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vdsl Oct 17, 2006 1:14 PM

Someone used this cam ? I wannt to buy it, but i cant make a mistake with purchase, because i cant buy it in my country, so i need to order it online.
It say it support PMP, that mean it play Xvid, divx videos ?
What about quality of pictures/video/mp3 ?
Thanks. (I could not find any review online, thats why i ask here)

fishycomics Oct 17, 2006 1:50 PM

this is as close to English as I can get

it is a talked before topic. may be located pass page 2 or 3.

a great mp3 player feature over anything else as mentioned.

PMp or R recorder that means av input anyset top box hooked in wil lrecord that show.

HDDV 8300

Digitaler Camcorder, Digitale Kamera, Voicerecorder - Videoaufzeichnung im MPEG-4-Format für längere Aufnahmen - schwenkbares Display

  • 5 Megapixel CMOS Sensor, bis zu 8 Megapixel durch Hardwareinterpolation [/*]
  • Unterstützung des hochkomprimierenden MPEG-4 Videoformats [/*]
  • 2,0" LTPS LCD Display [/*]
  • Integrierter Slot für MMC/SD Cards [/*]
  • Integrierter Slot für CF Cards/MicroDrive [/*]
  • 4x Digitaler Zoom (Echtzeit) [/*]
HDDV8300, AV-Kabel, Tasche, Stativ, Trageschlaufe, Li-Ion Akku, Anleitung, CD-ROM

mitgelieferte Software:
CiberLink PowerDirector, ULEAD PhotoExplorer, ULEAD Photo Express


vdsl Oct 17, 2006 6:19 PM

Tnx for response. Here is english version :

What im interested is: if someone have this cam here ? Some experience ?
And how much battery life will be ? How much time i can record Vga quality on 2gb memory card ?

I cant get this answers anywhere, i hope someone could help me. Thanks.

fishycomics Oct 17, 2006 6:47 PM

1. no one online yet in here that I know of owns this model, but from my understanding of Owning quite a few are as follows:

A battery life on a 3.7vdc 850 mah Li-On runs exactly under 2 hours of battery life.

from start up to record, and allow constant record time. till camera exhausts out, causing curruption due to not stopping record.

This means that 1chr 30 min's is the amount of time for record, with turn on/off throught the day or periods. A spare is always best to have, as well as a memory card.

B. memory. older version mpeg4 usesa different compression, file size etc. cmos, ccd sensor will also play a roll with the memory, and mpeg4.

the Mustek dv series cameras I own can use store on a 512 sd card 2 hr 54 min 20 sec of low quality, while on high, 1 hr 30 mins, at AVI format

On the Aipteks which is at todays latest file size of 1 meg, 48 mins at vga, Qvga 1 hr 20 plus at ASF format.

2. SInce they're talking about 3.7vdc @ 1600, we need to know what the rate of battery output is.

Thinking Longer run time it aounds like 2 hours or more .

I Believe the run time would be around 20 minutes tops of 2 hours run time no more, i have used a 100 mah on the camera andsee no difference in run time at all.

Possable that the existing charger will charge a 850 at 2.5 hrs and fill just that amount. the higher the mah the longer the time. Iforget.

3. last note. since this hybrid has other features it's possable the tft screen is differentand also less features to the camera will add battery life.

again 2 hours on the battery, ad 1 hr 20 mins on the card. If you ask me nothing on the Market that says 5 hrs play time asSUpacam stated at their shows.............

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