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I have finalized my test on Battery life of the Aiptek, and mustek.
The Aiptek5300:
batt indicator full green 2 icons of green .1 icon of red. empty

standard aaa (2) battery by Rayovac maximum plus aaa4
battery life 54 minuites with lcd on and 20 plus still shots taken.

standard batteries hold a 1.5 volt ohm reading 1.54

rechargable 750-850 aaa (2) quick,and 5 hr charge.
battery life 1 hr 54 minuites with lcd on and 20 plus still shots taken

rechargables batteries hold a 1.2volt ohm reading 1.34
nimh or mah

On my standard battery test I had a full green battery indicator. and gone down to 2 icons of green within 3 minuites. around 20 minuites down to 1 red, and at 54 minuites camera said"change battery" then auto saved, then shut down. able to turn on and snap as many as 20 or more shots , till indicator was blank.

On my rechargable test
1. I had 3/4 full (2 green icons) around 7 minuites in i had 1 red indicator, and battery lasted 1hr 15 minuites.
I retested with a newer set of aaa's and had a full charge for a few min's then got 1 hr 54 min's , to auto shut off, and had 20 or more snap shots left. 2 full hours on a rechargable battery.. using a 1.2 volt setup you may not always get a full charge on a camera. but you'll get maximum use.

Aiptek5300 AA set up:

full charge within a few mins 2 green icons at 20 min's 1 red icon and at 2 hr 30 min's auto shut off and again over 20 snap shots

was there a greater advantage of a aa system over the aaa batteries yes and no. 30 minuites longer, not alot.

my conclusion:

If you are in need of 240 min's of filming then you need to modify this camera . otherwise you will get great satifaction out of 2 hours of filming.
Look for my vid on the modification of aa set up in yahoo.

Mustek dv3500:
aaa rechargables. 750-850 mah 1.2v at 1.34v
1hr 20 min's of video and battery is drained
outcome:battery life is truely poor if had to use this type of set up.
test for all 3 musteks will equil to battery life.

mustek dv3000 aa set up battery life 6 hr 30 minuites
with a sd card of 512 installed, every 1 hr 27.41 sec's the video ends., and you have the option to record again a new file the maximum file recording size is 1 hr 27 min 41 sec's . unlimited vid , not mentioned in manual.

mustek dv4500 aa set up battery life 3 hours 10 minuits
with a sd card of 512 3 hours 8 minuites filmed and battery exhausted
camera turns on to allow to use somefeatures and shuts off.
outcome: you'll get full use ofa 512 card on a set of aa batteries. as I have had the autoflash on, and am very happy with the outcome.
mustek cannot be beat 6 hours and 30 minuites.
lcd are all on to further the mustek battery life you have the option to shut off, the Aiptek no option at all, the box says yes but the manual says nothing.
Please leave al your feedback after my final result. and that will be somewhere around at 11pm from 320 pm thank you
in conclusion, no matter what you get out of these bad bouys, one good thing is the info I supplied.
Total power use out of the dv3000 over 6 hrs of battery use films at 1 hour 27 min's and need to start a new file
mustek dv4500 total battery use with auto flash left on 3 hours of use and films at total capacity leaving extra storage of 30 min's all depends on what the camera takes in.
dv3500 was used as a AAA set up and garanteed full capacity. all 3 models held up to its end. Aiptek will fim to its full capacity as well, and is a start of the aaa generation. any questions please feel free to post open for descussions

update to post

Technical Support Note: Due to the relatively high power consumption even when switched off, a set of batteries will last approx. 7-10 days, depending on the camera model. We therefore recommend that you transfer the pictures and videos you have taken to your PC as quickly as possible, and remove the batteries from the camera. The batteries should also be removed if the camera is not to be used for an extended period of time.
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