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Firmware 1501 hw00 upgrade to 1707 hw00 video 6 minutes CLICK ME this is a link to the VIDEO

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cbqf63uUbyM this was my orginal mpvr at the expo they're selling a camcorder and people are talking?

As I have spent my whole day recording and correcting my video. as wel las reviewing the newest Is-DV2, those who check this out Please rate my video, great appriciation needed. thank you.

I did my best to show certain situations apon loading.

1 Sd card states ,sd but is a MMC

2 sd card correct also can fail on first attempt.

3vid/aud video in High res, and low res

4a snap vid of the record in the photo

Upgraded with a video of high res andlow res and a snap video with the phot black screen and still shown.

I have placed text and hope this will clear issues up. thank you Mod Fishy

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Old Jul 29, 2006, 2:37 PM   #2
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I like the informative video there fishcomic!

Can you clarify for me something?

Was the first video of you supposed to be the one with the audio and video out of sync and the second one with the audio and video *in* sync? I couldn't tell the difference, they both appeared in sync to me!
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Old Jul 29, 2006, 2:53 PM   #3
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ha ha ha

Rgvcam my arms are butter. as you may notice i placed how many vids anda review up, got one more vid and my nerve to do one for the WWW and made one lousy mistakeon it not gonna redo. I like it but hey while I got my stubbedface goin whatt he heck..................

1 for all new members it Will be hard to follow this but Please find the time to read up on the Firmware that said. I give a lil history of my MPVR as it may help ot to answer the Question

A. My 1st mpvr had bad issues the inner main case had no stamp very 1st camera got at a low price 80 plus.

B had issues pritty clear may be seen if vids are still up ( 6 months not viewed bye bye) on putfile

C called Aiptek on cell free phone call after hours for me. gave sftwr

D tried it all out and felt I should pack up my camera and do an exchange for the newer one MIA webcam feature ( i have no use for it )(lol) I tested the firmware may or may not fixed the issues atthat time...

E new camera got the 2k6 stamp inside and 1501 firmware no headaches.

Now Why I hesitate to post it is I, When I see myself talk its off synk, when others it may not look COrrect? a member says with the 1501 perfect others troubles

But all are updating.........................

!501 is the orginal camera firmware read the text in the Vid (not yelling)

1707 is the Upgrade its said in the vid aalso in text

I Just made this Vid and !st time corrected it. I can go back and fourth witht he Firmware I luv that.

Rgvcam did that answer your question

Sorry I like to explain a lil more then just say YES?

Look for orread the firmware and RaeRae she was very helpful in pointing out blk numbers

now I need to wait for my email Lol holding my breath for the IS-DV2 lol see what firmware andi ssues I see none.

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Can you please send me the firmware :lol:
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