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Wayne12 May 28, 2010 7:04 AM

3D, WONDER cam?
I have been involved in DIY digital cinema camera projects in times past, and sometimes I get tempted to make my own. I have come up with a radical design for a camera system (work flow and form factor), but unfortunately an 8mp SHD 3D pocket camera is out of the question without deep pockets and lots of time.

However, it should be possible for a manufacturer make one based on the 6mb/s 720p60 amberella based camera technology used today for $100. So, tempting. On top of this, a regular fullhd 3D camera at 30fps, is perfectly possible around the zi8's price.

If anybody with deep pockets, skill and time (for IP patenting and development) is interested, send me an private message.

Wayne12 May 31, 2010 12:29 AM

Well, I am considering making a prototype system out of one or two pocket cameras to test my ideas. I have figured a new way to synchronize the frames of the cameras. I have thought about using pocket cameras before, but synchronizing the frames, and improving picture quality, in a way that people could apply to their own cameras, has been a non trivial implementation issue.

One issue is to hold the gain/shutter exposure to the same amount for both images. Even if I cut the trace that controls the image gain on the circuit board, the camera should still resort to using shutter to control exposure. Even if shutter was handled, it would still require the user to open their camera and do stuff to it, then be stuck with a manual lens control and lens adapter. However, there are cameras that this could be done without as much trouble.

I could use my HSHD, but that would not be so desirable. A zx1 would be far more desirable, but not as good as a better camera.

I am considering new ways to handle the stereo images for effect, but may produce some degradation at best.

It is also possible to produce a HD stereo pocket camera of much better quality then the ones announced recently

Wayne12 May 31, 2010 12:42 AM

OK, a question for the rest of you, which cameras to use?

I am interested in something low cost, really small with good quality of preferably 720p60 with 9mb/s+ data rate (or 720p30), or something bigger with 1080p60 or 30? In which ever case, these techniques can also be applied to larger cameras (even 4/3rds or DSLR). I was actually originally hoping to try it out sometime ago on a scarlet, but they have not surface yet.

Thanks for your attention (of the 60 or so people that have come here).


Trevmar May 31, 2010 2:15 AM

Aiptek seems to have your application in mind:

More info:


Wayne12 Jun 1, 2010 9:50 AM

At least it is not VGA. I am skeptical as to how good it would be though, from Aiptek. From my experience of the HSHD (which is desperately in need of a firmware update) I am pretty put off of Aiptek.

I think we can do much better than the Aiptek camera is likely to be. Doing a project like this can also jog the market into action, to make better cameras (particularly with the recent upturn in 3D). I have seen it many times before and been directly involved in it. But I am quickly learning it is a bit pointless helping everybody else at the expense of your own life, as virtually none of them will help you. So nothing happens and you get lousy cameras etc, did we deserve any more if we let them do it!

I would like to see a company like Kodak, make a really good 3D camera (only because they are likely to do a great product in fort he price, Aiptek could also do it). It would be great, and an excellent opportunity for them. 24mb/s for fullhd 30p 3D should give acceptable enough 3D performance (48mb/s 50p would be great). So for less than $200 they could do it. With the hardware configurations available to them there is opportunity for them to undercut the competition. 8mp/p50 SHD and four ambarella chips doing 96mb/s (until they produce a chip big enough) is fittable in a DSLR/Micro 4/3rds body for $500+. Add water proof and high frame rate shooting then you have a camera that many professionals and hobbyist would love to have on the side. One thing they need to work on is reducing rolling shutter to 100th/sec+ (at least 50th/sec).

Trevmar Jun 4, 2010 3:37 PM

$200 and August are now 'announced'

fishycomics Jun 4, 2010 4:21 PM


Originally Posted by Trevmar (Post 1103564)
$200 and August are now 'announced'

Aiptek already youtubed a video, and back in the days the early 60's we went through this phase. andwhat happened, it fizzeled.:eek:

Trevmar Jun 4, 2010 9:29 PM

Oh - I think 3D will fizzle again. I still have my 3D Pentax SLR mirrors from the 1970's :) The human brain is able to adapt to a 2D world, and in some ways it is much more comfortable with the less frequent stimuli from a 2D arena...

Wayne12 Jun 4, 2010 9:51 PM

But when you want stimuli. I think the age of 3D is here. I mean blue red glasses that don't work particularly well, or polarizers that still get some of the light from the other eye (screen or regular glasses problem) and relying on poorly made in your face movies, are a let down, but things are better. Shutter glasses, and screens that do not require glasses are improving things.

Wayne12 Jun 4, 2010 9:57 PM

Trevmar, I am actually thinking of making up a 3D system with mirrors. How does your Pentax work? If you are not interested in it, maybe it is worth buying.

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