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During the Target sale or local store sales. I found it was time to return my Purchase before the Holiday craze begins, and cause troubles with returns andalso future Purchases.

1. I had Purchased the IS-DV2 with good intentions the first time, and returned for reasons of , not being able to view through the 1.5 inch screen in daylight , as well as the swival not on this model.

2. While the Hybrid dropped down to 79. plus dollars who would not pass this oppertunity up again. I have played around again with the model, and do not know if it is my pc or the hybrid

A. when recording the video, and playing back on the pc I seemed to lost the first quarter of playback, until I re-watch, not good.

B. recording live, I cannnot see what I am shooting

C. the sd/usb cover does not stay in place at all, every time I pull out of my pocket or holder, the cover seems to be of. Knowing hte sd card is securely in place, but for some reason, what happens if my keys or other objects hits it out goes the card?

3. When apon my return, always have a smile , and greet the Person, ask how they are and their day is?

I happend to have a few items to return , all no problem. the Customer service person, was realy curious of the IS-DV2?

we talked about the camcorder, and she is now aware of the situations Aiptek has.

I recommended she get the MPVR , after the issues are cleared, but what was important is the screen size 2.4 inchs is ample enough over 1.5"

4. After my return I headed back for my item to re-purchase, a jacket, but decided I do not need another one, but can live with the outfits that matched with what I have.

I then headed back to the camera section , like a magnet:G. I stopped by the MP3 players and noticed Disney has an excellent device

40.00 on the wrong hook, 89 on the wrong hook
2 hr video playback time 6 hr song playback time. 6hrs video save time , and best yet accepts optional sd card, wished it had a fm player, and knew its price?

This got me thinking............

lastly I also noticed the MPVR+ it is not a branded item for target, it is their dv8800 model from Overseas now selling in the USA o sticker, on the box saying it Fixed.
what I believe is that the MPVr is now faded out of target, and their flawed dv6800 or MPVr (defective unit) is gone this Aipteks way of saying, we're offering 2 extra interpolated megapixals to you for free and at the same MPVR price?

If and when theey do have a sale and this Item drops down to 88.00 I'll grab the 3x optical one :G

All in All I do not see a problem with Target returns, and have an Issue with target, I am addicted and now am free of that addiction for the IS-DV2, I will put my 86.55 towards a better hybrid.
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That reminds me, Walmart are now selling a cheap video recording and playback device called the TV NOW! for $25 so I bought one the day they were available ie a couple of weeks ago:

I got this initially to see if I could use this as a cheap video player for my son since for $25 if he broke it, it didn't matter and also it's fairly robust too.

The device has 128MB internal memory which can contain from 30 to 60 minutes of video depending on the setting as well as taking an external SD card. Curiously the SD card has to be a highspeed one, regular ones don't work.

After playing with it, I took it back because

1) There is no way to see what you are recording until it is actually recording meaning you need some way connecting the DVD/VHS player to the TV as well as this device. Most TV's don't have a pass through so this made recording awkward. Also you can only record analog. There is no software to create your own videos from say a camcorder and place them on it, although of course you could use the analog in to do this.

2) The display resolution is very poor but then to be honest I expected this, at this price. It's an odd LCD. The pixels are sort of space out, which gives the display a very patterned effect.

Before the TV Now came out, I was initially looking at one of these Video Now devices as well:

since they are also very cheap and some people have actually hacked those to play video on regular CDR's. They normally use their own proprietry "PVD's" which seem to be odd sized versions of regular CD's no doubt to prevent people from actually just buying regular CDR's. They also do their own software with blank PVD's to create your own movies from digital media files on your PC which is why it got my interest. The procedure to get video working with regular CDR's requires third party software and involves cutting them by using an original PVD as a template. You have to make sure your video is within strict parameters and is a certain length otherwise it won't play. It seems it is temperamental and so I decided that these devices are just too much trouble to bother with.

At the end of the day, it may be better just to buy a cheap portable DVD player. Often they will play VCD's, mp3's and view photos as well.
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89 plus again in target for the is-dv2 model while the lowest price is 79. highest rretail 119.

newer model is out at a higher price a few more intorploated megs.
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