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this is the aiptek pocket dv5300 digital video camcorder
*record and playback mpeg-4 video
*takes up t 5 megapixal pictures
*digital voice recorder
*video conference & tv/vcr output.
as in picture, it shows you the cameras capabilties( picture by mustek dv4500)
main funtions
digital video camcorder
tv high quality: vga(640x480 pixals/ up o 11fps
v standard: (352x288 pixals)/ up to 30 fps
web high quait: qvga ( 320x240)/ up to 30 fps
web standard 176x144 pixals/ up to 30 fps
digital still camera
5mp 2560x1920 pixals
4mp 2304x1728 pixals
3mp 2048x1536 pixals
2mp 1600x1200 pixals
digital voice recorder
with 13 mb internal memory approximately records 45 minuites
pc camera:
vga (640x480) pixals/up to 10fps
qvga (320x240) pixals up tp 20fps
Sensor effective resolution 2048x536 pixals (3mg)
interpolated resolution 2560x1920 (5mp)
internal memory built in 16 mb flash memory(13 mb available for storage)
external memory: built in sdcard slot (maximum 512 mb)
digital zoom 4x (real time)
lcd display: 1.5" color tft lcd
tv out: support ntsc/pal tv systemexposure auto white balance auto
interface; usb 1.1 ( usb2.0 capitable)
built in mic and speaker
battery aaa x 2 ( alkaline recommended)
demensions 3.8"x1.8" x 1.7" ( 97mmx45mmx43mm)
system requirements
microsoft windows 98se/me/2000/xpdirect x8.1 or above
pentium III processor or above
128mb ram for system memory
video card with 64mb ram for minimum 24 bit (true color display)
4x speed cd rom or above
dv 5300 records longer video clips!!
memory dv5300m other camcorder
in mpeg4 format in avi format
352x288 pix 320x240 pix
internal (13 mb) 2-4 min 1.5 min
sd/mmc 64mb 10-20 min 8 min
s/mmc 256 40-80 min 32 min
digital video camcorder:
one touch recording allows you to capture stunning video clips with mpeg-4 technology, mpeg-4 not only prolongs
recording time (see table0 but also offer professional camcorder frame rate.

digital still camera
take up to 5 megapixal pictures. Macro lens enables you to take exceptiona quality close ups

digital recorder
take it and record audio for important meetings and notes

playback options
connect the camera to your tv/vcr to playback video clips,
pictures, and audio recordings, or playback directly on th built in 1.5" color lcd

lcd panal on/off
simply flip open the lcd panal to tun the camera on. when you are finished close the panel to turn th camera off.
digital zoom
4x real time digital zoom allows you to zoom in/out while recording video

1.5" tft color lcd display
review and playback video clips and pictures in real time. the tft lcd display combines striking realism
and intuitive interface forthe best image everytime
tv/vcr output
connect the camera to your tv/vcr to display your video clips, still pictures audio recordings, sharing them
with friends and family members.

pc camera
connect the camera to your pc, and use you favorite messaging program to video confrence,
or use the included software to create video email.
removable hard drive & sd /mmc card reader
in adition to the internal memory, the pocketdv 5300
also allows you to expand the memory capacity to record and snapsoht, Store any type of data
on the camera and take it with you;
it works like a removable hard drive and sd/mmc card reader
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SGSPIRIT commented on this camera and said the following:

"fishycomics, So you got your Aiptek DV5300. Looks good. It looks like you've confirmed it has no MP3 player.

I like the fact it turns on when you open the screen. That's handy to speed up using the camera. Does it have an optional power button in case you want to use it with the screen closed?

What did you mean by: "dv 5300 records longer video clips" ?

It will be interesting to hear from you how long it will run on the 2-AAA batteries it uses.

Thanks for the overview of it."

fishycomics replied

on the box as states:
lcd panel on/off
simply flip open the lcd panel to turn the camera on. When you are finished, close the panel to turn the camera off..
in the manual: on page 8 basic operations. Turning on your camera. Rotate the lcd panel as indicated. Then press and hold down the power (*)button for 2-3 sec's to turn on the camera. repeat in reverse order for off.
now lets see if there is auto on/off in the manual; as I just gone through the whole book, there are no auto on, but an auto off. so when you flip the lcd around you 1st must turn on the camera, and then if you decide not to power off you may close the camera and the auto of feature will shut it off. I had noticed that when I was typing in all of the box instructions I do not know if th lcd can be turned off while the camera is on. I still need time to play.
no mp3 player but a voice recorder, and you are able to load up files to transfer from one pc to another.
the only power button is on the camera behind the screen cover.
2aaa standard store batteries will last 1 hour garanteed.
2aaa rechargables 2 hours garanteed. I have left the camera run in vid mode with lcd screen on, and were able to pull out stills as well after auto shutdown of batteries being low.
you are welcomed

pic attached

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one year ago this was th talk of the town bring back an old topic
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