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Wayne12 Nov 18, 2009 9:40 PM

Mini review Aiptek Hi-speed AIptek HSHD (see previous comments as well).

Hmm, forgot to update this thread, terrible, noticeable noise in all but bright light in room during day. Noise at dusk, look at darker blue part of sky with thin cloud in particular. At dark night the camera seems to go to black. Latitude does not seem as spectacular as expected.

Forgot to mention has too little data-rate. I filmed events and birds flying past the camera, would turn to black squares. So few birds, over so little of the screen, I would have thought it could handle that as well, but you must realize there is sensor noise (even if you don't notice it in bright enough light) that would be sucking up additional data-rate to render, it might also be dropping the fast movement shape to give to other areas of the image. I prefer data-rates closer to 12mb/s-24mb/s for 720p60, not the often around 6mb/s that we see (please notice this is supposed to be 9mb/s variable camera).

Buggy camera, like turning itself on and off in pocket. Has some bug where is freezes up.

No firmware as of near beginning of year, no real support from Aiptek. Strange camera, available limited in America from memory. Don't know if it is available in Asia. Second camera model I come across available like this, reportedly simular in performance.

No footage, not worth it.

Warning, when camera is not available across the regular stores that sell the brand, why (is it an exclusive, is it so good they picked it up or other).

CYBERYOGI =CO= Windler Jun 3, 2010 9:43 PM

Aiptek AHD100: quick review & repair tip
On German eBay I just bought a defective Aiptek AHD 100 (silver metallic version) which turned itself off and crashed by moving the screen. It turned out that 2 metal magnets inside were broken loose and shorted out the electronics; after regluing them the cam works ok.

fraud warning: On the back of the screen door is a big sticker "HD720P, 1280x720", thus on German eBay this model is often falsely sold as "Aiptek HD 720p", which is genuinely a rare and much better camcorder (with AV-IN, larger blue case (like Aiptek AHD 300) etc.). Another AHD 100 variant with that sticker on German eBay seems to be Aiptek AHD C100 (black with 12 megapixel fake photo resolution and HDMI out?).

The type sticker in my battery compartment indicates "Model: V5T2AHDAS". I assume that the model is quite similar like the US version Aiptek HD-1 but mine lacks MP3, AV-IN, mic input, histogram and even internal memory (i.e. you can save only on SD card). The microphone seems to be ok and also my battery (an edan NP60 Li-Ion 3.7V 1000mAh) does not fall out, although it was a little loose, so I bent the spring contacts forward to tighten).

The claimed video resolutions are:

[email protected] (HD)
[email protected] (WVGA)
[email protected] (QVGA)

But basically also this Ambarella cucumber has the same annoying flaws like my Aiptek AHD300 (see here). E.g. nightshot is poor thus it can not see the silver radio in my kitchen illuminated by a 15W bulb (my Jaytech DVH24 is by magnitudes better). By the lack of joystick it can not zoom into stored photos and also the clock setting works in a strange way (enter the menu with 'ok', then alternatingly select each digit with the zoom switch (arrows flash), press 'ok' again (arrows stop flashing), change that digit with the zoom switch, press 'ok' again (arrows flash) and so on - finally press 'mode' to exit). The case is smaller but still a bit bulky.

A noticeable difference to my AHD 300 is that lower resolutions are in 4:3 instead of 16:9 screen ratio. Also the microphone gain is less overdriven, i.e. it is quieter but also has less static noise and doesn't seem to distort that easy.

- hardware & repair

My specimen repeatedly crashed (turned off) by moving the screen and only could be switched on again after re-inserting the battery. Holding a screwdriver against the case surface under the screen (next to the power button) made a strange click where I felt the magnet. After opening the case and unscrewing the PCB it turned out that both metal magnets had come loose and caused short circuits against the PCB. :mad:

DANGER: Loose metal magnets may be a common fault of these camcorders (likely caused by drop or mechanical impact) and the resulting short circuit may theoretically make the lithium battery explode like a firework rocket - releasing fire and highly poisonous smoke and burn residues. Thus immediately remove the battery if yours shows the same symptoms.

When you dismantle the camcorder, regard that the black electrolytic capacitor (330V, 60uF) stores about 300V for the flash and may give you a really painful electric shock when touched at its contacts, thus before you handle it, discharge it with a big resistor of some kOhm (you may use the mains plug of a non-electronic soldering iron or a big lightbulb for this) across its 2 wires. To avoid damage, do not short it directly (through screwdriver etc.). Regard out to glue magnets back with correct polarity; the side with glue stains must be glued back on. Both magnets have different shape and fit into matching embossed rectangles in the left plastic cover. One magnet refuses to stay in place because it is attracted by the screen hinge. Place a magnetic washer or coin against the other case side to make it stay in place (pull plastic bag over the screen to prevent scratches by it). If you use superglue, unplug the screen cable and store the rest elsewhere for some hours to protect optic parts from destruction by superglue vapours.

To see the firmware, enter the mode menu, hold down 'zoom w' and press 'photo shutter' for some seconds; scroll down with 'zoom w'.

Mine displays the following firmware info:

Model: V5T2AHDA-32MB
FW ver: 2004
lib: sdk3.2-1024
Date: Nov 18 2008
Time: 21:04:46
Update : sd_v5t2-32M.bin
Sensor : MICRON 5M
Panel : AU2.4''
Calibration Info
BadPix  : 1
LensCalib : 1
VigCalib : 1
WBCalib : 1
Production Info
Date: 2008-09-26
Time: 13:11:13
Line_Num: L5
Worker_Num: W7129
Level: 97
WPN: MIP-080900343

The mainboard type is "V5T2AHDA-MAIN, REV:A". The CPU is "Ambarella, A2-A1-RH, P49611.00A-1, 0812-TA, A250C". Near the case front are empty SMD solder joints for a small IC and some discrete stuff as well as what looks like test pins. Does anybody know if the US version of this camera has here parts or jumpers (solder blobs) inserted to enable AV-IN?

babya Feb 8, 2011 10:02 PM

Got one of these today for $40 at Big W (
Video quality when not using the digital zoom is quite OK and I like having a setting for shooting at night (night shot). Using a WB setting like daylight makes lighting look quite accurate.

I find the screen is quite easily seen in strong sunlight.

No problems with taking photos or videos-no "yellow" photos for instance on mine.

The quality of the HD 720P video is quite good and looks great on my HDMI equipped Sony Bravia TV(the Aiptek includes a short mini-HDMI to HDMI cable).

Also there's a composite cable included for older TV's and a AC adaptor and USB cable (one or the other can be used to charge).

I often get good quality videos and photos when there's a good amount of light.

Tried night shot at nightime and it's OK.

Photo resolution is best set to 5MP-though you can choose 3MP or 12MP (latter is interpolated).

5MP & 12MP photos have a reasonably nice quality ("interpolated" 12MP photos seems to show little noise and artifacts).

Sound quality is acceptable for me -but there's no wind cut option to reduce wind noise.

Included software is Windows only, but I can easily import its videos into iMovie '11 and Premiere Elements 9 on my Mac.

babya Feb 9, 2011 8:38 AM

Tried pressing the zoom W and photo shutter button while in the mode menu but the firmware display doesn't come up. It just seems to scroll through each option.

fishycomics Feb 11, 2011 6:08 AM

Aiptek HD-1 HSHD Model

Wayne12 Feb 11, 2011 6:44 AM


I have now completely nonfunctional High Speed HD (except for the 2GB drive but that corrupts anyway). Has anybody figured out how to access the internal settings or upgrade the firmware yet, it might help? The normal way does not work on the HSHD.

On the good side, I don't feel half dead as often, (now often 1/4 dead ;) ) , they have just upgraded me to broadband an hour ago, so 31kb/s days are hopefully gone.

Wayne12 Mar 12, 2011 2:40 AM

New Frimware?
Has anybody gotten any new firmware from Aiptek, or found how to access the internal settings (the normal method used on the other cameras will not work)?

They also seem to have a new model that is the 720p HSHD.

Snap, I just asked this last month.

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