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Wayne12 Feb 23, 2017 12:43 PM

4k/6k/8k/fhd/720p Please list any new hybrid cameras everybody. + New Tech.
OK everybody. Please especially list any new noteworthy hybrid cameras, including 4k ones and sports cameras with controls and screen.

I have seen a new Yi 4k+ 4kp60 action camera announced for CES.

Ambarella is now in it's maybe second generation 8k capable chipset and third generation 4k. The chip sets have 10 bit HDR support (12 bits+ preferable in hdr) and latest can push over 200mb/s. So, that would be a good rate for 4k. The yi 4+ uses less with last year's chip. It seems that products that have the latest chip might arrive in a years time.

Unfortunately small sensors are now getting up to 6k video frame rates, likely not many 8k. Which means mostly 4k as a standard, and rarely 6k or 8k ones. For something like $699 you have been able to buy very small m4/3rds still cameras with 4k for a while.

Two other developments are Sony sensor technology, and liquid lenses. Sony has sensor technology that can film color images by starlight, and is available even for cheap cameras and drones. Maybe there will be a 4k version this year, but definitely a fhd version already. There latest mobile sensor has very high speed high resolution imaging. The other advance is liquid lens technology, it is amazing. The Samsung galaxy note 3 I think used it. They usually use it combined with normal lens, but there has been a fully liquid lens patented. When used with a dual or more camera module in the device, DSLR like images can be derived (usually not used for 3D unfortunately). A number of phones use these dual modules. So there is good quality parts out there for anybody that wants to make a new hybrid.

Now, there are micro 4/3rds mountable lens POV cameras with controls and screen out, and raw Bayer version coming. Unfortunately the cheapest manufacturer is using lesser versions of the Sony sensor (up to 12 stop latitude like old film so gives some was out in bright areas, but a guy I know is developing and selling special lut technology for different cameras that rebalance the image and gives relatively beautiful results and fixes a lot of the wash out problems in the images, better Sky's too. However, he customises this to fix popular cameras, but maybe a generic one could be made that fixes the bright areas and saturation, that might do a reasonable job if given a correctly exposed image of a test chart. However, I've been a bit sick and don't know his process to know if it would be possible to do all that. So, yes, you can get nicer images if the camera is not too bad. I imagine you are likely going to have to use something like davinci Resolve though.

Resolve is a top end grading program used in professional production, and film, that also has editor now, for free. Our Fishy reported he had trouble getting it to accept the video files from his camera a while back, but I think that section might have been upgraded now. I don't know if it will work, bit if it dues. Its worth looking into if you are really serious about filming. While it has great auto functions it dies have a lot of complex features.

billy Feb 24, 2017 8:13 AM

The 4K cameras on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and Inspire 2 drones are pretty impressive. Both use a new (to DJI) 1-inch CMOS sensor design.

I've been getting some impressive stills and video from our P4 Pro, which you have to have a 4K capable display to truly appreciate.

Wayne12 Feb 26, 2017 2:08 AM

To rehash lost post.

Yep it's getting better...Silicon is running out of advantageous shrinking space to get to 8k multipoint 3D. HDR techniques, Sony Starvis low light, and their new mobile sensor with on chip compression (which might be limited to lower quality) means that this could be done with professional 35mm like quality.

Wayne12 Dec 31, 2017 7:59 AM

See Yi 4k+ (60fps 4k good datarate and image) mid thread:

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