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I just did some tests this evening of recording directly from cable into the PVR. The short clips that I made all seem to have perfect sync. Of course this doesn't rule out the sync drifting over time.

So does the MPVR sync problem affect recordings made from the video input from movies, cable etc. as well or does it just affect camcorder movies?

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I hooked the Aiptek up to the TV and this is when you can see the true video quality warts and all, even on a portable TV. When I put it on my 27", which isn't a particularly large TV these days, it was a little worse then i expected.

I noticed that even video recorded from cable didn't look that great. If the video is not a clean signal which in the case of analog cable it often isn't then you will notice a lot of artifacts. The same goes for areas with heavy detail such as my gravelly driveway. The camera really has a hard time with areas of heavy detail.You can see my driveway shimmer like mad!

It doesn't seem to take much detailed background and you then notice faces etc start to become blocky. I noticed this on my son as he was playing.

I guess the bottom line is, as long as you are using it for video clips to send friends and family or the web, it's fine but blown up on a TV there doesn't seem to be enough bandwidth to cope with a scene with detail.

I also noticed that in sunny areas like here in Texas, the video tends to be over exposed as are the photos. This tends to be typical of CMOS devices I have noticed. Of course the more expensive CCD cameras are certainly not immune to it.
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ccd or cmos

it will be the same on the hybrid?

Now Aiptek models all do the same on large sets tey get Pixaled. tested it against my al time fav's

and i can surely say I love my musteks for a better picure on a 42 incher they did it well.

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One of the fun things with a cheap camera is trying to get great pictures out of it because it is much harder due to fixed focus and the fact that cheap cameras are much more prone to blowing out of the highlights. Still you don't have to go that far back in time to find cameras that this Aiptek would blow away.

It wasn't that long ago that $150 would barely buy a VGA camera that had terrible picture quality.

I think it would have been nice if Aiptek could have included a higher quality or fine mode for video like some of the newer Digital camera's in that you get the same 640x480/30fps but with twice the bitrate. After all the Aiptek can take a 2GB card which means you'd still get 1 hour with this higher bitrate!
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