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Winter1 Aug 15, 2006 7:32 PM

I've been reading the reviewson the MPVRthrough your website forabout the last (2) to (3) weeks (Very resourceful). Based on the reviews I purchased theMPVR.My last DVwas the DXG 305 it was nice and lacked in many areas plus itfroze up about (5) months afterpurchasing it.Before that I purchased the Aiptek 4100 I gave it away because it had no flash, howeverthe Audio was very good. The MPVRseems to be an overall much better camera (I purchased the warranty, because of past experiences). In comparison with the the DXG the video and pictures are much clearer than on the DXG. The sound is much louder than on the DXG.I tried out the night light and it doeswork, many review out there stated that is was useless. Idid have to do a lot of adjustments to get the picture quality that I was looking for. I think a lot of people out there purchased these camera's expecting to go to Hollywood and win an Academy Award, when in fact their designed for entry level filming. At this point I'msatisfied with the Video and Pics, I haven't figured out how to use the MP3 yet. I never did figure that out on the last camera.

Myquestion is the Battery. Do the batteries for the MPVR's have to be purchased through Aiptek? The manual said they could be purchased "at your local shop". Is that true?

fishycomics Aug 16, 2006 2:51 AM

Winter1 Welcome

Very happy you atr being pleased by thePurcahse

Hollywood yes :G

the ghetto no:G

no pun to anyone

I better try to rephrase now

MPVR is a Pc camcorder

a sony hdd 3 ccd lens is a pro home movie camcorder

apple and oranges

batteries or Li-on can be purchased locally nokie npseries its in thethreads 8210 if not mistaken

looks a lil different but still charges the same.

Winter1 Aug 16, 2006 8:32 AM

Thanks for the info.:D I forgot to mention that my camera came with the 3.7v 850Mah (8210) and charger, up to 1100 Mah. Looks like these are aftermarket batteries, will they be around much longer. You mentioned another type of battery,if these batteries are flat what other type can they possibly take?

rgvcam Aug 16, 2006 9:17 AM

Hi Winter1,

I couldn't agree more with your comments. I treat my PVR as just a fun camera that I am just more likely to carry with me than a much more expensive better quality camcorder. You are right that a lot of people pay $100-$150 for a device that is able to record video onto regular dirt cheap low speed SD cards and then expect it to have miniDV quality at the same time.

I got it, so I can record my year old son in places where it would be too much bother to carry a regular camcorder and of course I just pop the memory card into my computer. With the shorter clips I take, I can often send them, as they are, to my brother etc. in the UK.

I had an IS-DV before which I somehow managed to lose on the way home from work one day. In fact it's the first time I have ever managed to lose a device and I have had many ie cameras, pda's you name. It is for this reason that I didn't want to get a Sanyo Xacti since a $400 loss would bite that much more and I also don't think that 2-3 times the cost equals 2-3 times the video quality either.

As long as you are aware of it's limitations, it's a fun camera. It's not meant to record main events like birthday party's etc. For that I would use a regular camcorder.

fishycomics Aug 16, 2006 10:49 AM

winter1. thank you.

RGVcam is on the ball.

I agree as well. I own not one but a good number of these lil things why each one I use for certain situations each one does the same exact thing film.............................

If i were on the waters salt water ouch don knot would be having aball with m camcorder.

we have Puled up stuff you would not believe on a hook

the battery you recieved is a nokia, and where did you Purchase your Hybrid? on Ebay? or at a local store?

we had ebay members replace orginals with a replacement, in my eyes once a box is opened its USED, or parts replaced its refurbished. but cannot think like that.

sometimes if they replace the battery its for the best you may either recieve a newer one or a outdated one NEWER one we say.........

have loads of fun. 0 foot pramemter is perfect shooting anything outside that area is ~ shot and just not worth filming but can be Priceless if caught correctly.

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