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already tried but does not matter now anyways
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Originally Posted by rgvcam View Post
..The 10MP sensor is just another marketing ploy to distinguish themselves since 5MP has become a sort of standard now. They can effectively say "See we don't interpolate, this is the real deal"..
As I posted here: http://forums.steves-digicams.com/1041171-post17.html

If any of these small digicams (the ones that use a 5MP cmos sensor) had OIS, this is how much extra space there would be around the video (click to enlarge):

And this is the extra space if the sensor was 10 megapixels:

In both cases, the sensor is 4:3 and it seems rather obvious to me, that resolution is not as important as more useful features, such as optical stabilization, microphone jack, manual focus, better optics/lenses, etc.
A "real" 1920x1080 pixel resolution sensor, is only 2.1 megapixels.

Pro cameras, like the Canon XL H1S (MSRP $8999) have a 3CCD sensors with only 1.67 Megapixels each (color separation), and it shoots at 1440x1080 (anamorphic widescreen)
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Hello from France, sorry for my english

I just bought the H12 and tried it. I previously tried the H5 extreme last summer, and was very disapointed, sent it back to the shop. The H12 is simply great. I already have a DV cam, JVC GR D248, wich was average in low light conditions. The H5 was really worse, with lot's of noise and dark image. The new H12 is better than my JVC, there is less noise, better resolution, and image has enough light. In low light conditions (in a living room with one 100W bulb) the resolution I see on my LCD in 1080 30p mode HQ seems to be near "a good 720p" (i guess due to noise reduction you loss a bit resolution). In high light, outdoors, it's between 720p and 1080p, of course not perfect and sharp like a professionnal HD camcorder but still impressive. I even used pictures extracted from a video and printed it in A5, it's photo like. Zoom is 12* and good enough, you can even use the numerical zoom and go to 25*, without big quality issue. Focus is sometimes difficult to get in low light with high zoom (sometimes "pumping"), and macro works for 10cm (4").

Compression is good and no heavy macroblocs effects are seen. I have calculated in HQ mode 1.5MB / second => around 90MB / minute in 1080p30. It means I can record more than 160 minutes of video on my 16GB card. Battery is a bit short and I have to use it more to see how long it lasts. I think around 40 minutes max... I will certainly buy a second one. Stabilization is not perfect but it works for what you can hope from it. Of course an optical stabilisation would be better ...

In still pictures mode, quality is quite good at 10Mp, but not as good as on my Kodak Z1012 which is also 10Mp but with CCD instead of CMOS...

You can see on youtube some videos (indoors / outdoors), just search Aiptek ahd h12 (remember Youtube use strong compression...). It's not my own videos, but someone else bought it before me. Those samples decided me to buy it and I don't regret it. Certainly a good deal, I bet some other brands $500 won't do better job.
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After using it 2 weeks, some precisions :

-battery lasts around 60 to 70 minutes in 1080p30 HQ.
-Image quality is good. Autofocus sometimes slow or pumping in dark or when background is far with a person in front of the cam. Generally better focus when face detection works in this case. You have to stay in HQ (~12Mb/s) mode for complex scenes, nature, trees, grass and water... Good quality and no noticable macroblocs, unless you stop and crop the image of course.
- It takes long to start, around 6 to 7 seconds from opening the lcd screen to having an image with good light and focus. (My old JVC DV took 3 seconds...)
-Lacks of manual focus, but you can lock it when it's ok, with a far background and a near foreground for example.
-WQVGA mode 240fps impressive for slow motions !
-Sound is OK, sometimes saturation when too much noise (in a car...), would have been great to have a gain control.
-Still looking for a hidden firmware menu... Any idea ?

Great toy, really better than previous H5, I don't regret this purchase.
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