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Welcome Allow me to show explain why a review is needed .

credits to MPVRR, and BOBBYBOODA, and BIGRON

Welcome ladies and gents and kids of all ages. This is a review of a replacement aftermarket battery later will be a video if need but an animated gif may be suited for this opic and answer those questions we have

Here we will direct you to where to puchase a battery at your region , rahter purchasing one at full price at Aiptek.com

1. As other members truely posted their findings, and the supplied battery number, but never followed through to the end. it is best to have full write up and info of what you are posting, then trying to guess.

We are to be directed to go to your Local electronic stores, Like Walmart (wal-mart.com) and best buy (bestbuy.com). As I walked in to best buy I went to the Cell phone section, and have camera at hand.

2. You are looking for Ultra Wireless for Nokia models 6300,6500,8200,8800, on the battery itself will say "nk8290" See Picture below or gif

If you are afraid this battery Will not fit . you pop open your camera and stare and compare sizes. you'll find the battery Pos and neg are of opposite markings, and the Nokia has 2 dots of extra positive. all can be taped or left alone.

THIS BATTEY IS A CLEARANCE ITEM 7.99 sold at 35.00 I was a lucky candidate they had 2 left in stock, I only purchase a spare the other was at 12.99 and resealed open item. i was skeptic on purchasing the last new one b/c again anyone can selephane close a container, but understanding 3 sec theifs can ripp it open and throw a box away or hide it fast.

3 I double checked the price at ring up before purchase. and walked into a waiting line to check out lol

I also make sure I have made my trip neccessay .

getting in the dorr I open up my battery and I stare again at what may be needed to have the battery sit in the camera the correct way

4. a marker will be needed to say Pos and neg and charging side, if not damage may be done to the battery.

5. as I load the battery to the camera, It all fits perfect, feels a lil lose but my imagination, cause the cover is off, I turn on the camera, I wait for acknoledgement and Hip hip hurrah! see animated gif. al works out, as there is 2 bars up, I need to follow instructions on the battery cover.

6, the Wireless cover states a 24 hour charge is needed , incorrect why how can you charge a battery for 24 hours if it clicks off at 3-4 hours hmmmmmm. As I have the address i may email or write them a note and ask them that question. a trickle charge most likely.

7. Now the Aiptek charger says do not charge any othere battery in there why? so you may purchase their brand

na rating -size must be with specs if it is within 3.5-3.7 no damage may result. but if it is higher it may either take longer or not fully charge same goes with less and that may cause an overheat.

8. As the battery is charging my next step is the time it is 3pm and I shall see a green light around 3 1/2 hours form now 6-7pm, I shall place an ohm's meter fora battery rating and feel for tempiture change 520 pm the battery is complete cool to the touch, and in perfect order

9 my reading of the new battery is, 4.17 vdcthe old is 3.8vdc not fully charge and the reading of that one at full will be( when I charge again old battery) now that the charging debate is over

10. how long will a cell phone battery (lithium ) last , can it be the same 2 hours or a tab longer? that my members will be the next step

11 how long had the battery by Nokia or wireless lasted on its first shot__________


Aiptek 19.99 and shipping may had come out close to 25-30.00 as on ebay 7.00 to 15.00 and if it is new or used? at a electronic store 5.00 -40.00 no waiting

and an addition they do sell AC adaptors for the cameras, but not for the MPVR yet? 9.99 and the remote may be had with a mpvr for 199. or 25.00 at the Aiptek store

As this concludes the review Please Help others out by doing one yourself, if you do not know how to post a Pic we'll or I'll try to walk you through a step on how to post a Pic..................................MOD FISHY

Animated gif


picture 2
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I picked up 2 Nokia 8210 batteries from www.batteryspace.com, which are 3.6v 1000mAh, for 9.99 + 6.50 shipping. Two for 9.99 sure beats the Aiptek price, they fit perfectly and should last longer than the 850 MaH original. Here's the link:


They are currently out of stock, but I'd keep checking back to tsee if they get more.

All the beast,
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850mah is the amount of recharges lol i may be wrong. 850 times before it shows wear.

I am very happy with the upgrade , need to mark whih way is correct to place in the charger and camera.

1 hour record in a 1 gig card. no need for extra power but a spare is greatly needed on trips and outings

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MPVRr check your PM's
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The milliampere hour (mAh) hour rating on a battery says that that battery will last for this many hours at the rate of only one milliampere of usage. Here is an example, my cell phones battery says, 2800mAh. Now does my cell phone work for 2800 hours… No, I wish. Instend it only works for four hours. So I now know that my phone uses 700mAh for every hour I use it. (I divided 2800 by 4) Your digital camera works much the same way. Every time you take a picture it will use some amount of mAh to work. So be careful, mAh is still different from voltage and amperage. If the mAh is the same but the voltage or amperage is different you may damage your digital camera. However if the mAh is more and the voltage and amperage are the same you are in good shape.

I want one of these cams.... can someone post a video from it so i can see how well it works? plz!!!!!

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