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Default Aiptek Action HD GVS 1080P camcorder ( Model V5Z5S) review

VIdeo Poor mans Review video click me.

The Aiptek Action HD GVS retails $249.99 Low price sold 199.99

Sale price 229.99 today Special invoice price 149.99

FW 1807 FW 1904 FW 2003, FW2100 Fw2201FW 2302FW2402 FW2503 FW 2602 FW 2703

newer firmware will require a faster SDHC class card pass 2503. thank you.

VIDEO (vimeo)and direct DL(in desc) CLICK ME

The Aiptek Action HD GVS 1080P Hybrid......


to everything you'll ever wanted to know abot the Action-HD GVS.

Lets get directly into the Review

Quetions: Is this Hybrid, the cam for me. Do you recommend it over the Action HD
Answer: Research, have paitience, and time will add up to priceless moments.

Details of Hybrid: all angles

Camera in Hand

Cam in hand. What I like and dislike right as I am checking out the cam .

Like Dislike

  • short keys Mouse joystick [/*]
  • Tall buttons Zoom in/out [/*]
  • front grip Flash [/*]
  • Bigger doors Ext Doors [/*]
  • Icon display Fonts [/*]
  • controls LCDScreen door
Holding the cam in hand, the design looks Bigger, and is Bulkier, a Bigger Lcd ltps screen, no longer having buttons on the screen, now on the inner sidenon lit on/off play and delete. Stereo mic or mics, 3/8th inch max apart. Lense is set into the cam, nice size, a medium strobe,excluding L.E.D. lights.smaller remote senser, rubber grip line. Pressure release battery door cover, speaker, size of a nickle, with a logo and Aipteks name, Ext mic port with soft rubber plug. Big plastic light cover on top, and sd card slot with a metal like tripod hole to the rear that is embedded in a geared plastic. Controls in back are catered to thumbs placement, sharing buttons, and protrudging mouse joystick, Usb port is bigger and more flushed, leaving below the metal bar for your cam wrist strap.

Conclusion: By the looks of the Hybrid, the cam has grown to a new shape, keeping some what the looks of the A HD model. new button design, andhand grip, time will be needed for comfort.You have a neat looking device, that almost looks futuristic. What I like and dislike may be of importance to me, and for some, and not for others.USB- Tight doors are great, but when correctly made, rubber banded, and glued tabs, lead to breaking parts. Mouse button will easily get caught, taken a short drop, or even misshandeled, will break. certain fonts are incorrectly placed, while icons of buttons are hard to read once again. opposite coloring is best, over same color-for-color. While Zoom in/out , feels too plastic like, and sharing multi buttons leads to incorrect features, if incorrectly pressing. The design is well thought, Well made for a real Low Budget cam.

Our complaints were heard, were placed in the model and changed to a more gadget like impression, or hobbiest look. good or bad. we'll always like and dislike, improvemnts made,

light weight with bulkiness, and improved design.

Cam in handrating soon to be released

Back view Pic 1

Back view: What I like and ordislike while viewing the models:

Action-HDGVS Action HD

  • wider proportioned [/*]
  • Buttons in reach buttons spread out [/*]
  • Ports cover biggerPorts coversmaller [/*]
  • Lcd exposed Lcd enclosed [/*]
  • Flat wide bottom oval slim bottom
GVSonly Likes dislikes
  • wider body bulky [/*]
  • button designbuttons pressed [/*]
  • ports port dorr [/*]
  • base Joystick mouse

Wider body, means more room for the cam controls, balance, and grip. The ports are totally covered, no longer exposed, while now leaving you to open/close for personal listening pleasure, the port door, forcing off due to the rubber plug, that will wear down in due time, or rubberband tab, glued breaking, no longer a hassle placing camera upright, while now you can place on a table or flat surface,(in closed positon only) but due to the design of the barrel, you still be shooting at a 15 plus degree angle higher. The lcd door no longer sits or encloses to the body, or the joystick leaving these two parts vulnable to becoming loose, or breaking.

Conclusion: The back design is again different and resembles other major companies design, don't they all? Cam sits into hand in delight, and becomes a more comfortable hybrid, while certain controls, and features needs improvement, some where made corrctly and some were not, a better button cover is one good example, while older models can be caught and break away easily, leaving the same joystick trouble drop, caught snap. set deeply in will fix issue and wider.

* Mouse Joystick configuration is incorrect HD 1080P 30f, 720P 60f 720P 30f and wvga 60f is the correct order, while 720p 60f is first 1080P 30f second 720p 30f third and wvga 60f last,(triple checking order again)

wider body, thumb placement, and stance.

rating soon to follow


battery side

Battery side: what I like and or dislike while viewing the model

like dislike

  • 7 pt push tab door thin outer shell bat door [/*]
  • Ext mic / speaker Ext mic ? speaker placement [/*]
  • NP-60 battery batterry depth [/*]
  • plug cover softdesign of plug [/*]
  • Logo Logo symbol
Battery Door pressured release, optional np-60 1800 an door, design in works. Aiptek logo and button non lit, speaker on side enclosed 85% exposed for listening to vid and voice recordings. Ext Mic set back in the rear with plug cover.

conclusion:Ext mic, and plug to the rear leadsfor hand placement, while certain micsmay not fit. rubber plug is thin the strap. fits fine for some and not others. Battery door much better with a pressure tab, seeing a logo and name but less model number. all in all looks good

battery door ext mic port

rating soon to follow

lcd side


Lcd side: what I like and or dislike while viewing rhe model.

like dislike

  • Swival design no locking tabs [/*]
  • buttons less buttons [/*]
  • larger screen colored cordenation [/*]
  • Stereo Mics mic or mics [/*]
  • improved screen view glare and sun
Lcd 4:3 AR (aspect ratio) less control buttons, two mini int mic stereo. manual on/off excluding led lighting, play and delete buttons, swival 270 Plus degrees.

conclusion: 3 inch 4:3 AR makes a bigger screen, some preferre a 16: 2.7 inc nearly identical. mic spots may be to close for some preferre a wider stance, screen viewing forsome are a better improved angle of viewing while still hard in direct daylight no longer buttons, for some they were liked and perfect design over seliphaned ones. Swival is bigger and not as tight, no longer locking tabs to the body.

big improved screen, stereo mics and button placements.

rating soon to follow


Top view

Top view: what I like and or dislike viewing the Model.

like dislike

  • large bottle like light Angle of light [/*]
  • lens barrrel lens attachment barrel
Large tab light for record/charge/on/off display and angled, self timer displayed. optical zoom lettering

conclusion: Big light and a lot of chrome almost makingthe lense look like it has an attachment on. plain and simple

big tab light

Raring soon to follow


Bottom side

Bottom view: what I like or dislike viewing the model

like dislike

  • metal tripod geared fitted tripod [/*]
  • sd slot slot thin and exposed to weather [/*]
  • base if wide and flat no rubber bottom [/*]
  • tripod mount removes after time
The tripod is metal or metal like moderately deep but not enough, and is flushed to the body, eventually removes after time. The sd slot can be opened with your finger nail that is seperated by a milimeters length. Hybrid sits on a flat surface without falling easily.

conclusion: Nicely designed bottom, sd card slot needs more work and should have been well protected due to outside conditions, not a rubber door , just a better thicker slot. Older sd door was a pain always opening the screen or battery door tripod is not deep enough to support most tripods on markets.

wide body, sd door easily accessed,


rating soon to follow


front view

What I like and or dislike about tHe GVS while viewing

like dislike

  • rubber grip lettering on lense [/*]
  • remote senser angle of lense [/*]
  • lens cap lens cap fitting [/*]
  • flash red eye reduction
medium flash, rubber strip grip line, cmos senser and lens barrel cap ( not shown) remote control senser

conclusion: the lens barrel again is not made for attachemnts, or is it? remote senser and flash located under cams lense with a good grip with rubber, no more chrome mirror like grills. lens cap and wrist strap are not a correct match opposite ends casuing continues pop off and possable breaking and dropping of cam.

lens cap sensor grip design

rating soon to follow

options for the Action-HD GVS

What I like or dislike about the options for the Action-HD GVS

  • Aiptek Aftermarket Modifications
At Aiptek there are no Option packages at the given time, while aftermarket items are available, it is GO FISH and this leads to Modifications.

The Platinum Plus 27mm Lens filter $2.99 will fit easily into the lense barrel. Ext mics, Bluetooth mic you name it.

options are endless, to you the user.

conclusion acessorries, and aftermarket parts are endless,to you the user. the cam now seems a little harder for DIY (do it yourself) project goers. look hard you shall find what you're after. The UV filter (see Picture sample in the vid pic voice section for issues) will cause rounded edging, and not in video only pictures.

rating soon to follow

There you have it in great detail, everything you ever wanted to know about the hybrid, out of the box, and now to shooting video.


features and function: In this section I will demostrate the Mode, menu, and settings go through a thorough detail review.

This section soon to come

Screen icon

menu section:

  • video resolution various wide angle and resolution of cam settings [/*]
  • Picture resolution [/*]
  • Flash strobe [/*]
  • Night shot [/*]
  • Ev [/*]
  • selftimer [/*]
  • Continuos shot [/*]
  • white balance [/*]
  • effect [/*]
  • AF lock [/*]
  • stabilixer [/*]
  • Dual recording

Video Resolution: direct Download links

[email protected] 4:3 AR(aspect Ratio)(quicktime error)

outdoor DL click me indoor DL click me beach DL click me

[email protected] 169 AR

outdoor DL click me indoor DL click mebeach DL click me

[email protected] 16:9 AR

outdoor DL click me indoor DL click me beach DL click me

WVGA848x480 16:9 AR

outdoor DL click me indoor DL click me beach DL click me

Pcture resolution:

5 megapixal

flash strobe

on/offflash off flash on

Night shot

on/off Video DL click meyoutube vidhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9YZfd3Su4PU

Ev -2 to +2


-02 -01 0+1 +2

Self timer video soon to come


Continuos shot
on/off http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvdVDnFV7Sw

sample of 10 burst

White Blance video soon to come, pics soon to come







normal normal black and white classic

Af Lock video soon to come, pic soon to come


Stabilizer http://vimeo.com/2708352review

on/off video Demo samples click me

stabilizer direct DL off click mestabilizer on click me

stabilizer full zoom off click me stabilizer fullzoom on click me

Dual recording http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9uETv7R9is


mode section

  • setting [/*]
  • camera [/*]
  • my works [/*]
  • voice recorder
Setting video ssoon to come
  • clock [/*]
  • language [/*]
  • start movie [/*]
  • Icon [/*]
  • LCD brightness [/*]
  • TV system [/*]
  • Flicker [/*]
  • Auto off [/*]
  • format [/*]
  • Default

My works: video soon to come
  • video [/*]
  • stills
Voice video soon to come


ports Ext mic, Av output, HD output

Ports Pic:

VIDEO port plug in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=81lFMpr-lQQ[/url]

Ports What I like and or dislike about the GVs model

Like dislike

  • Simple hand grip [/*]
  • Position Storing
The plugin port is located in a good position,if using a incorrect mic, then it becomes a issue, This is not ment for Professional mics on a Miniture platform, and vica versa. Hand grip will change when mic is plugged in, and forgetting to remove for storing in a pocket, will cause the jack port to break, in due time. The screen shows LOWER RIGHT when Mic is plugged in. On the GVS you do not have variable control with the Ext mic. Video DEM below.

Conclusion ,,,

rating soon to follow

Ports: Ext Mic video demos

Video Ext micMovie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcnPAdfWpJc

Ext Mic

Internalindoor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ftwi6R-Aeig

External indoor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNN9yeexwYw

External indoor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S1ZxSsODQGY

Internal outdoor 1http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDllnOZU2R4

External outdoor 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jX_l1Gu7_4

External outdoor 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apL-A8JK3IQ

Internal outdoor 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgIix5ZOuT8

External outdoor 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pbNvM3k1Ic

av output

HD output


Video, picture, and voiceSamples

default video movie macro, reg, zoom etc

vimeo http://vimeo.com/2517699

youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4ku3nifW7I

Mouse res settings demo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AERZN4WDtLM

Video samples:

Night scenes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5gh2fzchImc

day scenes1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4ku3nifW7I

Day scenes 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WmQD5zZIwb0

movie scene http://vimeo.com/2591408

WVGA day and night scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbnUa7sTFfQ

Various beach scenes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcCSIA2kWwc

Macro of Salimandor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDTvImP-ttU


corner shadows

video frame with lens adapter

Getting started with the GVS:

In this section is where you'll find everything you'll ever wanted to know about the Hybrid.

1 format sdhc card in camera how to VIDEO click me. actual camera shown.

2 Start Movie: how to video click me

rating system not rated yet

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Review part two


Auto focus. Focus hunt no longer problem

Battery Door. no loonger a problem

Featuresettings when in menu on Ev, you are returned to EV, not the start.

Mouse short cut keys Preset. vid, and AF are excellent choices ona shortcut.

battery life lasts a good 1 hour with on position

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Mouse Joystick buttons. vid res not in a correct order.

port door tightly sealed

HYbrid did crash

Batt Low icon on full displays

continous shots 170KB Plus max size per frame shot

shut down sound: sounds like turn on soun goes up in tone, not down.

Stabilizer only for video

Video files are not playable to the gvs from other cam like the action HD

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Congrats Fishy! Finally you have one in your hands. I have read your review but just wanna know in short what is your overall impression of it? Better than any hybrid you ever had before or....? Looking at the pics, it looks exactly like it's little brother the Z600 beside the front of the lens.
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On thing that I like about the cheaper camcorders like the Aipteks is that they use the much more inexpensive NP60 batteries unlike the Sanyos which cost $50 each and don't seem to last that long. Sure you can get cheap aftermarket batteries but at least the Aipteks were designed to use the cheaper batteries in the first place!

It's interesting that the GVS has a metal tripod socket as many more expensive digital cameras now have a plastic one! This has been a complaint of many a review.


Fishycomics response

Metal or metal like.

Action HD: silver color square or cubed. with a slot may not be secured by inner screw unsure. faced to the front

GVS: gold color rounded gear slid into a plastic housing, and may be slotted behind the housing. faced to the back

Both suffer the same design flaw of lcd screen opening. when a tripod is placed on the screen becomes forced on the base.
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A couple of this that I have noticed with the camera are,

1. how easy the lens cap pops off when the gvs is in the case.

2. Better lcd screen viewing angle on the GVS over the action hd .side viewing that is.

3. the rubber mic cover. If anyone looks at it you would assumeto pull it off is to use the bottom elongated tap. But, that is where it is attached to the camera and you could break it off. I know that is how I first opened it.

After reading rvgcam's post about the mounting. LOL, I might have had something with the change. When I first got my first Action HD 1080p I noticed a potential flaw in the mounting and contacted aiptek about it.I then wasconnected to the engineering dept. I advised them that using the aluminum setting in the action hd 1080p mounting that if someone used a steel or stainless steel screw to mount the camera to a tripod or what not .That itwould ultimately fail if it had prolonged contact with each other. When aluminum and steel have contact there is a chemical reaction that make aluminum oxidize and becomes brittle. So, I suggested that toeliminate the problem they needed to use a brass mounting.Looks like they finally did their research.
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What do you guys think of the stabilizer? Personally, I find turning the stabilizer on did nothing to improve the motion.
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1. Hello, I am a Dad with little kids---so I am limited to quicksnapshot/improptu videos

I thought I would add my 2 cents for others..
I just went on a trip to the zoo with ACTION HD GVS & A-HD+
This was my first time using them outside after purchasing them recently. I have been reviewing lots of clips of these and competing cameras on vimeo/you tube etc...
and these online clip really were unimpressive With jerky motion etc....now that I have shot my own footage... I highly recommend using camera in real life. I just reviewed footage I shot outside and was blown away by the image quality!

2..***********IMPORTANT-- VIEW THE PLAYBACK FROM THE CAMERA to HDTV directly without your pc before making judgements....I have a very new laptop with core 2 duo/4gb ram/8800GTS nvidia 512MB graphics card...and when I view playback via pc of the movies using windows media, real player or quicktime, the results were no where near comparable to what I saw when viewing directly from camera to hDTV. What looked artificial and jerky motion on my pc, looked butter smooth and lifelike on my tv....*************playback was on a 42 inch 1080p lcd using component cable.

3. Time of day was 2pm afternoon, conditions bright sun initially then darkening as I shot till closing time ( ~5pm)

I was very impressed with clarity, detail and focus of the video images in good outdoor light. I shot on 1080p30 for moving animals, hopping kangaroos, running children and playback was smooth and very lifelike. I did not need 720P/60 for anything. 1080p was a very noticeable improvement over 720. I would never use 720 unless I absolutely had to ( running out of space or some other reason)

I shot animals from 30-40-50 yards away and could see the detail in their fur.
The GVS could shoot much further away then the HD+. But at closer range 20 yards or so...image quality looked identical during playback...

5. PHOTOS DURING GOOD LIGHT (no flash/ all settings on auto)

HD+ seemed to have much less shutter lag, and faster shutter speed setting.
Much better for moving objects then the GVS. Shoots as fast as an old instamatic...press button---picture is instantaneous. AND ready to shoot again in less then a second...probably 1/2- 3/4 of a second.
I could take a picture of my son jumping in the air and get a very clear picture. Very impressed.

GVS-- takes long time to take picture, even with AF locked out, takes almost 1 second from press of button till shutter goes off.... You really have to time your photo after getting feel for shutter. ie...hopping kangaroo--I had to aim the camera ahead of the animal and "catch it" just right... whereas with the HD+ I could just track animal in the view finder and press shutter button.

For taking stills of still/non moving objects GVS worked great.
But if I had to snap a moving object I found myself reaching for the HD+.

When Reviewed on TV and on PC ...both produced very nice usable stills for normal family use (emailing to each other/setting as desktop, viewing full screen on tv/ pc...etc)

6. VIDEO during less then perfect outdoor light. ( 4-5pm Evening approaching)
Very usable video, but you notice loss of fine detail & appearance of very fine grain on both cameras ( i noticed/friend did not till I pointed it out). I would say during this lower light the results look like a standard def camera... But at this light I dont have much need to shoot...as people would be headed home, colors of everything getting blah even to my eyes...

At this point I note that my EV adjustment on my GVS does nothing in video mode. This has been noted by others and shown to go away with a complete power down/reboot...I tried and can not get EV to work correctly.
As it is GVS Video indoors even with good 300 watts of lighting in a 12x 12 room is not sufficient to take decent video. very grainy dark video is the result.

Indoor video in a kitchen with 300-400 watts of lighting still is grainy. GVS Indoor stills with no flash are too dark, where as no flash indoor stills with HD+ look great. Also the GVS shots turn out blurry or smeared many times. if the obejct moves at all... The HD+ much more consistently good shots.
WITH FLASH INDOORS--- GVS STILLS much better exposed, but still if subject moves at all you will get blurred photos.

I need to get my EV working on the GVS....and will report back

OUTDOOR VIDEO WITH HD+--looks same, but no where near the distance/zoom capabiltiy

OUTDOOR STILL SHOTS WITH GVS-- Very good on stationary or still objects and you must be still as well. Not very reliable on moving objects that need you to pan.

OUTDOOR STILL SHOTS WITH HD + Very fast, quick shots reliable for both moving and still objects

INDOOR VIDEOwith GVS in regular living rooom/.kitchen lighting with GVS--grainy/dark...but I think evs not working

INDOOR VIDEO with HD+ better, usable, but still grainy

NOTE- My casio exilim ex 750 still camera( 7.1mpixel, 640x480 30fps mpeg4)
shoots far better indoors. Better color, brighter picture.

INDOOR STILLS with GVS-- not very usable or reliable
INDOOR STILLS with HD+ better than GVS, but no match for a real still cam

9. PLayback/connectivity with GVS-- very goodbut we want more!
COmponent OUT/AV OUT/USB/Charger port/all on camera body---great!
Ability to use remote and playback instantly on you TV s wonderful and simple. No need for cradle like other "high end" camera.Cables simply plugs in to camera. No need to remove battery for charging.
AND you can plug in the charger at the same time your playing back to save battery.
ADDED BONUS_--I was also able to just pop the sd card into my XBOX 360
with a usb adapter..and playback with no problems...
If they added a mini HDMI--AND brought back the PVR capability that would be perfection..!but mini HDMI would be wonderful for 1 plug set up

10/. Conclusion- Initially I thought I would be testing both to keep 1 maybe, or just go up to a sony tg1/sanyo 1010 or full size with canon hf100 or samsung hmx20....
I now may end up keeping both cameras due to there combined strengths and ease of use...I was able capture a typical family outing with minimal effort , adjustment or stress. I could even hand off the camera to my wife with about 10 seconds of instruction and be in the video for a change. The results --very clear sharp high def videos and quite respectable photos. Results much better than I thought and thousands of times better than the salesman at the camera stores would have had me think possible with this. The videos I shot look as good as any I see on hi def channels on my 1080p tv. Now I may be shaky handed newbie but the video captured in good daylight were stunning and a quantum leap over my current set up.

Lowlight is still a dissapointment, so i need to check into fixing my evs or maybe getting an add on video light...

During my trip to the zoo I realized as a daddy..portability& kid friendly is key.They are so small, I was able to carry both cameras at the same time, 1 in each pocket. Perfect for moments when I had to run after my kid or grab something...no bulky bag and 2 free hands...

10. Here is my planned usage matrix
A> Quick trip to the park( close in shots/video)...I bring the HD+
B> Family outing where zoom & quick action stills will be needed- GVS& HD+
C> Special event where I need zoom and great photos-GVS& dedicated still cam

After seeing the difference between 640x 480 standard def of my current camera video clips, and the 1080p of the aipteks, i can no longer justify shooting anything in standard def ever again. its like VHS to DVD....
Watching my family outing on these in the aiptek 1080 was like watching real life and being there again vs watching standard video and saying "remember when"

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With PC's there is a big problem, with motion and the PC keeping up. It is not just the power fo the PC but the software, but extra power helps. With HDTV's and even software players on the PC they lie. I have tested the same HSHD footage on QT, mediaplayer, mediaplayer classic and videolan and got different results on each in color balance. On HDTV (and I don't know about players) there is a tend to put picture correcting features in the HDTV, they adjust contrast, color, brightness, get rid of interpolation errors, and motion compression problems, even jumpy motion by inserting a number of calculated frames in between. Software players can also do this. What you see on such a TV might not be the same as on the TV of friends/relatives TV you give the footage too, potentially worse if they have no such features. It is good when it works though. Professionally you can take all the footage and do these techniques and maybe the TV will enhance it again (unless you encode to the max to keep best quality). But that does not matter to most people, but it would be handy if the camera has that quality built in in the first place, it would more even out results between sets. 1080p modes are probably close, but 720p needs more for motion I feel.
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My mom took this video of me during a game I played during a time out at a basketball game. Since it was at the basketball court, the lighting was very ample, but my video seems inferior to other samples I've seen with the Aiptek Action GVS model.

Does this seem unique to my camera? Am I using it improperly, (I believe the settings were default) or should it be this grainy (or unclear... whatever the word is. It bothers me that people's faces aren't clear and everything is "boxy"?)

I still have a little bit of time left before I can't return it anymore. If this is typical video quality, is it worth $200? (Simple yes/no?)
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