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WELCOME. video's are being updated

Aiptek MPVR 2K6 (2006) 6 mega pixal also known as an aiptek 6800 (export model)
updated models: PVR,Zoom-dv,Mz-DV, and DV5800.
This topic will be a hands on review of the New Aiptek MVPR 2k6 6 mega pixal camera


We'll talk about description,homepage information, over view of body style, steps in video, stills, mp3, dvd/vcr playback , and many other features .

Price to date
Retails usc 200.00. sale usc 150.00online purchase as well as store purchase: target 149.00 usc. lowest price recorded$49.00 Feb 2007


Section 1 description from aiptek.com homepage
Aiptek's MPVR is the first hand held multi-functional Media Player / Video Recorder which allows you to connect to your TV/VCR/DVD player to record your favorite TV shows, Movies, video clips, pictures, audio recordings, and playback on the huge built-in 2.4" TFT color LCD or on your 60" TV for under $200! If that wasn't enough, the MPVR also performs as your MPEG-4 DV Camcorder recording Super VHS quality video (640 x 480 VGA resolution at 30 frames per second), 3 Mega Pixel Digital Camera with 5 Mega Pixel enhancement, Voice Recorder, and SD Card Reader / Removable Hard Disk! The most convenient personal entertainment solution with exceptional value and features! no webcam feature
Fig 1

This is The Aiptek MPVR(movie picture video recorder)
personal media and player recorder.
max resolution up to 6 megapixalsvga @30fps / mpeg4 for recording videos
Digital video stabilization
mp3 player
huge 2.1/2" tft screen color lcd
Night mode
flash strobe
digital zoom
Tv / vcr output
rechargable battery with charger
removable hardrive sd card / mmc reader

Hardware Resolution
2848 x 2136Pixels (6 Mega Pixel)
2048 x 1536 Pixels (3 Mega Pixel)
1280 x 960 Pixels (1 Mega Pixel)

Sensor Effective Resolution
2048 x 1536 Pixels (3 Mega Pixel)
Video Resolution
640 x 480 Pixels (VGA) up to 30 fps 320 x 240 Pixels (QVGA) up to 30 fps
2.4" TFT Color LCD Display (Preview and Playback)
Digital Zoom4x
Internal Memory512 MB DDR for buffer & 32 MB Flash Memory (16 MB for Storage)
AV Output Supports NTSC/PAL Color Systems
Voice Annotation Up to 1 hour (using internal memory)
Self-Timer 10 seconds
Image Format JPEG, MPEG-4
Focus Range Macro: 40 cm / Normal: 250 cm to Infinity
Exposure ControlAuto; EV: +2 ~ -2
White Balance 5 Modes (Auto / Sunny / Cloudy / Fluorescent / Tungsten)
Still Image Effect 3 Modes (Normal / Black & White / Classic)
Computer Interface USB 2.0 Mass Storage
Power Saving Auto Power Off if Idle over 60 Seconds
Power Source8210 850 mAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery, USB Port when Plugged into PC
Camera Dimensions 4.1" x 2.6" x 1.25"
External Memory Built-in SD Card Slot (Max. 2 GB) (Not Included)
Flash Built-in Flash Strobe
Microphone Built-in Microphone
Speaker Built-in Speaker and Headset Connector for MP3 and Movie Playback

Package Contents
MPVR CameraLithium Ion Battery Battery Charger USB Cable AV Output Cable
Headset (Ear Buds)Wrist Strap User's Guide
Included Software
Camera Manager CyberLink Power Director Pro ULead Photo Express SE
ULead Photo Explorer


Section 2 personal review

Chapter One
Research will be a key issue to finding a hybrid camera, The Aiptek MPVR is shown on a number of sights, and has been available for online introduction Aug. 13, 2005,no MPVR's were available for shipment or introduced out on the world wide web. Watching Aipteks homepage they introduced the new MPVR to the market in sept 25th-30th, 2005with full details and pictures, offering you a incentive Purchase in advance, and recieve 50.00 off the suggested 200.00 price. conditons applied,that ment you had to wait for production of the camera,in route to its shipping outlets , then ship to the consumer.Amazon made their list to add the camera , and sure others are to follow Once the camera has resource , you'll be having plenty of places to review them at.this is a start.overview:research, sites,info is out there,review companies webpage.

Chapter Two.
review of Aiptek MPVR from the homepage. reading the info provided on http://www.aiptek.com you may notice This is a 6megaxal camera
5 mega pixal enhanced ,is it 5 or 6 meg's?it is a 3 meg camera with hardware/software (interpolated)enhanced on the highest setting. that means When you take a picture and your setting is at the lowest in this case 2048x1536 (sensor effective resolution) you get 3.1 megapixals no software minupulating it. If you are taking a picture at the highest setting 2848x2136 you are taking a 3.1 meg pixals and software is being used to minupulate your picture for better quality.

the video Player feature, a year ago, you had to place your camera up, and turn on a television show , walk away , keeping the noise down. today it is all rca or sterio plug imputs , no more worries about finding codecs and converters. it is a vcr recorder, meaning any outsource can be hooked into the camera, with the adaptors.
The strobe flash , throws light (2 flash or 3 flashs) for darker enviorments: the site left out red eye reduction, slow motion etc, remember economy means keeping costs down this will one day be an attachment feature , modifications are needed.

Stablization the IS-DV, was the first, then mustek Jumped in with their version**********soon to be released winter time ( will correct if found the correct model), now Aiptek has their second stabilized camera. a great feature when your hands cannot keep still, or for older people.

Aiptek now introducing their Low light lux to the camera, as we know the mustek had thisand called it night mode making the vid and pic grainy soon to see.

Mp3 player is in sterio, loud , and with titles , if songs are cripted with signiture, otherwise it is numbered

digital zoom, but no optical zoom,
and now they finally added a usb power supply with its docking recharger, the IS-DV only had a docking charger, but the usb was just for viewing no power.


Section3 Review of take off brands
dv9300, 5300mustek looks simular but may not be a take off
digilife ddv-v1 m1 retails over 200.00


http://www.ispan.com.tw also resembles the camera

Looking at the digilife , they have few models we'll just use this one as an example the screen is 2.1/2" 3buttons on the screen, navigation almost identical, a tilt screento pivit sideward down. little joystick simular rca jack or jacks .and much more can be said for digilife as well as aiptek.
digilife aiptek


Section 4My review asI see the camera in picture detail.

Welcome to my review. How I was able to get my camera and more. I researched, and noticed the Aiptek MPVR on sale 149.99 (condition)retails 200.00, 2 week special. What I did was research online further, sept.28,2005 an Auction was put up and won,it closed at over 50% off the retailprice. Now waiting for the shipment , it has arrived . You'll notice the package is protected with a secure plastic bag , and bubble wrapping inside another bag , inspecting the item, all in perfect order, in a plastic container , no way to open unless you have a scissors .
1. shipped2. container

3. all its contents carefully out of the box, not to damage it, you can save it to repackage for future use. All contents are there EXCLUDING the most important items the tripod,carry case, lens cap.

4. Reading the quick guide and the user manual, (glancing) there are 54 pages of information, not one of them is inadifferent language, like others . My first priority is to get the battery charged. As a previous owner , remembering it takes up to 4 hours and do not have anything near the charger as it is a loose fit the part number faces away from you. There are1 l.e.d. it lights red which lites for not charged and the other is green when it is fully charged, and stays green charged and no battery in it. does not get hot.

3. contents 4. charging unit

5. This is the quick guide , and the manual really good indetails picphonics and reading material. may be easy to understand but always a refrence guide if you do not like toread the paper there is a pdf file , email folder to read. Along with an paper or online registration

6. recommend you review what you have on your pc, and understand this is*designed for WINDOWS ,XP only unless noted* The software is NOT I repeat not the same as the older versions totally different, and very happy to see a change. simple to the point.
1. Muvee auto producer 4. 2.arc soft photo imression *3. Arc media card reader I recommend not loading this due to Xp and its own card reader, I am used to my set up, you'll need to learn a new one. and 4.media conveter super helpful.
loading the pmp dv driver it loads windows media 10 and/or upgrades codec and directx9 great amount of software, for the camera hundreds of dollars of software.in a plain silver disk hard to read if looking for it Please protect it , and make back ups most important item besides the camera.
5 quick guides 6. software titles

7.Hands on the camera, taking note whenI opend up the package and did not mention, camera does have flaws, and if it past the inspectors it must be good. nothing ever looked, spanking clean pic 7 The left one which is what we are viewing, the flash is whatI am most interested in the picture now.almost3/16 x 5/8 or bigger.As to the next one 5300 1/8x1/2 mustek4500 1/8 by 1/2. Lets look at the rest of the front, lower bottom , you attach the strap while the 1/16 by 2" metal may resemble mirror like finish to see yourself , but the lens flips all the way around as noted in no.3 content. lens are smaller then but bigger then the others no attachment for this lens but modifications for the future . below the flash looks like a soft red light rather then a beaming blue or red l.e.d. no front mic located big hands may just barely get away from blocking the flash. has a good grip will display in another Pic.

8. Either side view on the back . 5300 is the same size as mustek is still a better size Aiptek 4 inchs and musteks 3 inchs.

7. lens comparison flash light 8. size on the side

9. avatar of angles fits in the hand and a good size at that

10. top left looking at the camera in hand fits nicely, got to be careful not to grip over the flash, lens sensor deep in camera and coverd flash sticks out just a tab so you know you are not covering it, but finger will get in its way anyway.
upper right the tft lcd screens big, and when opening the camera will go in an ON mode, where is the on switch inside on the frame of the camera lit in blue a timer look. machro/infinity on a switch by my thumb

mid left all the controls you'll ever need. on the upper potion it says dv-dsc( abbr. one side to the left has its own record on its right its own still record. perfect like my old 5300 I love that feature , can we takea video and a still while recordingno not a feature yet on this.the dv-dsc lights up for your flash ready etc in a outer circle motion will show in an avatar there is also a mode and menue with a joystick they are your navigation through settings left on the joy controls the flashs right on it controls the cloud sun auto etc. you can use the menu mode to access other features .night mode is in there with all other effects some settings are shortcuts others need thumbing. lower section is a string closed cover where your usb and av in cable located while earbud outside

mid right will be your battery cover and behind that is where the sd card goes in on the bottom has a speaker on top
lower left is the top of the camera a mic why there most mics in front catch wind and noise ,I guess they thought it would be better up there, can always have thumb just behind it to reflect sound? lower right, your tripod screw, and bottom stand if screen is open camera falls. lay flat for potection

this concludes the hands on over view
camera is packed in a container with all contents, has a wonderful design, it is the 2nd stabilization camera , and many added features,

flash is bigger, controls are nicely placed battery is compact and a lithium making the unit extra light. very silvery look with a silver edition look to it. camerais eye catching, a huge tft screen flips 180 plus degrees and closes to an open position has tilt down when in a 90 degree position. and sure ther are more to comment

big hands need to lower grip, joystick is in the open but flush to the body, battery case needs opening every time a sd /mmc card change or battery switch, leads to extra battery cover. brand new out of the box expect better protection. no tripod no case, no lens cap cover finger may throw flash off, and thumb may misdirect sound, while opening and closing the av in usb cover may lead to removal, battery charger constant on and sure we can name a few more.

Sectio 5 Test run of the camera pictures, video, battery life

picture settings we have a number of settings

wb consists of auto sunny, cloudy, flourescent, tungsten ( light bulb) 10 different photo frames histogram auto flash force flash off, effects normal, b&w classic (saphire) ep (exposure) -2-+2, self timer stabilizer, date stamp, Pic 1m 1280x960 3m 2048x1536 6m 2816x2112 vid vga 640x480 qvga 320x240

Battery life test. using the camera for test it completed all the shots vids , etc on a single charge, filled a 128mb and internal memory just a few mbs left. will futher test on video, and stills.

Battery charge time 2.5 hours time duration 290 shots 90 minutes on a fully charged battery claimed by Aiptek
optional battery at aiptek (np-60 will not fit 1/8 icn bigger all around )

LOW LIGHT flash night mode
no matter what format we decide to useI am going to work with just one (3meg default setting) they will all look the same online and will post a higher quality for personal use to print on a perfect surrounding

1. There is no rush on snapping a good shot so as I said this is just a test. A light is on eliment bulb 2 60 watts not at full for low light situation, pic no.1 you may notice popeye and tom and jerry it is a yellow foto on a white wall will give a good light reflex. it is dark i am about a good 6 feet away to 8 feet the most.

pic no.2 same scenerio, the flash , throws about 3 flashs out there (possable red eye setting but none available) you can make out popeye, casper etc. better

the last pic no.3 never guess the setting? it is night mode, NO FLASH, just the reguar light at low, . it is 7:30 pm sun is way gone. no.4 is a flash at about 6 feet away solar light on top but very lil light at all, flash is changed, and no nightvision,

Low lite is completed and passes the test in my book even though it may have some kick back or blur the night shot with the flowers proves to me it is far better then the mustek, and the no.3 with its night mode, you must have light in order to have night mode to work, no light will give off no picture commen sense

here is a direct link for the night shot of the flowers if you feel it is neccssary to print out or work with the orginal here you go http://img34.imageshack.us/img34/8125/pict00078va.jpg

Conclusion. low light setting really works out fine you will get a perfect shot when you take your time, the night mode is perfect, the low light with correct distance is excellent outdoor shot is absolutey priceless

Pro's nightmode perfect, flash perfect, still shot no complaints with standard features on low light

Con's hand control, with flash night mode in total darkness does not work there are really no bad points just holding securely for a good shot. hand away from sensor and flash. machro set if close up.
*note no stabilization was used, night mode and flash stabilization would not made low light shot better.

SUNNY DAY setting auto, sunny
it is a nice sunny day, 8 am skyis clear, but needs burning off. 10-15 feet away sun on my right about 5 o'clock position
The Picture on the leftsunny and shinning down on impaitientsit is like a ton of flourescents lights hitting it, The Picture on the right has the sunny mode on and ithas ahoney color, that is really the color of the wood pine shows the true color no fading.
two more pics at high noon.
1 regular on auto 2, regular on sunny

added picture is with a flash not at night but in a dark setting on a rain day 2 flashs and every black tile is a foot apart 15 of them you decide if the flash is worth it my final flash shot will be posted .

these two pics below are in towards the sun never pointed to the sun 1. makes all subject or landscape dark and loss of color in sky the pic on the left where the sun is over head at 10 am on the right pic. The sun is just to the left and away from the glare on the water picking up all light to view, as a swan is floating by ripples in the bay, and sail boats seen in the distant with houses

Cloudy Section
Here we are viewing two typical shots,Auto, Cloudy mode, as I am stopped insome traffic on a perfect cloudy day sun is pushing out , like the sky is full of cloudsat 1pm,this seamed to be the perfect shot for the moment, it is a tan house with a huge greent tree with various colors in the picture. Auto shot,we see the natural look of the shot keeps a bluish tint baby blue to it, the sky has a hint of blue but not much over the house nice and clear. The Cloudy feature is on and still not moved , just my camera position by a tab the cloudy mode gives a hit of Sun color street is not like the black tar it is, the house has a honey look to it , possable it is that color but tan for sure. it sure adds color to the propper areas but the sky is no longer a hint of blue over the house, and the tree lost some green just seems a little hazy, like the mourning hours from 6am-9 am the sun coming up. it is a perfect example and completes the test , there will be overcasted days that may look like rain real grey that is where the test is really needed.
1 auto feature cloudy on

6 meg shots on a cloudy day ( pic below) at 2pm on auto, there is no need for corection ground is brown perfect, sky is cloudy perfect, and some haze as well, perfect, these two shots will be used for additional sampling

Above , left shot is a guard rail anda close up on the pigions, 25 feet away software can be used to crop this close for perfect shots. gives you an idea what the camera is made out of for stills...
this shot below is of a rainy day if on a vacation and think the rain shall put a damper on your spiritsbut stil shoot your vid shot etc. lets look at the video as well


rain vid
Two in one
two in one what does that mean?

two in one allows you to capture one subject in a picture and then add yourself again as long as you do not shut the camera and frame off at that time. it is like a double exposure we'll have a video demo. It is really a split screen if you see something you like you set the two in one feature on, the left half shows up leaving the right half blank, snap the shot, then the right half has the pic while the left is blank. snap the pic , you have a split screen shot. (night mode avalable) see vid sample

vid http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ki4F-zlw-TM

Working with the zoom
as we know digital zoom is only as good as the camera. Here we have a shot on the left about 250-500 feet away a seagull, notice how colorful the sky is and sun is at around a 7 o'clock on auto a good picture, when I zoomed in I located the seagul, and snapped pic it's on the right. loss of color but you see the yellow sign the sky is dull or hazy , it is a little hazy but not like the left side. Zoom is as said only as good as the camera. 4x

machro ~ 28 inchs to infinity machro 20 inchs to 28 inchs this is Aipteks machro. machro on a major camera will be as close as a few inchs picturewill show you (view the histogram shot 2 -4 inchs away cropped)

the left side has the correct distance 20 plus inches and you may crop to get a better close up the pic on the right is what machro should be a few inchs away but it is blurred.

here are two machro shots, again perfect holding will get you the propper focus one is the Aiptek and the other by a olympus very easy to pick out you take a guess which is colourful.. as you judge the piture lets not forget look around see what is really nice and clear , the brick and other details. sometimes a center point is needed pic on top is Aiptek pic on bottom is Olympus

Photo frame

In the menu mode thumb down to the photo frame . there are ten different photo frames to choose from as in the below picture you see you have a border, once you choose a frame you must go to the rec/still screen snap your shot. this will not work for video shots. also done on software no perminent photo on the camera it is there you must crop out if do not like

these are the other 9 photoframes


A histogram is a specialized type of bar chart. Individual data points are grouped together in classes, so that you can get an idea of how frequently data in each class occur in the data set. High bars indicate more points in a class, and low bars indicate less points. In the histogram show above, the peak is in the 40-49 class,to learn about a histogram :http://www.skymark.com/resources/tools/histograms.as sgspirit wrote an excelent review on a histogram o better understand please review both sites http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=68359&forum_id=92
A histogram As I am not an expert on that will ask a person who knows more graphic detail in bars to tell you got a perfect pic or not
this machro from a olympus* and shows the histogram on the Aiptek mpvr

Ep (exposure settings)
Exposure setings -2 to to +2 as aiptek on the older version kept this at -3 to +3, and -1.5 -+1.5 now made the setting limited. for those who do not know what this is, it is shutter or light to be letin the camera example from left mid , right -makes dark 0 makes natural + makes bright this will hold true in darker situations everse settings

Flash we talked about the flash shots in low light situations I'll place a vid up here for review , as my eyes are adjusting from the burst, it is hard to see the keys . the flash throws not one , but two or three seperate flashs. Powerful. Inside the flash is the self timer

vid flash at night http://media.putfile.com/Movie_00035647

Self timer the self timer is a 10 second timer and where is it located in the pic below you'll see the flash, and below the flash (for now review no.7 above in chpt 1 or 2) you'll notice a red box called front l.e.d. indicator I am to be amazed that the l.e.d. for the timer is located in the flash, now and that is a sensor

avatar and vid link http://media.putfile.com/Movie_000238

Front l.e.d. indicator

Possable red indicator section a sensor? i think so i think not?what does it do. for now i need to examine my camera to see if it has a front record pic indicator or flash till then I'll update later. untill other owner's sign in we'll see if this is the led light?? I beieve its a sensor....

Conclusionof still in auto, and wb features no matter what type of still shots you are taking, let the "Auot" feature do its job, and , inf needed switch to " manual" features (wb) puts color in its perspective order.
Pro's Takes the guessing out ofwhat setting you need to be in, perfect shots at the correct angle, when needed night mode allows for that important information gathered. forceful flash,very powerful, zoom is steady when you need to get close up.

right now the stills ae very impressive crisp clear, and in the wrong setting blurry, or distorted. fingers covering flash leads to bad picture. I am sure I have some more comments later on.

VIDEO VGA (640X480) QVGA (320X240)
This the real test the video footage we been waiting for. Sunny conditons
Day time, early morning, datime afternoon, sunset.
I have taken a 20 second clipand picked a roof top of an Airplanecoming in for a landing it is at the mourning hour , perfect sky formation at theend. (upload sites may alter video) video updated aug 2006

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdoHvPdV9PIthis vid shows a little fun and how one can do certain things with software, this is me doing a lil commercial, for you. showing hte MPVR and you will see the IS-DV in the left side, what I may have been filming with was a Mustek 4500.

1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jn_BYnKXbV8
this is at high resolution, 10 seconds 3 plus meg film may be just a little seperated asI am viewing the orginal file no compressions no stabilization it is a good video.

2 .http://media.putfile.com/CLIP00132799aug-feb will work
this is a 13 sec shot driving with the stabilizer on an example how shaky one can get while driving, and a good video. more shots will be added when the occasion pops up.

3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jT7ocr0OVxUthis is a 30 second video of he early morning hour very calm and Pleasant.

4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C0SCF9iYrWAhere you wil see an Airplane and zooming in on a excellent shot at the early hours , showing the zoom feature

Night mode comparision

5. http://youtube.com/watch?v=unndEkn9VpUnight time with a lil zoom, camera has enough light to pick up a car over 60 feet away. as you may notice it may not be the clearest shot at all. if it has night mode on it'll purple on the film.

6. http://youtube.com/watch?v=y-7ykWawUGcnight shot w/o features as you may notice I have at least 2 100 waatt bulbs on or 2 60 watts at the time I pann around all well lit, then I walk outto a low lit area the camera does wonders in the right conditions in others it will fail.

4. combined regular night time at 4 am with nightmode
http://media.putfile.com/nightmodeaug -feb still works

As the night is almost over and at its darkest time the sun is not near , the day is forecasted overcast and cloudy, driving in it was just that dark, downtown at the courthouses, you'll notice a few things, street lamps, car lights, a walking person sign in orange 6 feet tall. taken 200 plus feet away. the night time at regular shows great detail, and left just as that perfect , the night mode stress's out the film like old age taking color and giving it some purple andmore, what really gets noticed is the double yellow line it is hard to see in regular but protrudes out in night mode. depending on what you want to do with night mode in video, it may best be tested in all lighting conditions ,the test can be very long and time consuming. if you truly needto film , catching your naighbors dog making or something truely personal, it can be done but loss of quality and high file size. test is complete

conclusion video at high resolution is best, may take more file size, and using stabilization 1.5 more, and night mode even more very sturdy, very nice video filminglight adjustment from dark to light is noticed but more secure. a lot is offered and taken into effect here.

sun glare is controled, stablization is perfect, zoom is a steady stream. finding the video functions in mode is easily learned distant video is able to be seen fps are 30fps for high res , holds trueand there are more machro is clear, and more


video file size is eaten up by extra features, not a problem, whn needed. zooming needs to be controlled, low res is for internet andneeds to have a middle setting for the res. night mode takes the color out to be expected loss of vid grain ,etc. otherwiseI am sure i can find some more cons


dvd/vcr/tv/etc player output mono to cameras imput. There is no power supply. if you are going to film a tv show, battery must be strong, or your camera near the pc or an extended usb cable for constant power.

This is Demostration two videos one showing the camera accepting the signal to the camera, and the actual camera footage . there is No other means of quality to really show on this demo, as file size is limited to hosting site. filmed in VGA(640x480) ( may be altered by site)

1. http://media.putfile.com/IMAG0014719
2. http://media.putfile.com/CLIP002271
3. http://media.putfile.com/CLIP002375

External lens attachment

conclusion perfection able to film and take on the go but battery life is an issue for extended plays ( extra batteries needed) and may lose viewing point if battery is removed..

PRO's You get a vcr/dvd recorder in the camera at 640x480 as well as low res.

CON'S posable resolution loss from 720x520 to 640x480 and smaller file size. not an issue need higher sd card for longermovies.

*note When plugging in cable be sure you have av in to the correct spot and the auand vid to output source.

Sd cards accepts sandisk, panasonic without a problem 128,256,512 , 1gig and 2 gigvarious speed will be a higher price.. saves files as dcim/100media/clip or pict when you need to know what is a pic or vid no guessing, otherscameras saveas image and hard to tell what is what.

MP3 section

mp3 plays nicely on the camera without a hitch. volume control, in stereo format. First time usersmustknow how tocreate a file, and have your songs in mp3 format. this may be done with provided software , at a later date we'll show you how.

steps to creating a file turn camera on go to mp3 location, press enter. next step plug usb cable in mp3 file is created. drag song in and go back to the camera and go back to the mp3 section finished. that simple

Mp3 video steps on how to get started. http://media.putfile.com/mpvrmp3

In the picture below are of an older version mustek.(left) and the mpvr , this is what the mp3 screen looks like , when a song is added to the file as in the vid demo above.I added the pic so you may see it has titles , not all of the songs name but good enough to know what it is.

voicce recorder

webcam feature N/A

Software feature

Here wewill review the software , the newest version Aiptek and Arc are offering with the camera, I'll show a video demo, place a video sample and steps to producing the video. it is very simple to do. and then we'll understand why extra software was needed like the convertor software.additional vid steps are located in a separate threadhere is the link: http://www.stevesforums.com/forums/view_topic.php?id=70419&forum_id=92

1st video 54 meg 30 sec video sample (youtube converted to their format)http://www.youtube.com/?v=nPCU2Rekjmw

1 This is Muvee producer 4
http://media.putfile.com/18543muvee sample from the software itself
this is a video sample of muvee producer
Below is a view of the softwares main page It is a lot of software for someting that is needed,will take time again to learn a new item
Apon opening up the software there are just the basics to get you started I'll post a few steps on how to use the software, as I enjoy using Win movie maker2 and video works and others more added features sometimes the camera company are limited to the full versions. muvee 1.0 only accepted avi iles and limited.

2. Photo impressions looks like an orginizer for all your video and filming , etc

3.CONVERTER Software.This will allow you to take any I repeat any software form any source, convert over to Aipteks firmware and watch movies on the go. how to do a conversion? stay tuned for a vid. (see link in software section)

You can take a mustek vid asf file and transfer to the camera no conversion needed, but you cannot take a wmv file over, unless you convert. how long does this take as long as the video is. very easy to do we'll do a demostration, see link below:


4.Arcsoft card reader is available ( windows xp already have one) directs you to locations, etc.

5. and an Online manual if you missplace the orginal to print out in pda format

6.pvp driver, and aiptek cable or cables.

Special note

* when you plug in the usb cable ( from the camera pkg ( not from older viersion cameras pkg) the software load follow instructions, then plug camera in hit on xp finds new hardware1 driver appear.s I had to reload 5x finding out my video usb cable was from the 5300 and did not allow the camera to work, even though it did once say new hardware , not from the camera, can be tricky


these are of an mustek 4500 and an aipte IS-DV examples only till the mpver arrives or for comparision
This is an example of how the picture will be displayed 4x3 if any picture is too big for the screen it will be resized ,an cropped to fit.

ski is colorful and can be told there is character ther but still not a perfect picture for both

mustek dv4500 left side Aiptek IS-DV right side

cropped and broght in for a close up you see how grainy it gets , but stil a good pic

Thank you one and all. this complets the review just some fine tuning in the software,,voice recorder and other areas, always updating to prepare all .

My Full conclusion cannot be said at this time, but I can comment at this moment.

We must still do a side by side comparision of the older viersion cameras, to the higher end models. as a Owner of Two brands or more, the mustek dv3000,3500,4500(5000), Aiptek dv5300 ex Owner hanshing 301, dxg202v, Aiptek IS-DV

In the order why I chose these cameras.

Owner of them now

Olympus d490z 3x opt with vid no sound major brand perfection in stills and vidno sound love the battery life etc, priceless recommend to anyone

Mustek dv3000 My first starter video recorderlacking mp3 pixalates when enlarge (video) Perfect beginner and internet camera, I can make avi movies and make avatars in a snap. simple to use perfect beginner camera, extra long battery made my vacations PRICELESS, sold on design and vid with audio. 2002I recommend this for young kids 8-13

Mustek dv3500 when I came back from vacation, I grabbed this camera in a heartbeat due to higher meg and higher vid/still file with mp3 etc features thought I would finish here and not get a new one. recommend this to all ages a great beginner camera with two features left out machro and flash.

mustekdv4500 (5000) I was missingthe two features flash and machro, and this would deffently stop my purchse for a new one .1 meg higher then the last, same file size etc. different color to bodies with zooming was a added bonus smoother but lack the steady stream in high mode , I use this as my dress up camera and the 3500 as my work camera do all my repairs, and projects with them. 3000 retired and used for avation etc when neccessay.

Aiptek dv5300 noticed the body style and thought a change may be needed about an inch smaller and almost the only aaa system camera out there with a full flip screen. i save up internet points and grabbed the camera at 1/2 off I love the camera and have no complaints at all the sound may be just a tab low and no mp3 player battery life is just a tab shy.ha s a great feature hybirnation.recommend to a adult a little more care needed due to the screen

ex Owner no longer

Hanshing 302v or 305 4aaa battery Beuitiful design different colours to shoose from, lovely, never got to use this badboy due to sd card cutting out 5 flashs camera dead, camera crashes and had to remove battery filming, stillan excellent one at that to they fix the problem I would pick antoher one up for sure. recommend f no flaws were there, this was a copetitor to the mustek 5500 at the time. that was my choice.

dxg202v camera wasreal light missing internal feel flash was so big, it di not do the trick I needed to do vid was fair, just thought I should have a better hand on something that had missing features future spots for buttons etc. returned camera recommend to the beginner for sure

Aiptek IS-DV was on sale grabbed the camera loved the features it offered butfelt that battery life should have lasted little longere crashed towards the end of filming or miss handeled the camera, thought I lose my sd card with the position Aiptek placed at open for dampness but covered by rubber seal. perfect stills and vid just a small currupted vid made me feal I should think twice i would purchase again since i own another product of Aiptek. recommend for sure to all an Older person due to easy use, and simple controls

My Conclusion: Owning a number of cameras I always have afavorite, I added the MPVR to my list , for a few reasons update is one major one, new software, etc. The camera is a winner in my eyes, and has a great look to it, bigger scree, more memory, higher end, and a dvd recorder on the go. it does not need a Pc to run on. I highly recommend this while supplies last, at therate they are going it is in compitition to other brands as a ECONOMY CAMERA does the job , and gets it done. needs some tweaking but all and all. A+ Good luck and hope I was informative to all..


*NOTE: this review is based on my own judgement and is not of any sales or selling scam. it is a honest review, to all who can base on what they believe in. all video/stills and advice is a learning tool, for that said I thank you for reading my review,

-------------THANK YOU,----- -MOD FISHY-------------

copyrights, trademarks of the site ,aiptek, and owners

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This is the upside or pro's of the aiptek after two months of ownership

1 excellent battery life 2 hours

2 2 gig storage size

3 powerful flash

4 big screen

5 eligan tdesign

6 will accept any, ANY format to the camera.

the list can go on and I would like to hear from others so I may add more in my comments

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This is two months of cons or the downside of ownership

As it is way past the testing point I have a number ofcomplaints that will decide if the camera needs further looking into to decide your purchase or not.

1 vid/aud synch: buffer cannot transfer the info fast enough and casue a .03 sec glitch fix editing in software. leaving 3 secs b4, and after clip, leaving the internal memory free, and reformatting, sd camera etc.

2 battery replacement expensive, and deals can me found of aftermarket brands.

3.Tripod design must have screen open before tripod on.

4. no mentioning of remote control to unit

5 no mentioning of ac adaptor to unit as 4, and 5 can be purchased at aiptek for 10-20.00

6. no lcd off feature you may be able to lower the screen light and turn it off onlyduring mp3 play

7 no ffw or rrw for mp3, or files that are not supported (asf file only ffw rew)

8. low light no vid poor low lighting

9. night mode is purpleish but grainy (normal)

the list can go on. as some to most of the features did notstop me from my purchase and return, I do dit my film anduse music, it may be an issue to others so please do not let my review be dissappointing if I cannot mention everything, I am limited and that is why I have additional sections saved for this purpose and 1 week or 1 month ma not be enough playtime

so I am placing up this complaints and liketo post them now.

Updated ino screen losens up on constant use

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I just got my Aiptek MPVR yesterday.. I got to play around with it a little (not much).. All in all I like it.. But I'm disappointed with the video during low-light situations.

My brothers Kodak CX7430 could get movie clips in light that I could barely make out anything with the Aiptek. I didn't get to play around much with the settings yet though.. It's not an issue with images so much as movies.

All in all, not bad for $150..

Still Iwould like to see these features.


o lens cap of some kind.. even if it's a plastic cap on a cloth tether
o more settings for MPEG4/video compression/bitrate
o playlist support for MP3's, and better MP3 playing controls + some graphic when playing MP3's (scroll song title, and sound-wave or eq display or something?)
o I'd like to set the whole camera in the charger/base and have it charge the battery, and an extra slot to charge a 2nd battery outside of the camera.. maybe usb there too..
o External accessable SD memory slot..
o rubber door over AV in/out instead of plastic.


o Better low-light video
o LED white-light's for video recording
o auto-focus
o CCD?? only if it would help at night??
o 2x or 4x Optical Zoom
o bluetooth

One thing that is interesting, is if you turn the camera on, and immeditally begin pressing the video record button, it will power up and record in a rainbow.. I'll have to post a video of that.. If you stop the record and restart it it will record in normal colors.

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Welcome Xi..........

Congrads on your Purchase 150.00 is a great price. where did you find this camera?

How do you like it so far , as hearing you have Some interesting remarks on the camera?

I have had some time now to play around and writen my review and hoped it explained on some details that you may have expeirenced on.

1 you say the vid on instant turn on gave you a rainbow effect Some cameras do that, if the lens has a chemicle on it like cleaning solutions. was there, or is there a protective covering? next step is to understand why you need to slow down a tab. steps to follow"

1 turn on camera let it go through the boot up. now befor you take Aim and shoot. Are you shooting ino the sun, or away from the sun?

I believe you are shooting with the sun in front of you?

if so let the camera get adjusted to the sun, 1 sec 2 sec 3 sec shoot. if you jump the gun, you'll get some glare, sun and shade adjustment as well. it is in my section under video. with the holloween house. no. 8 the sensor has no time to adjust but say what are you asking me ( the camera)to do film. i am not ready. One person in here the name of Oldhacer does not own this camera but has that rainbow effect and he may be able to answer the question as well. Are you filming in lower resolution? that also may be a factor? always shoot high resolution and allow to adjust those are my recommendations. as a previous owner Aiptek does not have a problem at all, as well as Mustek, but will give a high low adustment in lighting no rainbow. Possable defect do not get worried , take sometime to fool around with it. we'll wait for your upload.

Usb cable is a charger, battery or not the camera will work. vid in/out ran off the usb , no batt needs a longer life battery lol

better features Yes I agree we can use the case tripod lens but there was no need for it due to no webcam feature for tripod, a protective glass cover on front and plastic casing lol.

asking for a lil extra will cost the companies about mp3 opticl etc .

well thank you for the imput and looking foward for others to join keep posted.

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I got it off Ebay.. there haven't been many.. I looked for a couple of days after Aiptek soldout..

1) The 'rainbow' effect, isn't an optical thing, it's something with the electronics. It looks like if you hit record to fast, you get to see the video input in 16 color mode or something..It's not something that you have to worry about, because you have to be pressing the record button during the startup animation.. it's just interesting..

here is a video of what I mean.


it looks like the youtube site changes the res. a bit, but you get the idea. This is video of my cat inside my house at lunch. I don't consider this to be an issue, it's completely self-inflected. Stop the recording, and restart it and everything is ok.

2) I'm not shooting with the sun.. this is in a dimly lit room.. basically, inside it's trouble if you don't have direct lighting. I wonder if I could build a small super-bright white LED light that screws to the tripod mount.. LEDs, resister, and a battery, or tap the power off the camera battery.. I dunno, it would be nice to have.

I just now realized this camera doesn't have a web cam feature. I thought it did, I missed that part on the spec sheet, and your review.. I can still plug it into my TV Card though. ;-P I wish it had one.. even though I'm not sure I'd use it.

For the record, I like the camera and hope to have alot of fun with it..

At $150, it's a good deal..
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I just did some low-light stuff outside.. it was much better.. It's the indoors that seems to be the real killer.

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if read the review; you must have light to work with if no light is present no video is going to film, makes sense if understood correctly.

As for the instant record . you turn on camera nad hit record while it is booting. then you got a defect there. I cannot get the camera to do what you have done at all, it must come up to the main screen what is in front of me to film. I suggest you let the camera boot up, and when you see the subject in the screen wait 3 sec's longer then film

now I just loaded a 1 gig sd card, will reformat one mo time. I have gotten in about 5 min 5 min 15 min froze possable glitch not worried at all, just the sd card may needa reformat as always. after turned back on another 30 mins filming with two days sitting with about a number of on/off the battery finally exhausted out with a good hour of vidding so having a 1 gig card and 1 hour of battery life worth it?

as well as seeing the battery meter go from full directly down one bar , to full on/off then down to onecell left then red it taken that 1/2 hour fro 1 single cell drain, I like to see green 3 bars yellow 3 bars and then 3 red bars not going to happen

I also like to see not just a number system 10 pictures or vids in, just 10 , there is no time left not agreat feature, must remember have I taken 10 shots and movie at 1 hour etc. all in all these are comments not complaints

The 2 replies on top will soon be uploaded vid andstill and updated info on the camera they are left blank for future info. thank you for sharing the info

ps Xigram an important question please:

On thefront of the camera, the self timer hasa red led , can you tell me where the led lights up and flashs for 10 sec's, and could you ordo you have any idea of the red square under the flash is? I ask this b/c my red led flashes in the strobe flash itself, and I think that the red square may be a sensor , I know I am not right, and that may be either the record feature lol or theself timer? one may never know till someone else has one? thanx mod fishy
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Fishy, your review correctly evaluates the camera's performance in low light.. I was just hoping for a little better performance. And my ideal camera would do much better..

My brothers Kodak did better in low light, so I know it's possible.. of course, it can't match the frame rate, or other features.

I checked the auto timer, and my LED is directly under the flash, the other area is something else, I'm not sure what. It may be nothing, just something in the case mold. Or it may be a light meter, or remote control infrared input, or something else..

- Xigam
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Does your camera charge the battery when plugged into the USB power? Does the camera have to be powered? It's unclear to me if it will charge off the USB port or just run off the USB power power.


- Xigam
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