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Haven't had a chance to download any raw samples but the videos on vimeo and youtube look nice as does the indoor low light shot.

So has the bitrate been been determined for this Camcorder?

If I didn't already have a Sanyo HD1010 as well as an Aiptek GVS, I'd seriously be considering this right now. Having said that, I'd be doing it with a little trepidation considering the my GVS went wrong twice in the space of a few months. I have a soft spot for Aiptek so I'd be willing to give them a second chance as I know these things can be an anomaly.
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Here are two RAW samples to download:

Two things I don't like: LCD is to dark, in sunny day I almost can't see anything!
The Record button is hard to push same hand you hold camcorder. Is easy to push Pause/Play button, but to start recording I have to use second hand!
Later I will take a pictures to show how it looks.

to check firmware version press M(mode), hold it down, then press Play, hold it down, and the press shutter button (for still pictures) and hold it down.
On mine firmware, by the Lens calibration is 0. Other thnigs like white balans or badpix have 1. Does it mean that lenses where not calibrated properly?

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I have same values on mine... I don't have problems with record button, but more difficulties with the zoom, which makes me "shake" the camera when I use it (+ I'm sad it doesn't have 2 speeds for zooming slowly and faster...). For LCD screen, not worse than my previous JVC DV camera... I find sometimes videos in sunlight are overexposed, and can be too "yellow", but not always then case (white balance adjusting ?).
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I passed the two raw samples through mediainfo and they display a bitrate of just over 15Mbps @ 1920x1080/29.97fps.

This compares to my Aiptek GVS which has a 10Mbps bitrate for the same mode.
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Default external mic?

I am almost ready to pull the trigger on this but I would like to know if the external microphone input is stereo or mono. Has anyone found out yet?
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