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They're now showing the pocket projector:


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I was just on there last night LOL guess I am late then

I have absolutely no use for this but I had some good use for Sunglasses 99.99 price that displays a 42-48 inch video screen privately.

what's the price 99.cents

250 online away from their siteswould be a guess. while Aiptek is overpriced by 50.00 on most their stuff LOL

they also only limit 2 per theirsite so watch out on their bait
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I tested this in Office works about a month ago, it is not very bright or good. 10 lumens is not enough, I remember top projectors with 100 or more lumens brightness for less than $200 and they are dull (I spent many hours looking for models). Small projectors were supposed to come into the $100 price bracket (and I suspect less). I had been waiting for them for maybe 5-10 years, and used to follow the technologies used, and used to link on my technology site.

100 lumens might be enough for a very dark room at night, but I would hazard 300-500 lumens for a descent sized dull image, and even 1000 for a bright image. I don't know how much you need in a bright room.

I have been intending on developing my own projector as part of a bigger project and know of a few better technologies that will give a brighter cheaper image (I don't know them all as it has exploded before and since I stopped tracking them and there were many before). So people might find better options than these coming out over the next year cheaper.

There are a number of laser projectors that might use some of the techniques I was intending to investigate (a few might get through). Ti has Digital Mirror technology (but this maybe expensive). Some LCD/reflective technologies cut down on light loss a lot more than normal LCD's. I don't know what Sony is going to do with their ribbon technology, or JVC with DILDA. I suspect OLED/OEL/EL/LED/FED/SED/CARBON panels will also be used. Pretty much any technology that does not cut down an efficient light source (if one is used). I am intending to research these technologies again (for use instead of my own).
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