss in image quality. These moving clips are always interspersed with static shots, which would require turning IS on and off all the time. The i6 menu setup means it's not quick and easy turn IS on and off. None of this is staged or posed, so I have virtually no time to play with the camera.

The 920, even with IS turned on, does much better in low lighting than the i6 does. And the i6's video clip files are smaller than the 920's, which suggests to me that the Samsung is compressing more and therefore losing more detail.

Nonetheless, the i6's better lens, optical zoom, superior IS, autofocus and macro modes means that in general I get better clips from it, even if the detail quality isn't quite as good and the dim-light clips are markedly inferior.

I'd consider getting an NV3 for the 720x4800 mode, but that reduces the framerate to 20. Too big a price to pay. I'll stay tuned for something that does 720x480 at 30fps.
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