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I'm planning on Purchasing the Aiptek MPVR real soon,I read from someone who purchased this Camcorder, that one of the problem they had was where the sound is not synchronized with the picture for as viewing video.

My Question is this a common problem among those who have this particular Hybridand should i be concerned about this before purchasing this Camcorder?

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As a owner of the mpvr. I can only try to research why we have vid/qud synch problems can be casued by a few reasons

1 sf card speed

2 buffer being filled

3 pc not fast enough

4 tv filming at low res

5 recording while watching the screen can show that 1 sec

this may happen, and can be a problem for some. Wil the camera do it all the time? o likely. I own quite a few and my musteks have no glitchs but I never and rarely record for the person speaking. I must do a test and I will try my best to find how to fix but. I am sure i am not the only one trying to help am i?

research is your key issue. and do not let that stop you.

update 1 with the internal memory working I do ge off synch wih camera at orginal settings

with external memory same

now I will do a aiptek dv5300 as i find my lower end aiptek has no glitch i would still say a buffer overload, how do we clear this . may be software issues with the camera. do not let this stop you I may be caught in the middle of this as others are first noticing.

Let others come foward and help out
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