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3dcc Jan 20, 2008 4:36 PM

Hi Everyone and Hi FishyComics,

I just joined this forum, so I am a first time poster and would like to share my appreciation that this site is here. :)

I would also like to thank, FishyComics, for all the great videos that you have put together on this forum and YouTube. They have really helped me to see that despite some of the problems that the Aiptek A-HD has, that it still would be a camera that I could use for my special effects testing purposes. And it also fits within my current budget for now, so I am really pleased about this.

However, just when I was planning to take the plunge and purchase the A-HD, along came an announcement for the DXG 566V HD camcorder - <>

Now, the only reason I would even consider this other camera is because of the sound issue found in the A-HD. Because I plan to use it primarily for special effects tests, I don't really need sound, but I know there may be some occasions that I would.

So my question is, given the sound issue in A-HD, would the DXG 566V HD camcorder be worth switching to and getting instead? I read the reviews for the 566V but couldn't find anything about the sound quality, good or bad. Are you (or any other forum member) familiar with/aware of any sound issues in the 566V?

Also, I want to thank you for uploading test clips from the Aiptek A-HD because I was able to do some conversion tests with it and it seemed to pass with flying colors. I have created a simple tracking test video from a low-light clip you uploaded and after 3 conversions, it tracked just fine. You can find it here:

Video Test -
[2MB - DIVX Codec - No Audio]

Also, converting the clip a 4th time still looks fine for the tests I plan to do. So I am convinced, video-wise at least, that the Aiptek A-HD will work great for my needs, but I am just trying to see if the 566V will give me an edge with the sound issue. However, if there are any other issues re: the 566V that I should be aware of, then I would definitely like to know about those.

Well, thanks again for all the help and looking forward to the feedback. I need to purchase something ASAP (within the next week hopefully, if not sooner), so any bit of information will be helpful. :)

Take care.

Private Idaho Jan 20, 2008 4:42 PM

The DXG-566V appears to be another interesting new camcorder.

However, as far as I know, nobody has yet had an opportunity to test one.

I don't know if it is shipping yet.

Private Idaho

3dcc Jan 20, 2008 5:24 PM

Thanks, Private Idao, for the repsonse.

This is a little bit hand-wrenching because on the one- hand, I do need to get something, ASAP. On the other, I hate to plunk down $130-$150 or so drachmas for the Aiptek, and then come to find out a week later that I could have gotten the DXG-566V that may have had a better sound input, etc.

I remember I read something about the memory card issue with the DXG-566V, though. I thought I read in one or two reviews that it didn't take high-capacity cards, but then again, I thought I read on the spec sheet that it did. So I don't know what to think right now. That would be a drawback if it couldn't record at least the same amount of video as the A-HD.

But any other caveats that you can think of, I would really appreciate knowing about them.

Thanks again.

fishycomics Jan 20, 2008 6:18 PM

3ddc. thank you. loved the stamp over my head LOL.

DXG a good model another one I trust.

All Hi Def modelsarenot released til March-september. itis difficult and paitience needed. we see a model and we salivate over it wanting it

the MPVr was talked about in Jan it was told it be released in mar, april may, by september it was in the stores.

the Same for the A-Hd it was talked about in Nov.-jan by may it was available. no one thought it be 99.99 at one time

thanks again

3dcc Jan 20, 2008 10:52 PM

Hi FishyComics,

Thanks for the info on DXG and also on the Mustek (now I have yet other models to wring my hands over! (^_^)]

The problem I am facing is that I actually *have* been patient (for probably a year now, if not more) and am behind in getting certain test video effects done. And like you stated, the dilemma comes when a new model comes out. But due to waiting so long, my salivation glands are running dry right now and I know I have to make a decision. I just hate making one and then opening up the newspaper and reading about a camcorder model that outperforms the one I have just bought. But I guess that wll be true no matter how long I wait <sigh--I don't like those "I wish I could've" moments.>

But while I have been waiting for replies to thispost, I have been looking at some more Aiptek A-HD videos on YouTube (including some recent ones you posted) and my loyalty towards the Aiptek is growing even stronger. (^_^). So I am almost over the decision threshold now of purchasing one. (Gee, I wish I knew about the A-HD well before Christmas would have made a great gift to elbow-knudge the relatives with).

So now I think the only problem is that I cannot locate an A-HD for the cheap prices that were available around Christmas time (like $99.00). Any information on any reputable stores that are selling the Aiptek for an inexpensive price? The lowest price I have found is for $138.xx at Wal-mart, which is actually not that bad, all-things-considered, but I haven't been able to locate it at one of their stores that is close-by, yet. But I will call my local Wal-Mart in the AM to see if they have any. But if you know of any cheaper prices, I'd love to hear about it.

Oh, and glad you liked the video (I was hoping you wouldn't have minded me using it for testing). I created the stamp in a vector program named Inkscape. Nice little piece of freeware -- it competes with Adobe Illustrator, except it cannot output *.ai files. I use other packages actually to do my tracking, matchmoving, etc., and to create models and objects in, but thought an image from Inkscape would suffice for simple track testing.

Well, thanks *alot* for all your help. Hope to have my camcorder in-hand sometime this week. (^_^)

Take care.

fishycomics Jan 21, 2008 6:19 AM

you have to look online, get to somesites that offer a low price

Amazon 144. oh boy not cheap., redirects to online websites , to price grabber 200.00 why?

B & H photo just looked there 135.00 Ebay. a yard sale no return over priced shipping and mor LOL.

There were no sales the past few weeksI would be paitient possabl BB (Bestbuy) CC ( circuitcity) will lower to 130 again oroffer a 119.00 price.

Now Paitience, I have waited, andwaited on Mustek 2 years to catch back up for a Hi def, and Now they are coming 3 new models and 1 is Hi Def. where can I Purchase online over off line

I is a decision and just that have you missed out on the sanyo Xacti HD 700? 300.00 as well,seemedChristmas was tht time to get so sorry.......

Now bout my Video, I made a review and wound up on Ebay hmm wished they grabbed my Piad one then I be making Money LOL . So in ways before I minded, today well not at all.

Go to Vimeo see the real HD quality that is out there Youtube is alrigh for display Vume Bittorent is also a Youte site

3dcc Jan 21, 2008 7:50 PM

Thanks FishyComics, for the info regarding B&H. I forgot about them.

As far as patience goes, maybe I can see what return policies some of the stores have. If there is a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, then I could at least bring it back and get a price adjustment (usually) if it goes on sale after I purchase it. So that is one thing I can check and still be able to purchase it sooner than later.

Oh, btw, is the A-HD currently shipping wth the 1.6 firmware of the 2.002 firmware? I just want to know if I need to look out for a box that indicates that is has the 1.6 firmware.

[Oh, by the way, do you mind going by the name "Fishy" or is it only "FishyComics" Just curious. (-_^) ]

Thanks. (^_^)

3dcc Jan 21, 2008 8:08 PM

...just made a few calls....

Circuit City has a 30-day price adjustment guarantee for digital camcorders and Best Buy has a 14-day price adjustment guarantee for ctheir camcorders. For those interested in purchsaing from either of these stores, I would imagine that this policy is nationwide, but calling your local store to double-check would be safest.

Well, if I hear of any more return-polices, I will post them hear for others to know about.

Take care...

fishycomics Jan 22, 2008 3:25 AM

3dcc my avatar says fishy does not matter what you call me.

CC I hate they are very strict if open you cannot refund PERIOD I am awaitinga promised Bundle pkg look online and you may get extras to adjust to the price wqill charge 15% restocking FEE

BB 14 day shove a sticker on box they are easily told it does not work they refund even though the sticker was stuck on a box, so far I am lucky no restocking FEE

target 90 day return policy store states a 15 % restocking FEE black model only

sale price hit and mis keep an eye on the papers nothingthis week maybe thursday

also1.6 look at the numbers on the bottom of the box

86-142-22321-000v1.0 that is 1.6 with wmp 11 86.142..22320-000v1.0 that is ver 1.6 or older and no arcsoft total media extreme

either way that waswaht I got out of it. not 100% if it holds true all the members never posted so it is my find LOL

3dcc Jan 23, 2008 1:13 AM

Hi, Fishy,

So in summary, what I think you're telling me is to be a liiiiittle bit more patient, do more price-hunting and a bargain could be just around the corner. (^_^) <sigh> Okay, I will try to wait some more.

Btw. thanks for the info re: the refund policies. I had forgotten about CC's poor return poilicy until you mentioned it. And thanks for the numbers for the versions...I'll keep my eyes open for them.

Well, take care.

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