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Default Aiptek


like the people here.....................

sad to see how we went from popular to no longer.

Glad I still got my collection as memories......
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Aipek, who, why should we buy anything Aiptek?

It is amazing how blazing companies loose their market. Aiptek should have adapted with better product, forget cell phones. What are camera stores to sell, cell phones? Their wasva vacum left in the market after Sanyo's departure that never was filled with leading edge tech, and then Kodak. Aiptek and DXG (and Kodak now) largerly have the market to themselves. All they need is one to three models that are exceptional for camera stores and departmentnstores to sell, not the 20-30 BS models a manufacturer that satuated the market with crap (good way to stall buyers and stores from buying). I remember looking up my little kodak on Amazon and finding hundreds of listings of accesories for it.l, what a waste, 9 would have done.

So all these manufacturers need is one killer product at Sanyo HD2000 level (though updated to good 4k low light hdr sensor with high bit rate recording in a no compromise featured and manually controlls and auto sets that camera stores would be oroud to have on their shelves as an affordable option. It does not need to be pistol grip, it canbe a better formfactor with quality cheap wide aperture liquid lense, they might use Android 6+ with the new canera api and apps. $300.

The next level down is the mid level camera, still 4k. Then elcheapo. The mid level and elcheapo camera would be exceptional to handle, but can have extra features such as car camera function, reverse canera monitoring, and even drone/actikn camera. All weather/waterproof to 10-30 meters (as dive cameras). You might release a drone/action camera seperately. And good audio tecitding quality and features with external inputs on the top and mid at least and wireless inputs (bluetooth or wifi direct streaming microphones that canbe sold as seperate accesories to musicians for use with their tablets and phones, and action users for team commentary and interviews). Now three to four cameras that cover 3-4 markets instead of 30 models, that a store can easily put in a small section of a case. 30 models of rubbish from a small brand is a good way to kill your brand with retailers that are soace constrained from the major brands. So it csnbe done, Aiptek could have saved their cameras brand and got a niche in regular canera retail. It is not a matter that mobile phones exist, but a matter of how you set about to compete with them. That is my solution anyway.
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