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fishycomics Feb 26, 2009 3:33 PM

2302 FW. no matter what Fw is in the device, I am unsure why we have certain issues or challenges. we all here sorry there are no firmware for the gvs, will void warranty, or it's the best one out there that we offer...

I am no pro, just your poor man, and if you take a look at these shots, some who follow me will know the city shots are always the early Am hours. I always want to get thisshot at dawn just before the sun comes up, but imust be walking on the bridge, not driving over the bridge. both clips one of a still, the other video show identical lighting.

While the impala i could not tell the year, I had enough time to take the photo and be on my way, not just one but a few,

We. not I, most complain oh the red, the red is off. I think it is not the red, but the SENSER of the camera just look at the video still, no need to even offer you a video, that is a video still. can you see the car? Did I snap a flash. Not at all. something is suspicious. wonder if the cam has now a senser or an adjustment. lol

That is not red, a aweful red more orange, guess you are best to find that year car and match the paint charts

I have other pics these shall just do. wil newer 2402 offer a better fix, wonder if 2602 will

rgvcam Feb 28, 2009 6:25 PM

Yeah sadly my Canon HF100 seemed to have problems with red as well, such that often times they were coming out pink! I returned it to exchange it but sadly amazon said they had no more stock so only getting a refund instead. Oh Well. :(

If get more in stock at that price I may try again to see if I get a better one otherwise I may wait until Sanyo finally release those newer models. They may even be a better fit. A pity about the image stabilization but I've survived without it so far.

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